Landlord Reference Letter: How to Write (with Sample)

A landlord reference letter is written by a landlord, including the required information about the agreement between the landlord and their tenant. Mostly, the letter is a result of a request by the tenant. The letter can act as a proof of address or a confirmation of the character of the tenant. When a tenant moves to a new residence, the new landlord will request a reference letter to confirm the new tenant’s reliability.

Templates and samples are the best ways to get information on the format and words to use in the letter.

What to include in a landlord reference letter

  • Tenant’s details. You must include details of the tenant such as their names and the name and address of the property and when the tenancy started.
  • Landlords contact details. The recipient might want further details about the tenant. It’s therefore vital to include your contacts details through which the recipient can’t contact you. In the letter, you can include your phone number or email address.
  • Date. When writing the letter include the date; it’s an important tool that will inform the recipient that the letter has been written recently.
  • Tenant’s character/information. The recipient is interested to know the character of the tenant. The tenant’s character details are the most important part of the landlord reference letter.

    Include information on whether the tenant was faithful in paying their rent, besides their relationship with fellow tenants. If the tenant had pets, you can also include this information in the letter.
  • Closing. As you end, the letter it’s important to summarize your relationship with the tenant and whether you recommend them to another landlord. You can also state if you will accept them back if they might want to renew their tenancy. Close your letter with polite words.

Landlord Reference Letter (Format)


To whom it may concern

Kindly know that {tenant’s name} has been my tenant at {property name and address} since {tenancy period}.

During the entire time of their tenancy, they always paid their rent in time besides coexisting with fellow tenants. Their pets were not a nuisance to the neighbors. Their unit has always been tidy.

In case you want more details about {tenant’s name}, please feel free to contact me via {email address/phone number} between {10 AM to 8 PM}.



{Landlords Name}

{Contact Details}

March 4, 2032

Dear Risper,

I write this landlord reference letter on behalf of Humphrey Kist. Mr. Kist was my tenant at Upways Apartments 2120 Elm Street from July 2, 2029, to January 31, 2032.

Mr. Kist lived with his family of four children and one wife. In the entire period of the tenancy, he has been late on payment of rent only once, a period he had a family emergency. In all the other months, his rent was paid on time before the 5th day of the month.

Mr. Kist kept his clean at all times. Every time the house required maintenance, he always made me aware in advance. His neighbors described him as a cool and respectful person. I have received no complaints about this family for any tenant.

At the time he left the apartment, his house was in perfect condition, we only needed to repaint before another tenant came in.

If Mr. Kist came back to the apartment, I would welcome him back.

Let me know if you might need further information about the tenant. You can contact me through 555- 543-4353.


Andrew Toms


Upways Apartments

Tips on writing a landlord reference letter

  • Embrace facts: The landlord reference letter must be based on facts. Avoid exaggerating your relationship with the tenant no matter the feelings you have for the tenant. Any claim you make on the letter should have corresponding evidence.
  • Be true: Throughout the letter honest should be regarded. Make sure your recipient gets an accurate picture of their potential tenant.
  • Express a willingness to assist: In the letter let the recipient know you are available if they need more details on the tenant.
  • Base the letter on facts: If you aren’t aware of the relationship, the tenant had with the other tenants in the property, research to establish facts before writing the letter.

Important elements of a landlord reference letter

  • Address of the property rented by the tenant
  • Start and end dates of the tenancy
  • If you gave the tenant an eviction notice
  • Whether the tenant kept the property clean
  • If they paid their rent in time
  • Whether the tenant notified the landlord in advance before moving out of the property
  • Name, contact details and address of the landlord
  • Name of the tenant and whether they lived with their family
  • The amount the tenant paid as rent at the end of each month and if they have already received their security deposit
  • Any damages to the property by the tenant and if they informed the landlord
  • If the tenant allowed unauthorized persons into the property
  • Any complaints received from the neighbors about the tenant
  • If the tenant had any pets while living in the property
  • If you can allow the tenant back to the property and if not, give reasons
  • Landlords signature

Types of landlord reference letter

Landlord letter to tenant proof of reference

A landlord letter to tenant proof of residence letter is part of identity confirmation documents. Other documents used to verify the identification of an individual include identification card and utility bills. The letter confirms that the tenant lives in the property they claim to live. In the letter include;
  • Tenant’s name
  • Address and name of the apartment/property
  • Tenancy period

Landlord letter to a tenant to vacate

When the landlord is no longer interested in having the tent in their property, they will issue a letter informing the tenant of the need to vacate from the property. The letter can serve as an eviction notice. These details should be present in the letter;
  • Why they should leave the property
  • Name of the tenant
  • Date of writing the letter
  • Date to vacate from the property

Character reference letter for a landlord

When a tenant wants to move to another property, the potential landlord may ask them to get a character reference letter from their current landlord. The letter is proof that the tenant is reliable and able to coexist with fellow tenants. It will also highlight the tenant’s ability to settle their rent in time. When writing the letter include;
  • How long you have known the tenant
  • Rent payment details
  • Relationship with neighbors
  • Any damages to your property

Landlord reference letter request

A landlord reference letter request is a letter to either the current or former landlord to confirm the reliability of a tenant. The letter has a section where the tenant has to sign. The former or current landlord will then fill in the requested details about the tenant. In the letter include the following information;
  • Address of the residential property
  • Name of the tenant
  • Tenant details

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