How to Write a Holiday Request Letter

Employees typically require to set aside some time to take vacations. This is to allow them to unwind in preparation for the next hard work. Before this happens, a vacation letter to that effect has to be drafted and passed on to the line manager or supervisor.

Before drafting the letter, the employee concerned has to carry out thorough research to be able to know the vacation policies of his parent company. Then, he has to draft a letter that is as suited and relevant for the conditions as nearly as possible. Some firms may require that the employee fills out special forms as well.

What to Include in a Holiday Request Letter

Your typical vacation letter ought to contain the following pieces of information:
  • State your objectives clearly at the beginning of the letter. That way, the reader will grasp your points way in advance and not have to read the letter in its entirety.
  • A clear statement that you indeed want to take a vacation. If possible, you should also specify the precise destination and entire length of time.
  • Maintain it as brief and concise as can possibly be the case. Any longer will severely stray the reader off course and make him get confused along the way.
  • Make any references if any exist or if need be. For instance, you may state that your supervisor is already aware of your intention to take the vacation.
  • The exact dates when the vacation shall start and commence. Also, include the exact time when you intend to resume work after the vacation.
  • Address the letter accordingly. You will have to inquire about the information from your company’s vacation policy.

How to Write a Vacation Letter

To draft a suitable vacation letter, you have to follow some steps and procedures to this effect. Below are the steps you have to follow to make this a reality:

  • Identity – identify the department, name, and contacts thereof.
  • Date – this is the exact date when the letter is drafted and issued out
  • Recipient’s identity – you should showcase the identity of the recipient, his contacts and the title he holds in that particular organization.
  • Subject – a one-line statement that summarizes the objects and the intents of the letter. The subject should be straight and to the point.
  • Salutation – an acknowledgment of the person to who the letter is addressed. This is done using the right titles and references for the sake of respect and avoidance of ambiguity.
  • Main body – it is in the main body that you state the finer details of the contents. The format used has to be formal as should be the language. Maintain a uniform spacing between two consecutive lines for the sake of easy legibility. Break it down into several paragraphs. Each paragraph should deal with one thought only.
  • Closing remarks – close the letter formally. Use endearing and respectful terms like ‘respectfully yours,’ ‘sincerely yours,’ and ‘yours truly.’
  • Name and signature – finish off with your name and signature clearly stipulated. Include any enclosures if need be or if necessary.

Sample Holiday Request Letter

Holiday Request Letter (Sample Template)

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Tips for Writing a Perfect Vacation Letter

Below are five useful tips to draft your perfect vacation letter:
  • Maintain it short and to the point
  • Address the recipient precisely throughout the letter
  • Use simple and easy-to-comprehend languages
  • Proof-read and edit before finally submitting
  • Make any spelling, grammar, and semantic improvements as well


Okay, you now have the armory you need to draft your next holiday vacation letter better. With this knowledge at your fingertips, is it not possible for you to do a good job thereafter? Do not hesitate to make further inquiries if need be. We will be all the more glad to provide it for your better outcomes.