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Donation Request Letter Asking for Personal Donations

A donation letter is a written or typed formal request for support from organizations, firms, or individuals. It offers the potential sponsor with details about the requesting individual or organization and information about the cause for which support is being asked for. When creating a donation request document for a family in need one should get inspiration from reading sample letters.

Sample letters enable one to understand the formatting and the type of content to be included in their donation letter. They also allow one to create an appealing document for them to obtain the donations from the readers. Sample donation letters are a source of information on how to write an effective letter as it offers more tips.

How to write a letter asking for a personal donation


  • Begin with your name and address at the top left.
  • Skip one line then add the date.
  • Skip a line after the date and add the recipient’s name and address.
  • Skip another line and add greeting such as Dear Mr., Mrs., Ms. Followed by their full name.
  • Write the body of the letter.
  • Add closing such as best regards, or sincerely.
  • Leave four line to put your sign.
  • After the sign add your name.

Composing the content

  • The first paragraph should be about the person seeking for donation – it is necessary for you to introduce yourself to the reader. I am Jane a single mother and I am writing this letter to ask for your help.
  • In the second paragraph describe what you are requesting for – tell the reader exactly what you are asking for. For instance, my daughter has been diagnosed with leukaemia and with your support I can manage to pay for is treatment. According to the doctors the amount of money requires to complete his treatment is $ 5000 and I would like you to support me financially to save her life.
  • Thank the recipient- the last sentence should be thanking the reader. For example, you could write “Thank you for your consideration.”
  • Write a simple, brief, and clear letter

Sample donation request letter asking for a personal donation

{Name of the person requesting for the donation}
{Street Address}
{City, State, Zip Code}


{Name of Recipient}
{City, State, Zip Code}

Sub: donation for tuition fees

Dear {Name of Recipient},

I am {Name}, a college student and I am writing this letter as a formal appeal for support with my tuition fees. I come from a humble background as both my parents are unemployed. I could not apply for student financial aid because I was unable to my expenses I did not want to risk going into debt. The student loan application is now closed.

I have contacted my family, government grant providers, and my college financial aid officer for assistance but I was unsuccessful. I am asking you to help me pay my tuition fees of $4000, so I do not have to terminate my college education. I have attached copies of my bank statements, income and expenditure to proof any savings on my accounts. I am determined to complete my college education and I would be grateful if you would consider my request.

Thank you for your consideration and time. I am looking forward to hearing from you. For more inquiries please contact me at {telephone number} or at {email address}.

Yours sincerely,