Letter of Apology for Delay of Work

Keeping our promises in our professional life is the first step towards building trust. It communicates our priorities and our honesty to work.

It is a benchmark for our trustworthiness. Employees who rise up to be business leaders have one thing in common: they are known to have a strong character who always fulfill even the smallest of promises and professional commitments.

Yet there are times when we are unsuccessful in submitting our work on time, due to personal or professional reasons. This situation requires a sincere apology while accepting the responsibility. It shows that we care about the company work that has been compromised.

Letter of Apology for Late Submission of Work

Dear Mr Pederson,

I would like to sincerely apologize for being late on submitting the HR report you assigned me on [date]. The main reason was that I could not have the meeting with the team to get the inputs required for the report.

I understand that this report was required by the team to make a decision on the future hiring for the new project. I feel quite embarrassed that you had to excuse the management over this. This caused a delay in the project, which everyone is counting upon. I accept the responsibility for this and promise to prioritize and deliver my work in time in the future.

Once again, please accept my deepest apologies for missing the work deadline. Thank you.

John Falk