20 Free Late Rent Notice Templates

20 Free Late Rent Notice Templates

Nothing irritates the landlords like late rentals, and this seems to be a common issue with most tenants. On many occasions, tenants usually offer their payment late, and others might not even pay. However, most tenants usually have reasons for late payment. Remember, even with all reasons for late payment. The landlord has the final say whether the tenant will stay or not.

In such scenarios, the landlords are usually forced to develop a late notice rental template, which they can use to inform the tenant of what they want. If the late rent notice is ignored, the landlord will have no option but to evict the tenant, especially those who have made it a habit not to pay rent on time.

What Is a Late Rent Notice?

A late rent notice refers to a document that reminds tenants their rental is due. It acts as a notice before the landlord escalates the matter.

Late Rent Notice Templates & Examples

Late Rent Notice #01

Late Rent Notice #02

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Late Rent Second Notice



Notice of rent arrears letter template





Three Day Notice for Nonpayment of Rent

    When Do You require a Late Rent Notice?

    When the tenants fail to pay rent on time, the landlord should make a point of sending them notices. Suppose your tenant is late for the first time, send them a late rent notice reminding them to pay and inform them of late payment penalties.

    If the tenants continue with the same habit of not paying rent on time, the landlord might send them an eviction notice and terminate the lease agreement or send them a notice to quit or quit. Remember, landlords must keep clear records of the entire communications mailed to their tenants. And examine the local and state housing laws to determine the number of days tenants have to leave or pay.

    When to Send a Late Rent Notice?

    As long as the rent payment date has passed, the landlord can comfortably send the late rent notice to their tenants. This guarantees tenants an opportunity to clear their debt. If the tenant does not comply with the notice, the landlord commences the eviction proceedings, but they must first give the tenant 3 to 5 days to leave or pay late rent. Check with your local and state housing laws to confirm the duration you should give your tenant.

    Bear in mind that a good number of state housing laws conquer that clients should always pay their rent on time. But a third of the state allows the landlord to give an allowance of three-day eviction notice when the rent is overdue or late. While a quarter of the state gives a minimum of five-day eviction notice, six states need a 7- day eviction notice.

    Similarly, three states need a 10- day eviction notice for late rent, such as Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Indiana. And other three states need 14-days eviction notice, such as Vermont, Tennessee, Massachusetts.

    You must understand that the District of Columbia offers a generous duration to tenants and needs a 30- day minimum eviction notice. On the other hand, 6 States usually empower tenants and landlords to decide on the kind of notice they require and refer Landlords to the initial rental or lease agreement.

    Note: Ensure that you check your local or lease laws to confirm when you should send a late rent notice to your client. But a 3 to 5 days’ notice is okay.

    Why Use a Late Rent Notice?

    A late rent notice is a reminder to the tenants to make payment. Landlords use this method to earn their money from the tenants because the tenant might have forgotten to pay and does not require an eviction notice or threat. Furthermore, a late rent notice is easy and fast and maintains a perfect relationship between parties. This notice helps the landlord not to suffer from preventable consequences such as:

    • Mental anguish because of having a tenant living freely on your property and continuous asking for money they owe you.
    • Waste of time researching how to get rid of a tenant and pursue an offending tenant.
    • Loss of money to pay courts and attorney

    Essential Elements of a Late Rent Notice

    A late rent notice must be able to identify:

    • Location of the property
    • The amount of rent overdue currently
    • When the tenant should leave or make payment
    • The name of the landlord and tenant and their contact information

    Besides, this late rent letter must identify the basic elements below:

    • Landlord- The name of the owner of the property
    • Tenant- Name of the client renting the property
    • Effective date- When the tenant is supposed to pay the new rent amount
    • Late fee- Penalties, if any, must be added to the rent
    • Overdue rent- Amount of money a tenant owes the landlord
    • Premises- Location and address of the property

    Types of Late Rent Notices

    Many landlords have a lot to tell about their clients, including overdue payments. Some tenants offer reasons that seem justifiable, while some are just forgetful. And for that reason, you must know the types of late rent notices.

    Here are several types of notices you can send to your tenants:

    • Overdue rent
    • Late tenant payment
    • Late rent on commercial property
    • Five-day notice for non-payment
    • Eviction for late payment
    • Demand for past due rent payment

    Notices usually involve a warning, an announcement, or notification. These types of late rent notices incorporate comprehensive information about a specific subject. Therefore, when the tenant violates the rules, the landlord has no option but to offer them a notice.

    Tips for Writing a Late Rent Notice

    Each lease contract usually features lease terms and conditions, such as lease agreement, penalties for late payment, due dates, and rent payments. Some tenants may fail to pay on time or forget these terms and conditions. And this is when the landlord issues a past due rent notice, which acts as a reminder to their tenants for late payment because it includes the payment due date.

    On the other hand, landlords should know why their tenants pay late. Some Landlords have proved to be more than understanding. Therefore, as a landlord, below are a few tips for writing a late rent notice:

    • Please think of the objective to notify and warn your tenants to pay their rent on time.
    • Ensure your content is accurate by paying attention to the amount due and dates. You can attach documents that will assist you in proving your point and driving it home.
    • Your notice must sound professional and authoritative. This means it should be firm without sounding rude. However, the words you use should display authority.
    • Make it precise and direct. You need to focus on the main point and be brief when informing the tenants of the agreement violation. You do not need a lot of explanations or long narratives.
    • Make sure you use simple language since not all tenants are educated. Thus, use words that your tenants can easily understand when reading the notice. Similarly, use short sentences.
    • After writing your notice, proofread your first text to check errors in substance and form and ensure the content is 100% accurate. You can also give your colleague to go through it and ensure you are on point with the notice.
    • Place your signature on the notice to make it official and formal.

    If the tenants continuously pay rent late, the landlord can offer them an eviction notice. But before this, ensure you give your tenants a late rent notice. This notice is a warning to tenants violating rent terms and conditions, especially regarding payment.


    When can rent be considered late?

    Late rent is considered late 30 days after its due date; this is according to credit bureaus.

    How do you explain late rent?

    Late rent refers to past due charges of a property a tenant has not paid.

    Can you be charged a late fee for rent during coronavirus?

    As much as the coronavirus pandemic has hit globally, you are still responsible for rent payment, not unless you and the landlord have an agreement in writing not to pay.

    What is a good reason to be late on rent?

    Most landlords may sympathize with good reasons for late payment, such as illness injury, unlike other vague reasons, like having a lot of bills to pay, costly life, and spending on holidays.

    Can you be sent to jail for not paying rent in the UK?

    No, you cannot be sent to prison in the UK because of not paying rent. However, this can only occur with a few particular debts under certain circumstances, which rarely happen.


    The late rent notice usually reminds the tenants that their rent is due. Before the landlord escalates the issue, this notice acts as a reminder. If ignored, they might evict the tenants or take serious legal action. This notice features facts concerning the property they are renting. Furthermore, this notice is usually sent via certified mail to prove that it was sent and received. A late rent notice is useful if the landlord decides to take action against the tenant.