Interview Invitation Letter – Examples & Writing Tips

An interview letter (interview invitation letter) is a formal communication from interviewers to potential interviewees to present themselves for an interview. The letter informs the recipient of the venue, time, and date of the interview. Additionally, it may highlight details of the documents the interviewee must present to the interviewer.

If you have doubts on what to include in an interview invitation letter, sample letters can be a great help.

Tips for writing an interview letter

  • Consider a handwritten letter rather than typing
  • Make sure to send the letter in time so that the individual can prepare for the interview
  • Use the company letterhead when writing the letter since it’s a formal letter
  • The letter must be brief and to the point
  • If the candidate is required to come with some documents, please include the information in the letter

Interview Letter Format










Sub: Interview letter

Dear [name of the candidate]

We write this letter as a response to your application for the post of [state the [position the candidate had applied for], dated [include the date].

We are happy to let you know you have been shortlisted to meet the interview panelists. The interview will take place on [date] at [time]. The venue of the interview will be [state the venue].

Please confirm your attendance via email or phone on or before [date].

All the best!

[Your name] [Signature] [Designation]

Sample Interview Invitation Letter/Email

Subject: Invitation to interview

Dear Matthew,

We appreciate your interest in the post of administrative assistant with Jester Suppliers Ltd in Chicago, LN.

We therefore request you to visit our office for the interview on June 14, 2019, at 1.00 am. Our main offices are located at 132 Birds Avenue, view way towers, Chicago, LN.

Please confirm your attendance via or call +917 333 2451.


Abel Jerry

Human resources manager

Jester Suppliers Ltd

Types of interview letters

Interview call letter

An interview call letter is a document an employer writes to potential employees inviting them for an interview. In the letter, the interviewer will relay essential details of the interview, such as:
  • The venue of the interview
  • Time
  • Date

Thank you letter after an interview

After attending an interview, it’s crucial to write a letter and thank the interviewer for the chance. The letter can act as follow up letter for the interview. It will let the potential employer know that you are highly interested in working for the company. Include the following in the letter:
  • A thank you note for the chance
  • Your desire to work for the company
  • Lessons learned in the interview

Application for interview letter

An application for interview letter is a letter an individual write to a potential employer requesting for an interview opportunity. Though a company might not have advertised for a job, one can write to them and try their luck. In the letter you need to include this information:
  • How you learned about the company
  • Your educational background and experience
  • Your passion for working for the company