How to write an Email a Teacher about Grades

Grades provide a measure of progress in school. Your grades after an exam help you determine how much of a topic you have understood. Similarly, they help your teacher monitor the effectiveness of their teaching techniques. This is why a conversation with your teacher about grades is crucial. It can help you identify areas of improvement and do better in subsequent tests.

Would you like help to get better grades? Do you wish to dispute the grades on your last test? Discussing grades with your teacher can seem a daunting task. However, it doesn’t need to be.

How to Email a Teacher about Grades

Here is everything you should know about how to email a teacher about grades.

Step by Step Writing Guide

Before drafting your letter, determine the nature of your request. What about your grades would you like to address? How can your teacher help? Once you have these details in place, follow the following step by step writing guide:

Use Your Official School Email

An email to a teacher is a formal correspondence. While it may be convenient to use your personal email address, it might not be professional. Use your school email to send your letter. If you don’t have one, use a formal email that contains your first and last name.

Include the Teacher’s Details

Add your teacher’s information into the recipient field. This includes their full name and accurate email address. By doing this, you ensure your email will be sent to the right teacher.

Formulate a Subject Line

A subject line informs the teacher of the nature of your email. Write a short description that covers your request and reason for writing.


Begin your email with an appropriate greeting. Use the teacher’s official name and title and steer clear of impersonal greetings such as ‘dear sir or madam.’

First Paragraph: Get to the Point

Why are you drafting your email? Introduce yourself to the teacher, then get straight to the point. Remember, this is your chance to convince your teacher to help you. Be clear and concise.

Second Paragraph: Explain Your Request

In the second paragraph, you can go into detail about your request. Help the teacher understand why this is important to you and why they should help you.

Close Your Email

Restate your request and thank the teacher. You can also wish them well or send your best regards. However, remember to use formal phrases the teacher will understand.

Proofread Your Letter

Before sending your letter, proofread it. Correct any grammar or spelling mistakes.

Email to Teacher About Grades (Format)


{Teacher’s Name}

{Teacher’s Email Address}

Re: {Nature of Request}

Dear {Mr./Mrs./Ms. Last Name},

I noticed you posted the grades for our {subject name} test, which we sat for on {date of test}. I was disappointed with my grade. As a result, I am writing to request a {state the nature of your request, e.g., retake/remarking/revision opportunity/extra class, etc.}

I would also appreciate advice on how to improve my grade in future tests. At your convenience, I will avail myself for a one on one meeting to further discuss this matter.

Thank you for your time.


{Your Name}

{Your Class/Grade}

Sample Email to Teacher About Grades

10 October 2020

Gregory Fulham

[email protected]

Re: Request to Retake Test

Dear Mr. Fullham,

I received my results for the Biology Practical test, which we did on 1 October 2020. On the day of the test, I experienced abdominal pains and had to leave the lab an hour into the practical. I was, therefore, unable to complete my test.

The grades on my paper are disappointing. I am certain that, given a chance to retake the test, I can do better. This is why I am requesting a retake during the special exams session scheduled for 15 October 2020.

I have been a good student throughout the year. I am positive I will not disappoint you if you give me this opportunity.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Cassidy Jones

Grade 7G

Email to Teacher About Grades (Word Template)

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Final Thoughts

Learning how to email a teacher about grades is an essential step in your education. Once you have mastered this letter’s basics, you can customize it to meet different needs during your school year. You can also use it to improve your performance in class tests. That said, it is crucial to remember that your teacher is not your personal friend. An email about grades should be a formal correspondence. Address the teacher by their proper title and use formal, polite language. Refrain from using slang or expressions the teacher might not understand.