Leave Letter for Attending Marriage Function

A leave letter for attending a marriage function is a formal application for a leave of absence to attend the wedding of a friend or a close family member. If you have been invited to a marriage ceremony, you need to attend to enjoy light moments, nourish your relationships, and show solidarity. Whether the inviter wants your presence or your help in planning the event, it is good to create time for the event.

You need a leave of absence from your necessary duties to attend a marriage ceremony. If you are an employee or a student, you should write a leave letter to the supervisor, manager, principal, or the authority in charge. The leave letter acts as documentary evidence indicating that you have permission from your organization to attend the function. You or your parent/guardian may write the leave letter requesting time off if you are a high school student.

This article explains how to write a leave application letter for attending a marriage function. It also provides the correct format of writing a leave letter.

You should include these elements in your formal leave application letter for attending a marriage function:

  • The date of applying for leave of absence
  • Your full name and contact details
  • Employment number or student admission number
  • Salutation (Dear Manager or Dear Principal)
  • Name and address of the recipient
  • A concise subject line (Application for leave of absence to attend a marriage function)
  • Information about your leave request
  • The start and end date of your leave
  • What you can offer while away
  • A thank you sentence
  • Polite close, such as Sincerely, Best Wishes or Regards

To further explain the leave letter for attending a marriage function, here are examples of letter requesting a formal leave of absence. Take note of the format used, the language and the tone.

Leave Letter for Attending Marriage Function (Format)

{Name of Employee/Student}

{Address of Employee/Student }

{City, State and Zip Code}


{Name of Supervisor/Principal}

{Title of Supervisor/Principal }

{Organization/School Name}

{Organization/School address}

{City, State and Zip Code}


Dear {Manager/ Principal},

I kindly request for a three-day leave of absence to attend a marriage function of {give the relationship with the person getting married}. I have to attend the function because {explain why it is necessary to attend}.

I will be very obliged if you allow me to take the leave for {specify the number of days} starting from {specify the start date} to {specify the end date of your leave}. I intend to resume my {necessary duties or school} on {specify the day you of resuming work or school}.

If the letter is to the employer:

As the {state your role in the organization}, I have discussed with my team members about my leave, and they have agreed to manage the {project name} in my absence. I would submit all essential reports before going on leave.

In case of any concerns, please reach me on 123-456-789 or via the email address.

Kindly inform me when my leave is approved so that I may schedule the flights.

If the letter is to the principal or teacher:

I’ve discussed with my classmate {specify the name of classmate}, and he/she has agreed on keeping me up to date with daily assignments. I will make sure to submit all the assignments as soon as I resume my studies.

Thank you for your kindness and favorable consideration.


{Signature of Employee/Student}

{Name of Employee/Student }

{Job Designation/Roll #}

Sample Leave Application to Work for Attending Marriage

Josephine Damien

P.O. Box 34

Raleigh, NC 345

June 15, 2026

Mr. Davis Meyers

Chief Human Resource Manager

Diligent Researchers Ltd.

P.O. Box 345

Raleigh, Trafford 678


Dear Sir,

I would like to request a leave of absence from the work for three days to attend my sister’s marriage ceremony. The leave from the office will enable me to travel home and help my sister and the family with the wedding plans and the actual wedding.

Kindly allow me to start the leave on June 22, 2026 to June 24, 2026. I intend to resume my duties on June 25, 2026.

I have created a detailed workflow document and organized with my assistant to step in for me while I am away. Furthermore, I shall be available to answer any questions via phone 234-567-890 and email gen @ email dot com. My assistant has agreed to document all issues about the ongoing project in my absence.

Thank you for your kind consideration.

Yours Respectfully,


Josephine Damien

Marketing Head

Sample Leave Letter to School for Attending Marriage Function

Edward Kemoni

Father to Tiffany Edward


The Principal

Bright Learners Academy


June 20, 2029

Dear Sir,


Please give Tiffany Edward (Admission number 2567) leave of absence from school for three days starting Monday, June 22, 2029, to June 24, 2029, so that she can attend her brother’s marriage ceremony with us.

The ceremony shall take place on June 23, 2029, at our home in the village. We intend to travel on June 22 to take part in the ceremony and travel back on June 24 so that she continues with her studies. Tiffany and her brother are very close, and she cannot remain alone while we are away.

Tiffany has completed all pending assignments, and she has also promised to work harder and catch up with her class.

Thank you for your consideration.


Edward Kemoni

Tips to Request a Leave for Attending the Marriage

Many companies have a process for requesting a leave from work. You need to familiarize yourself with your organization’s practices first to check the procedure for getting a leave of absence. Here is a simple guide you can follow when writing your leave to attend a marriage function:

  • Start preparing for your leave early to help your organization find somebody to carry out your duties during your leave of absence. Students need to know what they might miss during the leave.
  • Discuss your plans with your direct manager or the one in authority verbally and explain to them how many days you need. Students should approach the person in charge of student affairs or let their parents/guardians do it.
  • Specify the date you expect to be absent, and the date when you expect to return.
  • Inform the authority how you plan to prepare for your absence (For example, how your work will proceed during your leave, if you are available for special inquiries, or how you have trained your replacement for essential tasks.)
  • Present your letter to the authorized person and request them to help you to negotiate with senior decision-makers in your favor. (Optional)
  • Wait for the leave application to be processed and approved.
  • Follow-up if there is no response after two days of your application.