Legal Letter: What to include (Sample Letter)

A legal letter is a document that is powerful and formal which is often written by an attorney on behalf of their clients, and this is always written to raise a claim against a property or any other thing in case one has failed to resolve it by talking it out.

Therefore, it is essential for an attorney to use a sample guide to come up with a perfect letter, using this sample guide will also enable the attorney to save much of his time since he needs to work on several letters for his or her clients.

What to include in a legal letter

  • The date the letter was written and address of the law firm that has sent the letter as well as the address of the recipient.
  • The reason for writing your letter
  • The names of the said people
  • State your dispute, and why you need, it settled in a court.
  • Include the exact dates when the related people or companies interacted.
  • Citing the laws that apply to the letter you have written

Sample legal letter of demand

Ms. Naomi Noel

Digital Websites109 Black StreetBlack town NSW 3015


2nd January 2019


Color Meval

34 Campbell Street

Black town NSW 3015

Dear Mrs.


RE: Outstanding payment

I am writing this letter in reference to the invoice which is dated 13th October 2018 which was due for payment by December 10th, 2018, this is for the payment of the website maintenance and the IT support services, I provided you with an agreement for 21 hours each month for the following months, July, August, September 2018.

I have enclosed an invoice which is dated 13th October 2018 for an outstanding amount of $4567 which is relating to the Maintenance and IT support services; I, therefore, demand that you pay me the full amount of $4567 not later than 16th January 2019.

If I do not get this payment by the 16th January 2019, I will not hesitate but to take legal action against you and the cost for those processes will pile up on your debt.



Ms. Naomi Noel