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Requesting payment for providing a product or service as a small business can be your key method of securing payment, so issuing invoices is essential. An invoice should both give detailed information and encourage customers to pay promptly. The importance of being paid should not, however, overshadow your dedication to fostering customer relationships. As a result, your invoice needs to be professional, friendly and accurate and an invoice template can help you to create a document that meets these specific requirements.

As an independent contractor, you often provide services and then invoice clients afterward, so generating an invoice quickly is paramount to being paid in a timely fashion. Ensuring that you include payment information and terms means that the party you are invoicing is able to pay as soon as possible without impediment.

Whether you are relying on invoice payments as your main income or if you are just invoicing for a one-time contract, an invoice template is a great resource to have on standby to print and send quickly should the need arise.