Christmas Gift Certificate Templates (Holly Jolly Design)

Christmas gift certificates are specially designed and unique cards handed out to other people/loved ones as an ultimate gift with a promise/indication of a present and appreciation during the Christmas season. These gift certificates are usually held in high regard among many individuals. They tend to enforce and improve the cheerful and joyful Christmas spirit by making individuals feel special and appreciated.

The best thing about these Christmas gift certificates is that they are easily accessible and customizable to your personal and preferred finishing. Thus, this article expounds on these gift certificates, providing you with professionally designed jolly simple gift certificate templates and some of the easiest ways to create and fill out your Christmas gift certificate.

Jolly Simple Christmas Gift Certificate Templates

Below are some Christmas gift certificate examples and templates all in MS Word format exclusively provided to assist you in your quest to create a Christmas gift certificate. They will provide you with the structural outlook and the starting point enabling you to easily create a perfect Christmas gift certificate to send out to your associates, friends, and loved ones for a holly jolly Christmas season.

Christmas Gift Certificate Wording

Creating and designing the best Christmas gift certificate requires detailed editing and incorporating certain vital data in it. Some of the information to be included are;

  • Recipient’s Name. This is a vital component of a Christmas gift certificate because indicating the recipient’s name; guarantees that the certificate is delivered to the right individual and helps the individual to redeem this gift certificate by clarifying the name, thus reducing any cases of confusion as to who is entitled to the Christmas gift.
  • Sender’s Name. This is also similarly important. It shows the recipients the origin of the gift and appreciations, giving them an ideal platform for reciprocating such gifts and appreciations if they wish to later or just thanking the right individuals responsible for boosting their joy. If for a professional purpose, it also helps promote the brand name and keep loyal customers.
  • Description. This part of the Christmas gift certificate strives to provide a quick and short description of the presented gift. For instance, you may indicate the value of the said present and how it can be collected. You may also add some emotional words of appreciation in this segment to show your love and appreciation to the recipients. If you are using it for a professional purpose, this part also holds all the terms and conditions to redeem a gift certificate.
  • Date. This is another vital component of a Christmas gift certificate that should be included in the design. The date often written on the Christmas gift certificate is usually that which the card was sent, and it is important as it will show the recipient that the card is recent, and thus the gift presented is still legible. This part also holds the expiration date if a gift certificate is valid for a certain period.
  • Title. Titles in these gift certificates are usually optional. However, including them in the card is often recommended as they usually also accomplish certain functionalities. For instance, you may write some words emulating a joyful Christmas season or the company’s name from where the gift certificate originated in the event it was sent from a collective of people/corporations.

Tips on Creating Your Christmas Gift Certificate

Creating a Christmas gift certificate requires limited skills as it is not very complicated as other people may assume. However, you will need to familiarize yourself with basic guidelines such as the contents and the variety of design elements to ensure that you achieve the most desirable final gift certificate. Listed below are some of the guidelines to follow on creating a perfect Christmas gift certificate;

  • Search and download. This is the first and crucial step. You will need to search the web for the most appealing and appropriate customizable template for your utilization and download it to your PC/editing gadget.
  • Editing. After downloading your template of choice, you will then open the file and begin editing it by filling in all the spaces provided with the required information, such as the names of individuals involved, description, and date, among others.
  • Double-checking. This is also an important step when creating a perfect Christmas gift certificate. In this step, you will need to go through the entire file for a second time after completing the editing to find any mistakes earlier made in the form of wrong spellings and poor grammar. You may repeat this step several times until you are certain that everything checks out, then you may proceed to the next step.

    However, before proceeding to the next step, you may utilize this opportunity to further customize your gift certificate by adding some features such as iconic jolly Santa images, festive background, different font styles/colors, and several decorative elements to create that charm that would be appealing to the recipient.
  • Print out. This is the final step in creating the Christmas gift certificate, after which it is ready for sending out to the recipient. In this step, you need to find exceptional quality and durable paper and use it in printing your final designed gift certificate.

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