Leave of Absence Letter

Leave of absence letter for school or work is a letter written in request for a leave from work or school. The student or parent addresses the letter to the teacher or the principal of the school they are in, while the employee addresses it to the employer or the manager of the organization/company they work for.

There are various reasons that lead to a person asking for leave. Some of the reasons may seem insignificant which may lead to the recipient declining the request. Getting to know how to start and what needs to be said in the letter may also be hard sometimes. For this reason, it is important to use a sample letter when writing. With a sample letter, things will be easy and simple. It will also give clarity on what is to be included and what should be left out.

How to Write a Leave of Absence Letter

This is a formal letter; it is therefore important to follow the formal format when writing. Here is how you can write it.
  • Put the Address. You are in the school or the company and therefore it may seem unnecessary to include the address because it is obvious. In a formal letter, including the address is very necessary to show the formality of the letter. Include both your address and the recipient’s address. Use an inside address when putting the recipient’s address.
  • Date. This is very important and should never be left out when writing a letter. It is important in showing when the letter was written. Include the date on which you wrote the letter.
  • Put a subject line. Put a subject line after the addresses. You can state something like ‘request for leave of absence”
  • Salutation. Address the recipient in a formal way even if you are so familiar with them. For example, Dear Mr., Mrs., Miss followed by their name.
  • Body of the letter. This is the main part of the letter that explains why you need the leave. You should decide the formatting style that you will use in this section. A common format is the single-spaced paragraphs, the paragraphs starting on the left margin and leaving a blank line to indicate paragraph break.
  • End the letter. Use a polite closing. You can end by saying “yours truly” or “sincerely” among other polite closing phrases.
  • Sign the letter. Put in your name and your signature.

How to Request Leave of Absence from Work

Get to know the types of absences you are entitled to.

This is the first thing you should find out before you ask for the leave. You should be able to differentiate the absences that you are entitled and those that you are not entitled to. This will give the direction on how to go about asking for absence.

When asking for leave that you are entitled to, you can use phrases like “as we both know” or “according to my work schedule, I am to start my leave on [date].”

When asking for a leave that you are not entitled to, you will use a tone to show that you are sorry for the inconveniences that will be caused by your absence.

Ask in advance

Unless it is an emergency, it is important to request for the leave days before the actual date that you want to start your leave. This will give both you and the employer time to plan on what will happen when you are away.

Be specific about dates

Be accurate about the time that you want to start the leave and the date that you will be back to work. This will help the employer and colleagues in planning.

Be genuine

One way of making sure that you accomplish your mission when you are away from work is by being transparent with your employer. Do not fake a reason. Explain why you need to be away.

State how your responsibilities will be handled

You need to give a description on how your work will be handled when you are away. You can do this by saying whom you have delegated the duties to or the measures you have taken to make sure things keep running smoothly when you are away.

Keep it formal

Use a formal tone throughout the letter. Be straight to the point and avoid so many stories in the letter.

Leave of Absence Letter for Work

Your Name

Your Address

City, State, Zip


Recipients Name

Company Name


State, Zip

Subject: Request for Leave

Dear Mr./ Mrs./ Ms. Last Name

This is to request for approval for a leave of absence. I work at the front office desk as the Guest Relations Officer. According to my work schedule I should be starting my annual leave as from 00/00/00 to 00/00/00.

I have been planning for this and have put all the customers record up to date. I have already started handing over the responsibility to my assistant and we have planned on all that will be happening to make sure that things run smoothly when I am away.

I will be available on phone and email in case I am needed during this time. The contact details are accessible to all the front office team.

Please let me know if you will need any additional information.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.


[Your signature] [Your name]

How to Request a Leave of Absence from School

Get the form

You should first of all locate where the leave of absence form is. They are mostly available at the administration offices of the school.

Fill the form

The form asks for a student to fill some important information that will lead to the approval of your request. Some of the details that are normally included in the form are your name, school ID number, the purpose of the leave among other information that the school may find necessary.

Write a letter

The leave of absence request form is accompanied by a letter that may include more details about why you need the leave. It is also important to attach any other supporting document that is necessary for the approval of your request.

Be genuine

It is important to give a genuine reason on why you need to be away. There are many reasons that may make a student request for this leave some are related to the school activities like going away to purchase some study materials, doing a research among others. Some personal reasons may be travel, attending to important family meeting and sickness among others. Whatever the reason, being genuine is very important.

Leave of Absence Letter for School

The principal

Name of School


State, Zip


Subject: Request for Leave of Absence

Dear Sir,

My name is Steve Robinson of grade 11 D. This is to kindly request for a leave of 4 days starting on 11/11/2011 to 15/11/2011.

The purpose of this leave is to prepare for my mum’s wedding that is happening on 13/11/2011. I need to take this time to help in some planning and also get myself ready in the part that I will be participating in the wedding.

I have talked to one of my classmates to give me the notes on what will be taught when I am away. I will study them and make sure that I don’t lag behind.

I look forward for an approval of this soon.

Yours sincerely

Steve Robinson