I’m Sorry Messages for Boyfriend

An apology message to boyfriend is a re-affirming and re-establishment of dignity for your boyfriend that you hurt. Allowing the person you have hurt to know that you acknowledge that it was your fault and not his, makes him feel better. An apology message helps mend relationships by making people feel comfortable around each other and get them talking again.

Notably, relationships are not always perfect. Love is unpredictable; you can love each other to the moon and back, share the most compatible of feelings but still have moments where one party is upset over the other. This happens; this is normal. No relationship is immune to fighting or upsets, and this is bound to happen in any relationship. To work things out, you need to apologize.

When this moment comes, you need to find a way to apologize to your boyfriend over something that bothered him. It is human nature to err. You may have lost it during an argument or showed up late to an event, whatever the case, ensure that your boyfriend gets to know how apologetic you are for hurting his feelings. Write down that message, expressing your sincere apology, promise to do better, and never repeat that mistake.

Remember, do not allow your feelings and emotions to clog your apology and make it meaningless. When writing an apology message, always ensure that the main focus is apologizing and saying sorry. Easy as that.

How to Apologize to your Boyfriend

We all make mistakes; no one is perfect. Finding the right words to let your boyfriend know just “how sorry you are” can be challenging at times considering there are feelings involved. When you find yourself in this situation, follow these guidelines to ensure you write the best apology message.
  • Validate his feelings: He is your boyfriend, yes. He also has feelings that need to be acknowledged and appreciated. Stereotyping your man’s feelings is wrong and can harm your relationship. Your boyfriend needs to feel that he has a right to be upset when you hurt him and also feel that you understand where he comes from.
  • Assure him that you will make things right: Nothing soothes the hurt than an apology and an assurance that you promise to do better and avoid such mistakes in the future. An apology message will appear to be useless if you do not show plans to make things better and rectify the mistakes. 
  • Show that you care: Show your boyfriend that you really care about the relationship and that you intend to make things work out. This brings confidence into the relationship because when you hurt one party in a relationship, the other party doubts the relationship. Remind your boyfriend of the great things that exist in your relationship and the memories you’ve shared.
  •  Be sincere: A sincere heart is a clean heart. Express your utmost sincerity in the apology message in telling all the truth, keeping in mind that you need to give realistic promises. There is nothing as disheartening as giving false promises. Honesty is key.
  • Engage him: Ask him what he thinks will help in sorting out the issue. Demonstrating how you plan to make things better or what would make things better off will help you mend your relationship wholesomely. Engaging your boyfriend during the apology makes him feel that you care about his feelings. 

Sample leave Messages (SMS) to Boyfriend

Apology message to boyfriend for hurting him

It is a natural thing to mess up. However, apologizing to your boyfriend for hurting him is equally important is you need to salvage your relationship. Here is an example of an apology text:

Hi love, l am very sorry that l vented my anger on you. It was a regrettable thing for me to do. I sincerely apologize for the pain caused. Please forgive me. I love you.

Apology message to boyfriend for ignoring him

This message is written to express your sincere apologies for ignoring your boyfriend for one reason or the other. The reason given should be valid.

I am truly sorry for being so distant recently. My life has ups and downs, but my love for you is still the same. I miss you.

Apology message to boyfriend for lying

A lie should be forgiven if you are not a seasoned liar. For repeat offenders, this may prove too difficult a task; however, we all deserve a second shot at love.

To you, my love, I admit yes, l am a mess. The look of disappointment in your eyes made me realize that you deserve nothing but honesty. I am sorry for lying to you.

Apology message to boyfriend for cheating

You have messed up, haven’t you? Probably you did it by mistake or rather under the influence, whatever the case, an apology may save you big time.

I messed up big time last night. I am willing to do anything to let you know that l can be better because you may not forgive me now. My judgment was impaired. L am truly sorry, my love.

Apology message to boyfriend for not calling him

We all have tight schedules that may, at a time, limit us from calling the people we love. Write a message to your boyfriend expressing your regret and the reason for not calling him.

My love, l am truly sorry for being so quiet over the phone lately. I have a very tight schedule at work that limits my time. I promise to make it up to you. Good day.

Apology message to boyfriend for a fight

As earlier stated, we are all bound to make mistakes, some trivial, and other spontaneous. Regardless, apologizing brings back the lost confidence to the party that is hurt, in this case, your boyfriend.

My goal in life was to always make you happy, and l always based my actions and feelings around that. Though they did not appear as such, l am sorry for the pain l have caused. You mean a lot to me. Please forgive me. I love you.

Apology message to boyfriend for breakup

When things get tough, many opt to walk out of the relationship. However, some people make comebacks and what better way of doing it than with an apology message.

From the very first day, we promised each other nothing but love and that nothing will ever get in our way. The things l have done have made you leave me. I want you to understand how sorry l am for hurting you. Please take me back. I miss you.

Apology message to boyfriend for breaking his heart

There is nothing as awesome as having a peaceful breakup with your boyfriend. Acknowledging the fact that things did not work out or better, yet you decide to walk away is considered a mature yet heartbreaking affair. Sending that apology message helps soothe the heart.

If l had the ability, l would turn back time so that we could start over again. That is not possible; neither is the possibility of us getting back together, l am sorry for breaking your heart.

Apology message to boyfriend for being disrespectful

Many people believe that respect comes first before love. Well, if that’s the case, then being disrespectful to your partner will land you in trouble. To ease the tension brought about by disrespect, write an apology message expressing your deepest regrets.

l am sincerely sorry for my behavior yesterday evening. I never meant to disrespect you in any way. L promise to control myself better next time. Please forgive me. I love you.

Apology message to boyfriend for being selfish/mean

When you are in a relationship, sharing is regarded as one of the many factors that make up the love union. When one partner feels that the other party is selfish, this will most definitely ruffle some feathers putting in mind that there is a love relationship between you and your boyfriend. Selfishness is discouraged in any relationship setup.

To be honest, l have no real explanation for the selfishness l exhibited the other day at the mall. L am sorry for the sadness and pain l have caused you. Allow me to make things right. I love you

Tips to Apologize to your Boyfriend

Naturally, it is always hard to admit that we are wrong more, especially in a long term relationship where you and your partner are both off-target about something. You are in a relationship; you get caught in a hurtful situation such a cheating or lying, what do you do? Easy —you apologize. Here are tips on how to apologize to your boyfriend:
  •  Ensure that you view things from his perspective
  •  Be in a calm spirit before you apologize as this helps you think through the situation.
  •  Think about the mistake that put you both there.
  •  Let your boyfriend know how much you love and appreciate him.
  •  Make promises that are workable, remember, actions speak louder than words.
  •  Ask what your boyfriend feels and what he needs to be improved. Promise to work on it.

Warning: Things to Keep in Mind

When you hurt your boyfriend, sending out an apology message shows empathy and helps heal the wound and pain you have caused. However, it is important to note that you are not entitled to apologize for every little thing in your relationship. Apologizing too much is dangerous.

Here are the things to be wary off when sending an apology message to your boyfriend:
  • Avoid asking repetitive questions
  • Do not take up the blame for something you did not do.
  • Do not put in too many emotions as this affects the purpose of the message.
  •  Make promises that are attainable.
  • Show that you care about your boyfriend’s feelings.


An apology is the surest way to bring back the lost glory and confidence in any relationship. Sending a short message aids in cases where the need and possibility of a physical meet up is next to impossible. It also allows the sender to express their feelings uninterrupted, having thought through the whole situation.

Be honest when writing a letter or message to your boyfriend; that is what will give credibility to your apology.