I’m Sorry I Didn’t Do My Chores

If you happen not to do your chores, you must apologize to your parents. Failure to do chores can make you be seen as an ignorant person. When you apologize, you are acknowledging that what you did is not right and that you are willing to take responsibility that comes with it. If you don’t apologize, your relationship with your parents may be ruined permanently.

Apology for not doing chores letter format

Dear (name),

I feel remorseful for not doing my chores. Instead of doing (list the chores), I found myself doing (list). This was wrong of me. I know the consequences that come with such negligence, but I beg that you forgive me.

I promise that this will never happen again. I will always prioritize my chores above any other thing.


Apology for not doing chores letter sample

Dear Mum,

I am very sorry that I did not do my chores. I used my time without proper planning. I spent much time doing my homework and playing games such that I did not have time to clean the house, wash utensils, and feed our pets.

Kindly forgive me and pardon me on the consequences of such negligence. I promise always to do my chore in time.