Job Rejection Letter – 10+ Samples & Examples

If for instance the job was not a good fit for you after an interview, even though you liked the organization, you could basically state in an email or a phone call that generally you were absolutely impressed with the company. In your response to rejecting the offer letter you may mention the critical key skill sets that perhaps you would like to use, the level of responsibility that basically were missing in the job offer letter. A job rejection letter template as outlined below can help you.

For instance, if the job involved only the inside sales, you could perhaps say that you were really interested in a sales role handling some major accounts that would offer a clear pathway to the sales management. In most cases the possible disadvantage would be that the employer may consider you for a different role readily available or may be a job opportunity that might come up in the future.

Sending an amazing grateful and polite job offer rejection letter is ​a very terrific way in maintaining a positive relationship with the employer. Probably you never know if that employer will especially have a better offer in the future for you and therefore you do not want to offend him.

Your letter should include:

  • Thank you and appreciation for the offer.
  • A well written rejection for the job offer.

I t is very important to address that letter to the personnel who offered you that position. Additionally, it is critical to also include your primary contact information and your phone number, even though it is on file with the employer.

It is in absolute order to shortly mention genuine reasons for not accepting the offer. For instance, you might describe that you have accepted a different offer, decided that it was better to stay at your present job, or perhaps felt that this position didn’t match your career objectives.

Here is a sample letter declining a job offer:


Agnutum Joe

Human Resource Manager

EPZ Company

40 Insurance Plaza

Cape Town.


Dear Mr. Ofe,

Thank you so much for offering me an opportunity to work for your company in the position of the Marketing Manager. It was very difficult decision ideally to make. I am however regretting to let you know that I have accepted a different position with another company that matches my career objectives

I really enjoyed meeting you as well as the rest of your wonderful team. You have been so gracious and kind throughout the interview process, but I can only wish that the circumstances could really allow me to accept your amazing offer.

I truly appreciate you for taking your time to interview me and to share ideas and information on the great opportunity and your company.

Thank you once more for your consideration.


Agnutum Joe.

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