Jet Ski Bill of Sale Form

Any exchange of a jet ski – either through a sale or gifting – will typically not include a dealer. If not handled properly, this situation leaves a lot of doors open for future disputes between the previous and new owner of the jet ski. Consequently, it is advisable to prepare a Bill of Sale that records the transaction and protects all the parties involved.

Are you looking to acquire or sell a jet ski through a private sale? If so, you will need formal proof of the transaction that you can call up any time there is a question of ownership or liability. Here is everything you need to know to create a Jet Ski Bill of Sale.

What Is a Jet Ski Bill of Sale?

A Jet Ski Bill of Sale is a formal document that acts as a legal record of the purchase and sale of a jet ski between a buyer and seller. It identifies the buyer and seller, outlines the purchase price and payment method, and describes the jet ski involved in the transaction. In most cases, it also documents the payment of a security deposit (if applicable) and commission of an inspection by the buyer.

Essentially, once this document is signed, the seller will have transferred their ownership and liability over the jet ski to the buyer; and the buyer will have acquired the jet ski in as-is condition.

Jet Ski Bill of Sale Form (Word Template)

Jet Ski Bill of Sale Form 20210812

The Mobile (Manufactured) Home Bill of Sale Form is a fillable, printable document that you can complete to record the legal purchase and sale of a mobile home between a buyer and seller.

Download: Microsoft Word (.docx)

    Process of Selling a Jet Ski

    The process of selling a jet ski involves pretty much the steps involved in the transfer of ownership of another vehicle. However, this step-by-step guide is specific to private sales that don’t involve a professional deal. As the seller, you must:

    Step 1: Repair the Jet Ski

    Start by cleaning and repairing your jet ski to get it to its best condition. Depending on your budget, you can hire professional cleaners or clean the jet ski yourself using professional cleaning supplies.

    Step 2: List and Advertise It

    Buyers are more likely to purchase a jet ski they don’t have to clean or repair themselves. You can show them that this is what you are offering by posting pictures of the jet ski in online listings and in magazines, local newspapers, and newsletters.

    Step 3: Negotiate with a Potential Buyer

    When a potential buyer approaches you, they will want to negotiate the price. Allow yourself enough room for haggling but don’t accept any amount below what you set as your lowest selling price.

    Note: You can determine the value of your jet ski by comparing it to other similar jet skis on sale in your area, using an online estimator, or hiring an appraiser.

    Step 4: Complete the Bill of Sale

    If you and a potential buyer reach a verbal agreement, you can create and complete the bill of sale. You must also clear the jet ski of any liens and debts. Your Bill of Sale should detail the following:

    • The date of sale.
    • The buyer and seller names, mailing addresses, and contact information.
    • The jet ski description by make, year, model, color, odometer reading, cylinder number, registration number, Hull Identification Number (HIN), among other relevant details.
    • The inspection period and security deposit amount.
    • The purchase price, date of payment, and payment method.
    • The buyer and seller signatures and signature dates.
    • The witness signatures and signature dates (if any).
    • A notary public’s signature and seal (if elected or required by state).

    Step 5: Perform an Inspection

    The buyer has the right to have the jet ski inspected before committing to the purchase. This is often done after they out down a security deposit for the jet ski, with the understanding that you must refund it immediately if the transaction turns out negative results.

    Step 6: Complete the Transaction

    If the inspection is successful, you and the buyer can complete the transaction by exchanging the jet ski and its associated document with the payment. You must then sign the Bill of Sale.

    Jet Ski Bill of Sale Form Format

    On {Effective Date}, {buyer’s name} of {mailing address}, hereafter known as the Buyer and {seller’s name} of {mailing address}, hereafter known as the Seller agreed to the following terms:

    Jet Ski Details: The Seller agrees to sell the Buyer the Jet Ski described as {make model, year, color, etc.}, which is to be sold in “as-is” condition. The legal details for the Jet Ski are {odometer reading, registration number, HIN}.

    Purchase Price and Payment. The Buyer agrees to pay the Seller the total amount of {amount in dollars} for the Jet Ski through {payment method} on {date}, hereafter known as the Date of Sale.

    Condition of Sale: The Seller agrees to transfer possession of the Jet Ski to the Buyer free of any liens, mortgages, and encumbrances.

    Security Deposit (optional): The Buyer agrees to pay security deposit in the amount of {amount in dollars} toward the Jet Ski, which will count toward the total Purchase Price.

    Inspection: The Seller agrees that the Buyer will have {duration} to have the Jet Ski inspected by a technician in accordance with Section 8 to ensure it is in good working condition.

    Return of Deposit: The Buyer and Seller agree that upon approval by the technician, the Buyer shall be bound to this sale agreement. If no approval is give, the Seller shall return the deposit to the Buyer.

    Signatures: This agreement shall take effect and be considered binding upon the execution of the following signatures:

    Buyer: {Signature}, {Signature Date}

    Seller: {Signature}, {Signature Date}

    Witness 1: {Signature}, {Signature Date}

    Witness 2: {Signature}, {Signature Date}

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Where is the VIN Number on a jet ski?

    Instead of VIN numbers, jet skis have HIN numbers (Hull Identification Number). This multiple-digit number plays the same role as a VIN and can be found on the top of the jet ski’s rear platform.

    Do you need a boating license for a jet ski?

    Although jet skis are a fraction of the size of a boat, states generally classify them as boats. This means that you must get a boating license for your jet ski if you live in a state where boating licenses are a requirement.

    Final Thoughts

    A Jet Ski Bill of Sale can be used as a legal document if there ever arises a dispute over the ownership and liability of a jet ski. To perform this duty, the Bill of Sale must contain the necessary elements of a legally binding contract. It must include a record of the exchange of possession of the jet ski (offer), the purchase price (consideration), and the buyer and seller signatures (mutual agreement).