I’m Sorry Messages for Wife

Apology or sorry message to wife is a written message sent by the husband to his wife to ask for forgiveness for his mistake or misunderstanding. The message helps to resolve differences between the couples. In a marriage, no one is perfect. Therefore, you must expect several challenges. Whenever the problems occur, the way to say that you are sorry is in person, but if for some reason you cannot face her, it’s best to leave a short message or a well-written apology letter to your spouse.

An apology message will make your wife calm and may forgive you for your mistake, but do make sure not to make the same mistake repeatedly.

In most people, to apologize sounds like a daunting task, but I will tell that it is one of the easiest things in marriage once you know what your wife wants to hear and how you should express yourself. Here are some tips for apologizing to your spouse.
  • Know why you are apologizing. Before you write an apology, first understand why your wife is upset. You may rush into writing an apology for a different reason and therefore creating more trouble. It is best to apologize by making it clear you know what is wrong, and she has the right to feel upset.
  • Say sorry. Remember, your wife will not accept it as an apology if you do not say sorry. So, when writing the apology message, start by mentioning how sorry you and then acknowledge what you did wrong. At least let her know it was not your intention to hurt her.
  • Create an action plan. After stating how you regret hurting her, assure her of not repeating the same mistake in the future. Make her understand it was onetime behavior that will never happen again.
  • Acknowledge her feelings. From a sincere point of view, make her feel how you understand her feelings at the moment. Your wife should know how you understand it is her right to be upset. Finder the best words to express this for her to believe you.
  • Do it in person. Apologizing in person is the best way to say sorry to your wife. Try as much as possible not to send a message or text, do it face to face. In circumstances where you two cannot meet, then a message can be used.
  • Ask for forgiveness. An apology is not complete if you do not ask for forgiveness. You can apologize, and your spouse fails to forgive you, so the best thing is to ask for forgiveness. This shows your partner you do not take the marriage for granted.

Apology message to a wife for hurting her

Dear wife,

I am genuinely sorry for hurting your feelings in last night’s argument. I promise such words will never come from my mouth again in the future. Please find it in your heart to forgive me.

I love you.

Apology message to a wife for ignoring her

Dear wife

My selfish behavior, when you tried calling me earlier today, has no excuse. I am sorry for the bad choices I made, though with good intention, but that does not matter now. I take responsibility for my behavior and such a thing will never happen again. I am asking for forgiveness.

I love you.

Apology message to a wife for lying

Dear wife,

You trusted me with your heart, but in return, I lied to you. With deep regrets for my mistakes, I ask for forgives. I hope you will continue trusting me, and believe me from today onwards, and there will be no lies between us.

I love you.

Apology message for cheating

Dear lovely wife

I know my words right now seem hollow and stale, what I did was disrespectful, horrible, and inappropriate. I will not blame it on alcohol influence, and I take full responsibility for my behavior. I now regret not honoring my promises, and I am genuinely sorry. I promise never to cheat on you again. Please forgive me, dear one.

I love you.

Apology after fight

Dear wife

Deep from my heart, I am asking for forgiveness, my love. I know we have been having issues in our marriage but raising a hand on you was the worst thing I did. I am sorry, and it will never happen again. I still love and cherish you, sweetheart.

Apology message after a breakup

Dear wife,

I take responsibility for my actions when we were still together, and I am sorry I hurt you in the process. I still love you, and I regret my action. Please let’s have dinner together and discuss it more. I am so empty without you. May you find it in your heart to forgive me.

Apology message after breaking her heart

Dear wife,

I can feel the hatred you have on me, and I do not blame you it is my entire mistake. Breaking your heart is one of my worst mistakes. Please forgive me and come back to my life. I am sorry I was a jerk. Trust me. It will not happen again.

Apology message for being disrespectful

Dear wife,

I am genuinely sorry for how I talked to you yesterday when you came home. I had a bad temper, but that is not a reason enough to treat you how I did. Please forgive me. I will control my temper to make sure no such incidence happens again.

I love you

Apology message for being selfish

Dear wife,

Being sorry is not enough regarding how I treated you last night. I did not give you attention when you needed it most. I will make it up for you today when you get back home.

I love you, sweetheart.

Apology message for being mean

Dear wife

Sweetheart, I know you are mad at me for my mean behavior in the morning. I regret my action, and for sure, I am guilty. I will make it up to you by taking out later in the afternoon. Please forgive me. I am sorry.

Things to avoid when sending an apology message

When writing an apology message, avoid forcing your friend to accept it. You made a mistake and therefore, you let them decide. Also, never tell your friend to take the blame for your action partly, you should always take full responsibility. Lastly, avoid taking too long before writing an apology message.

Why It’s Important to Apologize

At the start of marriages, spouses have a problem with apologizing. Both partners will make mistakes, but no one wants to be accountable. Keep it in mind that for a marriage to thrive, the two spouses should be good at giving and receiving apologies. This always takes time in a marriage, but later you will realize apologizing cherishes your spouse and gives you two a deeper connection. Before you send an apology message, make sure your timing is correct. You know your partner, and therefore you have to know the best time to send such a message.


Make sure your apology is sincere. Remember, the main intention is to be sorry and ask for forgiveness. Make the message memorable to the recipient, and so touching that receiver will have to respond positively. When expecting feedback, be ready for a positive or negative answer.