Invitation Letter for US Visa | Template & Example

Invitation Letter for US Visa | Template & Example

An Invitation Letter for USA visa is a formal official letter written by a legal United States resident or citizen to a friend or relative, confirming that they are willing to accommodate them during their visit. It is then submitted to the consular office along with the visitor’s visa application to prove that they will not be overstaying their visit.

One of the fears that the US government has when receiving tourists is that they extend their stay long after their visa has expired. Although an invitation does not guarantee a visa, it can support the applicant’s application and improve their chances.

Are you looking forward to hosting a visitor? Here is how to write then an invitation letter.

Why Should You Write an Invitation Letter?

An Invitation Letter for USA Visa is not a mandatory requirement in the visa application process, but drafting one can help the visitor’s chances of getting n approval. By showing your willingness to support your friend, family member, or relative, you may be able to convince the Consulate that their stay will not break any laws.

What to Include in Your Letter

An invitation letter is both personal and formal because it is sent to a friend or relative but must be presented to the United States government. Although you don’t need to go to extremes to make it sound official, make sure it includes the following key details:

  • Sponsor information; your name, full address, and contact information
  • Non-immigrant information
  • Visit details; duration, exact dates, accommodation.
  • The purpose of the visit
  • Places you plan to visit during the trip.
  • Whether you will be providing the visitor with accommodations and personal expenses
  • Whether you will be paying for the visitor’s travels

Writing Tips for an Invitation Letter

An invitation letter contains three essential elements, which are your details as the sponsor, the nonimmigrant’s information, and details about the visit. When inputting this information into your latter, take heed of the following tips:

  • Always include factual and accurate details.
  • Avoid exaggerating, lying, or providing untrue information.
  • If you are unsure of something, don’t include it in your letter.
  • Attach all supporting documents and mention them in your letter
  • Use a professional, persuasive, and polite tone.
  • Keep your message short and to the point.
  • Proofread your letter for any grammatical or spelling errors

Invitation letter for USA Visa (Format)


{Visitor’s Name}

{Visitor’s Address}

{City, Country}

Re: USA Visa Invitation

Dear, {Visitor’s Name},

I am writing this letter to request that you visit me in {insert city and state name} for {insert time period}. You haven’t visited in {duration}, and I believe a short vacation at my place is an excellent idea. During your stay, we will {mention your plans with exact dates}.

I am committing to covering all your expenses and boarding requirements during your visit. You will be staying at my {briefly describe your home} along with {mention any relatives that live with you}. All you need to handle are the travel arrangements.

Attached are all the supporting documents as required by the US consulate. Please present them along with your visa application.

Best wishes, and see you soon.


{Sponsor’s Name}

{Sponsor’s signature}

Sample Invitation Letter for US Visa

4 January 2031

Priscilla Cullen

Hicklin Street, Pike River

London, United Kingdom

Re: Invitation to Visit Me in the United States

Dear Mom,

I haven’t seen you for over two years, and since you will be retiring next month, I am writing to invite you to visit me in Texas for two months. During your stay, we will visit several destinations, including South Padre Island and San Antonio. We will also spend two weeks in North Carolina visiting Philip.

During your stay, I will handle all your expenses, including travel, accommodations, and food. You will be staying at my five-bedroom home along with Jim and my daughters, Lily and Kate. Jim has also offered to cover your travel expenses to and from London.

I have attached all the supporting documents necessary for your application. Please present them to the US consulate along with this letter and your application when you begin the process.

I can’t wait to see you.


Melissa Cullen

Invitation Letter for USA Visa (Word Template)

Invitation Letter for US Visa (Word Template)


While an Invitation letter for USA is typically sent to the visa applicant, its message is designed to assure the United States government that the visitor will have financial support and not overstay. Write as persuasively and truthfully as possible, and remember to maintain a professional tone. Get straight to the point and let the reader know what the letter is about from the word go.