Internship Rejection Letter: 8+ Sample Letters & Format

An internship rejection letter is written by an intern if the internship offers for an application they made isn’t pleasing and satisfying. A company can write an internship rejection letter to an applicant whose qualifications do not fit the position. It can be hectic writing this letter if you do not know the format, the content and how to pass it and how to write the letter politely.

It is important to read through internship rejection letter samples to be conversant with all these.

Internship Rejection Letter (from Company)

Rejection letter format from company to applicant.

(Company’s Name)(Company’s Address)

(Company’s City and State)

Skip a line

To (Intern’s Name)

(Intern’s Address)

(Intern’s City and State)

Skip a line


Skip a line

Dear Sir/Madam,


Thank the intern for sending an application and acknowledge their efforts and strength.

(Skip a line before this paragraph) state the reason for rejecting the internship application and explain why. You can say what you expected for the said position.

(Skip a line before this paragraph) Not a pledge but write that you can offer a chance for any position in the future if the applicant will be available for an opening there will be any that needs to be filled.

(Skip a line before this paragraph) Thank the intern and wish them success in their job search.

(Skip a line before this section) Sign off

(Company Name)

(Company Contact)

Internship Rejection Letter Format (to Company)

Rejection letter format from individual to company.

(Your name)(Your address)

(Your City)

Skip a line

(Title of the recipient)

(Name of Company)


Skip a line


Skip a line

Dear Sir/Madam,

Skip a line


Introduce yourself in a formal manner and what post you were applying for as an intern. Appreciate the offer even if you do not want to accept it.

(Skip a line before this paragraph) proceed to explaining your reasons for rejecting the offer without being rude or vulgar. Make sure you leave all doors for other opportunities in the future

(Skip a line before this paragraph) Be kind and wish the company success I their future endeavors

Sign Off

(Your name)

(Your signature)

Internship Rejection Email

This is an email written by a company or institution to an intern who had made an application for a position but hadn’t met all qualifications or was under-skilled with regards to the job description. It is a polite email that will sometimes ask you to work as a volunteer to up your skills and abilities.

Internship Rejection Email

Summer Internship Rejection

Summer Internship Rejection

Internship Rejection Example

Internship Rejection Example

Decline Internship Offer Email

An Internship Rejection to Company is written by an individual who had made an application for an intern position in a company. This could be because of a dissatisfying offer or a case where the post being offered was not what they applied for. Sometimes an applicant could have accepted an offer elsewhere or the company’s practices are unappealing hence the rejection letter.

Company Internship Rejection

Internship Rejection Letter to Candidate

Internship Candidate Rejection

Internship Rejection Letter (PDF)

Internship Rejection Letter PDF

Summer Internship Rejection (PDF)

Summer Internship Rejection PDF

Internship Application Rejection DOC

Internship Application Rejection DOC

Company Internship Rejection Sample (PDF)

This is a letter written by a company to an individual who had applied for an intern position. The reasons could be the applicant not meeting the standards of the company or there being more qualified applicants. On other occasions, the department which the intern applied for could be full or their stated working hours could be below the minimum required by the company.

Company Internship Rejection PDF

Tips for Writing a Rejection Letter

  • Thank the candidate or the company warmly for the offer you have been give even if you are not satisfied.
  • Leave the doors open for any future dealings. Do not be cold.
  • Identify the strength of the intern in terms of qualifications or the performance of the company that is striking to you.
  • Be timely when sending the rejection letter to avoid raising hopes to the applicant or the company that you might be taking or might be given a chance.

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