How To Write Invitation Letter (Tips & Sample Letters)

An invitation letter is a document that presents a request for the presence of an individual, a group of people or an organization to an event. This document can be either formal or informal depending on the type of event and the relationship that the host has with the person they are inviting.

You can write this letter either through printing on paper or through an email. When writing it, you may face some problems of how to present it best of the best format to use to write right and in the best way possible. Using a sample of this letter or email letter can be quite helpful in making sure that you do it right. Using a sample letter will also make it easy for you to write.

Tips for Writing Invitation Letter

  • Make a Proper Address to The Guest: Do this by using the right name of the guest, the organization or the group that you are inviting. Maintain a polite tone in your letter since you are requesting the guest to attend into an event that you have set.
  • Detail Oriented: Your letter has to have all the details necessary about the event. Some of the most important details to include are the venue, the date and the time. These details will give the guest all the information necessary for them to attend to the event. Remember to mention about dress code if there is any.
  • State the Form of Event: The form of the event is either formal or informal. The person you are inviting has to know this so that they can prepare in regard to the form of the event.
  • Extend a Warm Welcome: Let your guest know that they are welcomed and needed in the event. Express your pleasure I am inviting your guests and let them know that their presence is highly important to you.
  • Close with Thanks: Thank the guest in advance to show them that you are really anticipating their attendance for the event. You can use phrases like “it will be a great honor seeing you” or “looking forward to seeing you.”

Invitation Letter Format




Date_______ (on which the letter is written)





Subject: invitation letter

Dear____________ (name of the receiver)

I hope this finds you well. I am taking the pleasure of cordially invite you to ___(name of the event) that will take place on __________ (date of the event), at_____(venue of the event) in________(time of the event).

This event is ____ (genre of the event) and looking forward to seeing you in the event. Your presence will make this event even more special and lit.

Thanking you,

Yours Truly,


Name and Signature.

Sample Invitation Letter/Email

FromJohn Miller

9839 Rockledge St.

Staten Island, NY 10350

Jan 2 2022


Catherine Brown

46 Old Manchester Ave.

Grayslake, IL 90020

Dear Catherine

Subject: Invitation for Agriculture Conference

I hope this finds you well. This is to inform you of an agriculture conference that will be held at Boston hotel on august 28 2022 starting at 8.00 am to 5.00 pm. This event is purposed on discussing the challenges that are facing the agricultural sector and the best way to improve on this sector.

Your presence in this meeting will be highly appreciated and your contribution towards improving agriculture industry highly welcomed and anticipated. I am looking forward to seeing you on that day.

Thanking You.

Best regards,

John Miller.

Types of Invitation Letter

  • Invitation for a Meeting: This is an invitation letter that is written when inviting people for a meeting. This could be important business meeting, monthly staff meeting, meeting potential client or request for interview meeting.
  • Invitation for Visa: This letter is written by lawful or permanent residents of a certain country to invite friends or relatives to go to that country as tourists. You send this letter to help that person to acquire a visa.
  • Invitation for a Party: This is generally written to invite friends to a party. Parties can be of different types. It can be a business-related party or a social party.
  • Invitation for a Wedding: This letter is written to invite the relatives and friends at a wedding. It is used to notify these people about the wedding, the date and the venue of the wedding. This invitation card or letter can also be used by the guests as a gate pass to the venue of the wedding.
  • Business Invitation Letter: This is a letter used to let a client know about a meeting. It could be written for a group of clients or an organization to let them know of a scheduled meeting and the agenda to be discussed in the meeting.
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