Legal Letter to Client Requesting Information

A legal letter is binding and often carries serious consequences when ignored. If you require essential information from a client, you can acquire it through a written request. You can use it to ask for documents, contact information, education qualifications, further details on a matter, or other relevant information. Remember, this is a formal letter. Don’t stay from the point.

While the tone of this letter is serious, you should also be courteous. Help the client understand what information you need and why it is crucial. State facts, but don’t threaten the recipient.

Also, make sure you address the letter to the right person. You should also mention who you are or who you represent. Below, we review how best to draft a legal letter to the client requesting information.

General Tips for Writing a Legal Letter of Request

The purpose of your letter is to get the recipient to comply with your request. Your chances of success lie with how effective your letter is. The following guidelines should help you write an effective legal letter to client requesting information:

  • Use a formal and courteous tone.
  • Write using an appropriate business letter format.
  • Get straight to the point.
  • If need be, give pertinent information about who you are and your relationship with the recipient.
  • In the introductory paragraph, explain why you are writing the letter.
  • In the second paragraph, give a detailed reason why the information you are requesting is important.
  • Explain what you need your client to do. Give them all the information they need to comply with your request.
  • If there are deadlines involved, mention them.
  • Include any necessary attachments
  • Provide your contact information and avail yourself for further questions or concerns.
  • Thank the client for their compliance
  • This is professional correspondence, use an appropriate closing.

Legal Letter Format Requesting Information


{Recipient’s name}


{City, Zip Code, State}

RE: Information Request Letter Pursuant to {Case File/ Contract}

Dear {Mr./Mrs./Ms. Last Name},

The purpose of this formal letter is to request that you respond to the enclosed information request. You recently contacted {organization/office/firm} to {legal service}. In our efforts to achieve this, we have encountered a roadblock due to a lack of sufficient information.

Our investigation requires inquiry into {subject/person/group/event}. As our client, we believe you are best suited to provide this information.

Please note that for your {legal service} to be successful, we will require your cooperation in this matter.

Failure to respond to this information request within {amount of time} or to adequately justify such failure will result in {appropriate repercussion}.

Please be further advised that the provision of fictitious, false, or fraudulent information is against the law.

Kindly provide our office with the requested information as soon as possible so that we can proceed with {legal process}.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.


{Your Name}

{Job title}


Sample Legal Letter to Client Requesting Information

3 July, 2039

Clare Jean Batman

Structural Engineer

Botch Limited

Coshocton OH, 34568

RE: Information Request Letter Pursuant to Case 056/23/04/2039

Dear Ms. Batman,

I am writing this letter to request your response to the encased information request. You recently retained our services for Case 056/23/04/2039: Clare Jean Batman Vs. Botch Limited. While the investigation on your workplace injury claim is progressing well, we need further information.

In the enclosed request, you will find an inquiry on your current health state. Kindly have it filled by your doctor and send us the original copy. We will also appreciate a written and signed account of your accident and the photographs you took as evidence.

We have also provided a checklist so you can confirm you have everything before sending in your response.

Your cooperation is of the utmost importance to your case. Please provide us with this information in 30 days from when you receive this letter.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.


James McCormick

Personal Injury Lawyer

Miles and McCormick Firm

Legal letter to the Client Requesting Information (Word Template)

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Wrapping Up

A legal letter to a client requesting information is a formal letter. It is often written using a serious tone. That said, always put yourself in the recipient’s shoes when drafting your request. Don’t be unnecessarily rude or condescending. Courteously explain to the client what information you need and why you need it.

For maximum impact, proofread your letter to eliminate any spelling or grammar mistakes. Keep in mind that a legal letter could be used in a court proceeding or lawsuit. Remain professional and informational.

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