Letter of Apology for Delay in Joining – Sample Letters

An apology letter for delay in joining is a letter one writes to reverse an earlier promise, agreement or expectation. If you apply for a job or a course in a learning institution, then fail to report on the stated date, it’s imperative that you should write a letter to explain your case.

In the letter, first appreciate the recipient for the chance to join their institution, company or organization. After thanking them, explain the circumstances that have led to your decision. Remember to state when you expect to join the institution or company.

Apology letter format for a delay in joining










Sub: (Indicate the purpose of the letter)

Dear (recipients name/ salutation)

Use the first paragraph to introduce yourself. For example, your first sentence could read—I’m (Your name), I had applied for the position of (designation at your company. Thank you for the opportunity.

In the second sentence, express your regrets that you’ll not report on the stated date. Give a valid reason to support your decision. For example, Unfortunately, I’ll not be able to report on the stated date due to (reason for the delay).

As you close the letter, ask for a second chance or suggest a new reporting date.

End your letter on a positive note such as—I thank you for your consideration.

Yours sincerely,

(Your signature)

(Your names)

Apology Letter for failing to Join Company on Time

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am sincerely thankful for accepting my request to join the company.

I really felt glad and honoured at the same when you accept my request to work as an operation manager. However, with all humility, I would like to ask for an apology for not able to report at your workplace on a requested date. The exact date that was supposed to report to work, I received an agent phone call from the hospital where my grandfather was recently admitted. I must say that am sorry for any inconvenience came as a result of my absence.

Due to my decision, I might have lost the opportunity already but in case of a similar vacancy in future, please consider keeping me updated.

Thanks for your interest and time,

Yours truly,


Apology Letter for Late Joining the New Job

Subject: Request for extending the date of joining a new Job

Dear Sir/Madam,

Firstly, allow me to identify as John Carson who recently applied for a copywriting position in your company. I appreciate a lot for offering me that opportunity, I was delighted to receive your generous offer and with gladness, I have accepted your offered position.

However, due to my health condition that currently is under medication, I will not be able to report to work on your requested date. I have been trying to plead with my doctors if they can try to stabilize condition sooner as possible so that I can report to work on the exact date but they insist I have to go through my medication a properly as scheduled.

Hence, I would wish to request an extension for my reporting date at your company of which I have I’ll have to fulfil no matter what comes my way. I understand I am asking for a huge favour but it’s my humble request.

Best regards,


Apology Letter for Late Joining the School


Dear Sir Jim,

Subject: Apology for reporting late in the school

Let me identify myself as a student in your institution under an official registration number B1F6 secondary 3. I woke up early as usual but it was unfortunate that I found out that I had to deliver my assignment that morning of which I had to revise. I understand that is an unaccepted kind of negligence and I promise not avoid the similar act in future.

However, it is a lesson I had to learn that I should do and revise my assignment previous day before I go to bed. Also, I am regretting missing morning preps, but I’ve made my mind that it will be the last thing to ever happen again.

I am hopeful that you will consider my situation.

Yours sincere,

Joe Brian.

Apology Letter for Joining School Late after vacation

Dear Sir Levy,

The purpose of my apology letter is to ask for a sincere apology due to my late report to school last Monday after vacation. Although my apology may not make up the inconvenience that came as result of my late coming, I have volunteered to clean the staffroom this during my lunch break. In case you’ve accepted my offer, kindly inform me in advance so that I can schedule my duties.

After our future vacation, I’ll plan myself perfect not repeat similar misconduct and I promise to continue being the most obedient student in school.

Hopefully, my apology will be accepted.



Letter to the principal for late joining

April 14, 2019

Abel Turner

1002 Medical Drive

Mayfield, KY 42066

The principal

Medical Career& Technical College

630 Eastern Bypass

Richmond, KY 40475

Sub: Apology for joining college late

Dear Sir,

Allow me to start this letter expressing my gratitude for a chance to join this prestigious medical college. I received my admission letter in time, but I can’t report to college due to an impending surgery on my left knee.

I’ve talked to my doctor about the issue, but he advised me to first undergo surgery since postponing it could lead to severe complications.

Please allow me to report a month late to afford adequate tim6+e for the surgery and healing.

Thank you for your understanding. I look forward to a positive response.


Ray Turner

Apology Letter for Delay in Joining (Word Templates)

Apology Letter for Late Joining the New Job

Apology letter format for a delay in joining

Letter to the principal for late joining

    Best excuses to postpone joining date

    If you plan to defer reporting date in your new job or college, you must offer a genuine reason to avoid losing the chance. Make sure to communicate in time to avoid frustrating the authorities. Common excuses that individuals give for reporting late include;
    • Sickness. You can report to work if you’re sick and unable to deliver your services. In such circumstance communicate to the relevant authority. If possible, you can back up the claim with a note from the doctor.
    • Oncoming bonus. If your current company is to pay bonuses in a few weeks to a month, you can use this as a valid reason to postpone your reporting date.
    • Wrapping up a project. If you have a critical role in a project that’s about to be completed, you can request your new employer a few days/weeks to wrap up the project.
    • A sick spouse or child. If your spouse is hospitalized or is set to undergo a critical medical procedure, ask your new boss for a few days to support your close family member.
    • Waiting for your successor. Depending on your role in your past job, the company might not allow you to leave before they find a replacement for you. In such cases talk to you knew employer and ask them to extend your reporting date for a few days.
    • Death in the family. If you’re expected to report to a new company or a college and suddenly a close family member passes on, you can use this as a valid reason to ask for an extension of your reporting date.
    • Awaiting report submission. Your current employee might want you to submit a report to investors before you leave your current employment. This can be a valid reason to delay joining your new company.
    • Sitting for exams. You can ask your employer to postpone your reporting date for a few days or weeks if you’re sitting for exams for a course that will make you a better employee in your new company.
    • Awaiting scholarship approval. If you’re joining a college under scholarship and the funds are yet to be released, you can request the college to extend your reporting date as you await approval of the scholarship.
    • Ample time to relocate. If a company offers you a job in a state or country that’s distant from your current location, you can ask the new employer for a few days to relocate and settle in the new area. Same can apply if you’ve had a delay in processing your Visa and other relevant travel documents.

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    Joining date extension letter due to a notice period

    You can write this letter to your new employer to ask for an extension of the reporting date to adhere with a notice you’ve issued to your current employer. In the letter include;
    • The notice period
    • Your new reporting date
    • Your names, address, and designation
    • Contact details

    Joining date extension letter

      Application for late joining / admission in college / school

      An application letter for joining a college or school late is a letter that informs your prospective college/school you’ll be late in joining them. These details should feature in the letter;
      • Your official names
      • A valid reason for the delay
      • New joining date

      Apology Letter for Joining School Late after vacation

      Application from parent for late joining school

      Application to principal for late joining

        Request letter to principal for late joining

        A request letter to principal for joining late is a document that one can use to plead with a school /college principal to allow you to be late reporting to the college/school. Consider including the following details in the letter;
        • Your admission number and names
        • Reason for joining late
        • The new joining date

        Writing an apology letter for being late for school, work or appointment show act of responsiveness and respect. Failing to do so can lead to loss of great opportunities and chances that comes once a lifetime.

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