Letter of Intent for a Job (Sample and Template)

A professional letter of intent for a job is your first opportunity to make a good impression and get noticed. It should cover the details on why you should be considered a candidate for the position. It is similar to a cover letter and does not replace your resume. This letter should be sent with your resume and any other materials requested on the application or job posting.

If there are no specific jobs available, Letters of Intent are used to express interest in seeking employment with a company. This letter can help land an interview for the position you are seeking.

How to Write a Letter of Intent for a Job?

A letter of intent should only be one page long, so it must be concise and an easy read. Remember you want to catch a busy HR manager’s attention. The letter should entice the reader to review your resume and issue an invitation for an interview. Remember your letter is to help you get noticed and provide sufficient details about your qualifications for the specific job and why you are a strong candidate for the position.

Each Letter of Intent for a job, should be customized to the position you are applying for. Your letter should look professional and written well, showing how you are a good fit for the company, the department, and the team you would be working in.

What to Include in a Letter of Intent for a Job?

The Letter of Intent for a job is a professional-sounding letter. It should include specific information. Address the letter to a specific person in the department, the hiring manager, or the HR department. There should be three paragraphs – an introduction, relevant skills, and a call to action.

The introduction should introduce yourself and explain the reason you are writing to the company. It should also reference the job you are applying for or that you are interested in working at this company if a specific job is not mentioned.

The second paragraph should summarize the specific skills that you bring to the position and how you meet the job requirements. You may also provide specific examples from other positions. A cold call letter would emphasize your skills and how they could help the company or department achieve their corporate goals.

The final paragraph is a call to action. State how you will follow up and when. Some advertised positions ask that you do not follow up. In these situations, all you can do is indicate that you look forward to hearing from the company.

The closing ends with the word, “Sincerely”. Add your signature if it is a letter is sent. Letters of Intent sent electronically should include your electronic signature and contact information.

Tips and Things to Avoid

  • Always use a professional business format for your letter.
  • An email should contain a clear subject line
  • Include contact information in the email signature
  • Research the company and personalize the letter to the company
  • Avoid rehashing your resume
  • Highlight your strongest qualifications pertaining to the company’s needs
  • Bullet points are sometimes used to bring focus to your qualifications
  • Keep the letter short, no more than one page
  • Always proofread the letter to avoid spelling and grammatical errors

Letter of Intent for a Job – Format


Body – Paragraph 1 – Introduction

Body – Paragraph 2 – Describe Skills, Abilities & Credentials

Body – Paragraph 3 – Next Steps or Call to Action



More Details – Letter of Intent for a Job

Salutation: Always address the letter to a specific person, the name of the employer, and the hiring manager. Many companies provide the name of the human resources manager as a contact. Call the company and ask for the name, if you do not know who to send the letter to.

Body – Paragraph 1 – Introduction: Introduce yourself and mention why this letter is being sent. Mention a specific job if you are responding to one, or explain that you are interested in a position with the company.

Body – Paragraph 2 – Describe Skills, Abilities & Credentials: Review the job description and describe how your skills, abilities, credentials, and experience match those requirements. Providing specific examples is always helpful. Matching the requirements of the position increases your chances of landing a job interview.

Body – Paragraph 3 – Next Steps or Call to Action: Include a short paragraph on your plan to follow up. Many job postings request to not follow up. In this situation, state that you look forward to hearing from your contact.

Closing: Be professional and use business terms, use words like sincerely or best.

Signature: always sign a printed letter that is being sent to the company. Many letters of intent are sent by email. In this case, use your “email signature”

Sample Letter of Intent for a Job

Your Name

Your Address

Your Phone Number

Your Email

Current Date

Name and Title letter is addressed to

Full Corporate Address

Dear Mr., Mrs. Miss Name of Person,

I am writing to communicate my interest in the position of (name of job) at (company name), as listed on (website – e.g. Monster.com). I graduated in (year) from (Name Trade School, College or University) with experience and (name one or two skills relating to the position). I believe I would be an excellent asset for your company and this.

My skills, (name two or three) meet your stated requirements in the job posting. In my position as (name previous employer – job position), I (describe how you used your skills to complete the job function). I received recognition from (co-workers, supervisors, clients) regarding the achievements and milestones met in this position (These should relate to the requirements of the position you are applying to).

I am passionate about maintaining best practices and learning new skills. I have (XX) years of experience working with (Name applications and software that relate to the new position), including (provide examples). I am also familiar with the latest standards relative to this position.

I believe my experience, knowledge, communication, and interpersonal abilities would make me an excellent fit for this position. I look forward to speaking with you more about this position and how my qualifications can make a substantial contribution.


Your Name

Letter of Intent for a Job (Work Template)

Letter of Intent for a Job


The purpose of Letters of intent for a job is to introduce you to the company, attract their attention and obtain a follow-up for a job interview. It must be tailored to the position and the company you are applying to. No more than one page long and address the specific job skills requested and how you meet those requirements. Finally, always be courteous, professional, and focused.

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