Leave Messages (SMS) to Boss

Life happens. Sometimes we can plan for events, while other events take us by surprise. In either case, it’s important to inform your employer if you will not be in that day, for whatever reason. These are called leave messages and can be sent via letter, email or text message. In this article, we’re concerned only with the text message format.

The text message format has important benefits, such as you’ll have evidence that the message was received and read, the date and time the message is sent, and automatic contact information, as all they need to is simply reply to your text. However, as these leave messages are business related, they still need to maintain a professional tone.

  • Always use a professional, business tone when requesting a leave of absence via text.
  • Never make a demand. Always sound professional and address your boss with the utmost respect.
  • This is not a text to your friend, so treat it as a piece of formal business communication.
  • Always save your leave messages, especially if you’ve composed them a few months in advance. Life is busy for most people, and even the best of bosses may forget.
  • If you’ve composed and sent a leave message a few months in advance, then remember to send a follow-up leave text when the day of your leave comes close.
  • Remember to attach any type of documentation you think is necessary, such as a doctor’s note.
  • If applicable, let them know that you will do whatever it takes to make up for the time lost during your leave of absence.
  • Let your boss or project leader know as soon as you do, when you’ll need that leave. For instance, if you know that you’ll be required to attend a family reunion in December, and it’s March, compose the leave message in March, keeping a copy for your own records.
  • Honesty is the best policy in such matters. This means that make no attempt to fib, as it could be very detrimental to your career if the truth comes out. In other words, don’t text your boss that your sister has experienced a miscarriage, when in reality you just want to attend the latest Comic con.
  • If applicable to your situation, explain to your boss how you’ve arranged to take up the slack in your absence. This is particularly true if you have requested and been given a leave which is longer than a day.
  • If you run into any difficulties with requested leaves dealing with family or medical issues, then look into the Federal Family and Medical Leave Act. This act has been specifically created to assist those who fear losing their position due to an illness or family event.
  • Always keep a good record of any and all accrued sick days, vacation days or personal days. This may come in handy if you come into trouble when requesting your leave.
  • Most companies have their employee’s contact information as close as a click of a mouse. Not only that, as this is a text message, all they need do is just text you back. However, in case you will not be near your phone, then you’ll have to include that or provide another method of contact.

Sample Leave Messages to Your Boss

Leave Message (SMS) to Your Boss for a Fever

When a fever strikes, it means you’ll usually be out of commission for more than a few days. As we know with the Covid-19 virus, one has to get enough rest and steer clear of crowds, which means a leave message is in order. In the case of a fever, remember to include a doctor’s note as an attachment, and let your boss know about how long you expect to be gone.

Mr. Montrose,

I’m sending you this message to let you know that I’ve succumbed to a fever and am directed by my physician to get at least 1 week’s rest. I’ve attached my doctor’s letter to the message with his contact information. I’ve made arrangements with my personal assistant to forward any client calls or tasks which can be done from home. Thank you for your kind consideration.

Leave Message (SMS) to Your Boss for an Illness

If you find that your case of the sniffles has now grown to epic proportions and you can’t risk infecting those around you, then it’s time to contact your boss and drop a leave message describing the situation. Include a doctor’s note if possible, along with an estimated time where you’ll be unable to attend. Always be honest and transparent with your boss, as well as make an attempt to find someone to handle your tasks.

Dear Sir,

it’s bad form to risk passing on an illness of any sort to others. As such, I’ve chosen to stay home until this clear. I’ve contacted my fellows and they agreed to contact the client about the issue, and that the milestone of the project might just be delayed. I’ve included a copy of my doctor’s note as an attachment. It seems upon examination, that I have a strain of the flu, which the doctor considers very contagious. According to the doctor, this should clear up within a few days. Thank you for your kindness and understanding in this matter.

Leave Message (SMS) to Your Boss for a Parent’s Illness

We owe our parents much. They brought us into the world and supplied us with shelter, food and love. As we grow older, so do they. This often means we are responsible for their care and must be there when they are ill. In such times, it’s important to connect with your boss with a professional written text to explain your situation

Ms. Johnson,

My elderly mother, age 78, fell in her bathroom this morning. I am texting you this message to request a leave of absence for both today and tomorrow so I can have her examined and purchase a hospital bed from the local hospital supply store in town. I’ve already contacted my associates and they are more than happy to take up the slack during these two days. Thank you.

Leave Message (SMS) to Your Boss for a Spousal Illness

Our spouses remain one of the most important people in our lives, so when one is suffering from an illness, either sudden onset or chronic, we do our best to make them comfortable, and sometimes that means taking some time off. Explain your situation in a brief but detailed manner, so your boss knows exactly how much time you need.

Dear Sir,

My wife of 25 years has recently had surgery and will be coming home tomorrow. Her doctor stated that it would be a good idea if she were to have someone there for her on her first day home. One of our kids is coming back home the day after, to help take care of her, so I shall only require one days leave of absence. Thank you for your kind attention to the above matter.

Leave Message (SMS) to Your Boss for Personal Work

There are times when our professional life clashes with our personal life and work. For whatever reason, we may need to take a leave of absence in order to sort things out. When you craft this text, keep in mind to mention why you need the time off, and what you will do to make up for the inconvenience.

Dear Ms. Simpson,

There has been an incident at our home, which requires my immediate attention. it appears that our piping in the basement has burst, which means that I must stay home and wait for help to arrive. Until then I intend to do my best to handle the situation. We’ve already shut the water off and are in the process of mopping up. If possible, I can either use this as a sick day or personal day. Thank you for any consideration to this matter.

Leave Message (SMS) to Your Boss for Urgent Work

When you’re working on a project, either alone or with a team, deadlines can creep up on you, or perhaps your boss found that they needed you to get a certain side project done ASAP. Maybe you have to leave for a few to purchase new supplies, or just maybe you were leaving the house and found that your car wouldn’t start. Whatever the urgent matter is, you must contact your boss with a leave message, explaining the details.

Dear Mr. Spencer,

Please forgive this interruption, but I need to inform you that as I was in the process of leaving my apartment, I found that my car would not start. I called Triple A, and they informed me that it would be at least an hour before they could get here to tow my car to the mechanics. At this time, I’ve no other mode of transportation, not even public transportation is available to me. I’ve already contacted my assistant, Marta and she’s in the process of canceling my appointments for today. I request that you consider this my leave for today, thank you.

Leave Message (SMS) to Your Boss Urgent Work at Home

Owning a home can be a tricky thing at times. One never knows just when a pipe will burst, or the electric goes out. When these home-based issues occur, you just can’t get up and leave. Instead, you have to make a few calls, and sit and wait for the repairman to show up. When you compose your leave message, include important details, and how you’ll make up any work lost.

Ms. Shiffer

When we got up this morning, we found that we had over 3 inches of water in our basement. We currently do not know where it’s coming from or what is the cause. We’ve called for help, and they’ll be arriving shortly. I’m requesting my leave for today, as we need to get as much water mopped up as possible. My son went to the hardware store already to rent a pump. I’ve contacted Sanderson, and he sees no problem in handling the client list on his own. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

Leave Message (SMS) to Your Boss Due to Heavy Rains

If you reside in a region which suffers from heavy, seasonal rainfall, or are in the midst of a tornado warning, or hurricane warning, then you know it’s not a good idea to travel anywhere. If this is your case, write your text message describing the event, and request your leave. Let them know that you’ll be more than happy to make the time up if necessary.

Mr. Samuelson,

As you may be aware, our region has just been issued a hurricane warning. Already, the torrents of rain which are falling prevent one from seeing the road, let alone driving. I am requesting to take a leave for today. I already contacted Martin, and he’s also staying in due to the warning. Know that I’ll do whatever it takes to make up any work that I may have missed.

Leave Message (SMS) to Your Boss for the Death of a Relative

The death of a family member is one of the most difficult times of one’s life. This is especially true if the individual has been a close family member. As such things usually occur without warning, composing such a text will be difficult. Suffice it to say, that as long as you include pertinent information, your boss should grant you your leave.

Dear Sir,

We’ve just received word that my wife’s brother, Ferdy, has just succumbed to his chronic illness this morning. My wife is beside herself with grief, to the point where she is most inconsolable. Because of this, I am requesting a leave for both today and tomorrow to help take care of the funeral arrangements. I will need another day (not yet known) leave for the memorial service. Thank you so much for your kind consideration.

Leave Message (SMS) to Your Boss for a Sibling’s Marriage

Weddings are always a time of great joy in most families. Everyone wishes to attend, everyone wants to see just how lovely the bride and groom will look, as well as give them a fabulous send off. It’s proper protocol to alert your boss right when you’ve learned about the wedding date, even if it’s 6 months away. This allows for plenty of planning, especially if you’ve been working on an important project.

Dear Ms. Harmond

Forgive my intrusion, but this text is to remind you that I requested to have this leave today to attend my sister’s wedding approximately 3 months ago. As time flies, and there’s always so much to do, I decided to text you this reminder. It is the wedding of my sister Vi to her fiancee Morgan Borden. Arrangements have already been made ahead of time, and Brian in Accounting will be handling my clients. Thank you again.

Leave Message (SMS) to Your Boss for a Family Function

Attending family events is crucial to the development of solid relations between members. If invited, it’s good form to attend, no matter how small the event. An event may require an entire day’s leave of absence, or it may only require a half day. No matter, one must go through the proper channels, and in this case compose a text message.

Dr. Lee

Please consider this text as a reminder of our meeting last Thursday, when I asked permission to attend my family’s reunion at Big Bear, California. As this will take several days, including travel time, I’ve made the proper adjustments to my personal schedule, and requested that Lily take over the Ham’s account while I am away. Thank you for your prior approval for this leave, I wish the best day for you.

Leave Message (SMS) to Your Boss for Family Reasons

When issues at home occur, which are beyond your control, you may have to deal with them straight away. If the reason is personal, and no one’s business, make sure to place that in the body of the text.

Dear Ms. Cottone

Due to circumstances beyond my control, I will not be able to attend today, March 6, 2020. It appears that we’ve had a personal, family tragedy come upon us most unexpectedly. As it’s of a personal nature, I’m not allowed to disclose the matter more fully. However, know that I contacted Phillips in HR, and he’s already hiring a temp, to handle my front desk duties. Thank you for your kind consideration during this dark time.

Leave Message (SMS) to Your Boss to Take an Exam

No matter how long you’ve already prepped for the exam, it never seems to be enough. This is your future, and fortunately for you, most bosses have gone through this themselves, so they’ll be able to relate. Be honest, and state just the amount of time you’ll need, and the exact date you’ll be taking the exam.

Dear Sir,

I hope this text finds you well. I’m writing to inform you that I’ve just found out that our exams will be on March 10, 2020. As such, I’d like to request two days leave: One day to cram, and the second day to take the actual test, so I’d like March 9 and 10, 2020 off. Thank you for taking the time to read this message.

Leave Message (SMS) to Your Boss for a Half-Day Leave

Sometimes, all that’s necessary is a half-day leave. Perhaps you’re going to prepare for a vacation, to catch a flight for business or pleasure, or to have a medical test performed. In such cases, all that you’ll need to do is to compose a half-day leave message.

Dear Ms. Richardson

My wife and I have to take our daughter to the hospital by 2 p.m. to have her tonsils out. I am requesting an early leave of 12 pm. I respectfully request to take this time off on March 5, 2020. I’ve delegated my tasks for the time I’m gone to my personal assistant, Louise. She assures me that all will be well, plus she has my personal contact information if anything should come up. Thank you so much.

What to Avoid when Writing Leave (SMS) Messages

  • Do not write a novel. Time is money, so keep your leave message short and to the point.
  • Don’t include anything that might accidentally give reason as to why you should not get the leave of absence. In other words, avoid giving your boss a reason to deny you. For instance, avoid saying phrases such as “while I could probably forgo the event…”, or “I’d like to take the leave today, but it’s not really necessary”.
  • Don’t forget to proofread your leave message for errors
  • Avoid the use of emoji such as little hearts, smiley faces or those that cry tears. They most likely won’t add anything positive and might even make the reason for the leave look unnecessary or frivolous.
  • Don’t forget to show your gratitude in advance, for your leave.


How to inform the boss that you will be absent tomorrow due to your sister’s health checkup?

First and foremost, you have to pick the right channel or way (ex. message, call, letter) to send out this piece of information. Though you are liberty to use whichever means of communications you deem fit, a short message service would be most suitable and quick. That’s because it is a good thing to leave a message first before drafting a longer letter or email.
Here below is a sample text message to drive the point home:


This message is to let you know that I shall not attend work tomorrow due to my sister’s health checkup. I would have someone else to go with her, but at the moment, it’s only me who can accompany her to the hospital. Kindly bear with the situation.

Ross Galler

How to send a leave message to your boss due to coronavirus?

The ongoing coronavirus has made leaving out for work a risky thing. That is because the disease is airborne and is hence easily passed on to another person. It makes perfect sense to stay at home and not leave for work. If your boss insists though that you have to attend to your duty, there are some options you can explore.

For instance, you may use being sick or having a fever as an excuse. Your boss will definitely let you have the paid leave as nobody wants to take any risks in this situation. To be able to gain the leave, you have to draft a letter to that effect. Below are two samples to guide you through:

Sample I: Short Message

Hi Sir,

I intend to take leave from work from tomorrow until further notice—the reason underlying that I have a high fever and am taking every precaution possible not to subject myself to the ongoing infections.

Chandler Bing

Sample II: E-mail Message

Dear Sir,

I am duly employed by your organization in the capacity of Junior Front Office Administrator. My unique employment ID is BGT3990.

I am drafting this letter to notify you that I shall not attend work from tomorrow until further notice. I am currently battling a high fever.

For my safety and that of my co-workers, I have opted to stay away from anything that is likely to predispose me to the risks that come with the disease. That includes not showing up for work, going to church, or mingling with multitudes unnecessarily.

I know this is against your wish as an employer, but I cannot compromise with my life for this. Moreover, I also rely on the various labor laws that offer protection to employees in such cases. You will find them attached as PDFs with this e-mail.
As per the employment contract I signed prior to working with you, I shall forfeit all my pay and benefits for the period when I shall not be showing up for work.

I promise to resume duty as soon as is practically possible. Reach me on the phone 111-678-0998 for any urgent matters.
Kindly bear with the situation and consider my humble request favorably.

Sincerely Yours,
Chandler Bing


There you have it, an introduction on how to craft a basic leave text message to your boss. As always, remember to keep it short and to the point. The language should always remain professional, so please forgo the cute kitty emoji’s and giggling hearts. If dates and times are critical to your request for a leave, then by all means, include them. Be as honest as you possibly can, and always include an attachment if necessary, such as a doctor’s note. Finally, always remember to show your gratitude to your boss by ending your request for a leave text with a heartfelt thank you.