Hurt Feelings Report (DA Form IMT WF1)

Hurt Feelings Report (PDF Template)

The hurt feelings report (DA Form IMT WF1) was originally issued by the US Department of the Army as a joke to send to recruits who were not dealing well with the rigors of army life. A second version of the report was released on April 1st, 2009, as an April fool’s joke, making the original version of the form “obsolete”. Note that obsolete was spelled incorrectly intentionally since this report was not intended to be taken seriously.

There have been other versions of the hurt feelings report generated in a variety of venues to be given to people who are perceived to be whining, missing their mummy, homesick, and generally upset with their current lives.

Various advocate groups are calling these reports insensitive and not appropriate for professional organizations to be used unofficially. Whether it is members of the army, prison guards, schools, and many other professions, they should not be used.

In this post, we will review in more detail what a hurt feelings report is, how they are used, and cover instances where they may be considered appropriate. Note that some readers may not agree with our interpretation.

What Is a Hurt Feelings Report?

A hurt feelings report can take a variety of different forms; however, the main purpose appears to be to mock the person who is complaining about something. In the eye of the person sending this report, they are complaining about something that they are taking too seriously or are not manning up to their difficulties. Many groups feel the use of these reports is inappropriate. They are often targeted at people who already feel they are bullied and cannot fight back. In addition, people in positions of authority have sent these reports to the person reporting to them or managed by them. This is also seen as a bullying tactic.

The report is usually very official-looking, carrying a company logo and report number. There is room for administrative data to be provided, a description of the incident, the injury, and the primary reason for filing the report. The reports leave space for signatures and dates.

As mentioned, the military has a version of the hurt feelings report. In addition, the hurt feelings report has surfaced in penitentiaries, schools, and many other institutions. These are potentially abusive situations and are not perceived positively.

Comedians have also used the hurt feelings report to deal with angry audience members, with umpires who are upset, etc. Many people relax and laugh once they begin reading the report, especially when they realize how silly they have been.

What is a Hurt Feelings Report Form or Template?

Hurt feeling reports are typically divided into five sections that are used to document the assessment of the situation that caused the emotional pain.

Header Information – the name of the report, description of the report, corporate name, report number

Personal Information – about the whiner or person with hurt feelings e..g. name, date, title, organization

Details of the Injury – the name of the person who hurt your feelings, title, date and time, organization

Description of the Injury – describe the injury, do you need a tissue, reasons for the injury, e.g., my feelings were hurt, I am a crybaby, etc.

Why the Report is being filed – explain in your own sissy words why your feelings were hurt and why you are filing the report. There may be offers of a blanket, a tissue, or a bottle to make things better.

Authentication – the whiner signs the report and requests the person causing the pain to also sign the report.

The fine print may offer a hug, supplemental support, etc., and a blankie for additional support.

Hurt Feelings Report (PDF Template)

Hurt Feelings Report 20211031

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    Essential Elements of a Hurt Feelings Report

    While header information, personal information, and authentication are important to make the report look like it is a real report, the essential elements of the report are the details of the injury, description of the injury, and the reasons the report is being filed.

    The hurt feelings report is designed to make fun of the person reporting that their feelings have been hurt. It is not designed to help them. If anything, the report will likely cause more damage due to the insensitivity and the added perception of bullying, especially in situations where superiors are making fun of those in lower ranks.

    The injury section is the primary element of the report, which includes the incident report, the injury report, and the reason for filing the report. It includes questions such as:

    • Which ear were the words of hurtfulness spoken into
    • Is there permanent damage to your feelings?
    • Do you require a tissue?
    • How long did you whine?

    The reasons for filing the report include:

    • I am thin-skinned
    • I am a cry baby
    • I want my mommy
    • The weather is too cold
    • And more

    How to Fill Out a Hurt Feelings Report

    In this section, we will go into more detail about filling out a hurt feeling report; however, there are many different versions available and used within industries. You may find templates that vary somewhat from the following guidelines.

    Header Information

    This is a general section that describes the authority that has approved the information to be requested on this form. In addition, it describes the purpose of the form, how it will be used and shared inside and outside the organization and indicates that once you fill in the form and submit it, you voluntarily agree to the disclosure of the information on the form.

    Personal Information

    This section contains all of your personal information that identifies you within the organization. Your name, rank or position, the organization, your social insurance number (we do not recommend you provide this information for privacy reasons), the date you filled in the report, and the name and title of the person who filled in the form, which is either yourself or the person you are reporting the information to.

    Details of the Injury

    Include the date and time when the injury occurred, the location of the incident, the person sympathetic to the whiner, the person who hurt your feelings, along the title and organization of the person who hurt your feelings.

    Description of the Injury

    Many hurt feelings reports offer standard reasons that your feelings were hurt. Check off those that apply and expand, providing details in the narrative section. If there are no hurt feelings reasons provided, describe how your feelings were hurt in the narrative section. The military version provides up to 15 standard reasons that the whiner can choose from.

    Why the Report is being filed

    You can explain why you decided to file the report and what action you would like to see as a result of the report being reviewed.


    The last section is for signatures and dates the document was signed by both the person taking the report and the person who feels that their feelings were hurt.


    The following are some of the frequently asked questions that many readers may have with regards to hurt feelings reports.

    Is the hurt feelings report real?

    The hurt feelings report is real in the context that there are many examples available online across many different industries, government agencies, school systems, etc. They are official-looking documents, and someone at first glance may take them as real reports. They are professional-looking and often carry the same government or corporate headings found on official documents.

    However, readers should be clear that these are not real reports and are not supported by management in these industries. They can cause further harm, and folks suffering from mental breakdowns or high-stress situations do not find these reports funny or supportive.

    What is a construction hurt feelings report?

    It appears every industry has adopted its version of the hurt feelings report, and the construction industry has many variations that center around a common theme. Some are straightforward, with several boxes to tick off, while others are very detailed.

    Construction sites are notorious for lots of swearing, with many hurtful comments and people trying to assert themselves over everyone else. Feelings may get hurt, and these reports are often provided as a way to break the ice and add levity to the situation. Depending on the situation and the people involved, hurt feelings reports can be received positively or cause even more hurt to those involved.

    Common questions include:
    • Which ear were the hurtful words spoken into?
    • Is there permanent damage to your feelings?
    • Do you need a tissue?

    You can add comments about whether you are:
    • Thin-skinned
    • A pussy
    • Hormones are acting up
    • A crying baby
    • I want my mommy

    You can identify the real man that hurt your feelings, and your superintendent can sign the hurtful feelings report. As a girly man, you must also sign the document.


    Hurt feelings reports are common and available in almost every industry and government organization. They are not official reports, and they are not supported by the management of the companies they represent.

    Once you read the questions, it quickly becomes obvious that these reports are meant to add levity to a situation; however, in instances where there are real hurt feelings, these reports add sarcasm and can hurt the individual further since they realize they are not being taken seriously.

    In forums such as in corrections, some inmates are suffering mental challenges. These types of reports can add further challenges for people dealing with personal emotional issues. Similarly, in school situations, sending a hurt feelings report to a child is considered a form of bullying and should not be a tool used in a school setting.