How to Write an Apology to Boss or Company

How to Write an Apology to Boss or Company

An apology letter is a way of expressing your regrets for a mistake you’ve made in the past. We spend a better part of our day at the workplace, and errors are inevitable. Therefore when you make a mistake at work, you should write a letter to your boss and share your regrets. Although some mistakes at work may be unintentional or beyond your control, it’s always essential to apologize for the error. In your letter, it’s vital to share information on how you plan to avoid the error in days to come.

Apologizing will help in solidifying your relationship with your superiors.

How to Write an Apology Letter


As you start your letter include the current date


After the date, include a single space and write your salutation. If you know the name of the receipt includes it in this section. For example, Dear Mr. / Ms. / [name of the recipient],

The body

The body of your apology letter should comprise several paragraphs.

Paragraph 1

Open your apology letter by expressing your regrets about the mistake and also describe the error briefly. Information in this section should be clear and precise. For example, if you were late for work, you can write, “please accept my apology for being late for work for two days on [date] and on [date].

Paragraph 2

Acknowledge responsibility for the mistake. In this paragraph, acknowledge you’ve made a mistake and that you take full responsibility for the error. It also essential to highlight the impact your mistake will have on the company/business. For example, “I acknowledge I have not met my target for this quarter, and this will affect the company’s profits for the year.”

Paragraph 3

Highlight steps you’ll take to avoid a repeat of the mistake. For example, “I understand that each employee has to do their best to meet tier targets, and I promise this mistake will not recur. I will work effortlessly to reach more clients and increase my sales.

Paragraph 4

Indicate your wiliness to assist in resolving the problem. You must show a willingness to change the situation. For example, inform your boss you are willing to discuss the matter and get to a suitable solution to the problem.

Closing your letter

Choose a polite closing for your letter. Common terms you can use to end the letter include “Sincerely,” “You’re sincerely,” Yours Faithfully,” “Regards,” “Best regards,” etc. Your signature and types name should follow the letter closing.

What to Include in an Apology Letter

  • Say sorry. When writing your apology letter, you should never forget to express your regret for the mistake. The words “I’m sorry” can work wonders to console the recipient.
  • Acknowledge you were wrong. Besides apologizing for the error, it’s also essential to own the mistake.
  • Briefly share what transpired. It’s also vital to share in brief went wrong so that the recipient can understand you’re reading from the same page.
  • Share information on how your plan to avoid a repeat of the mistake. In your letter, highlight practical ways in which you plan to prevent a recurrence of the error.
  • Seek forgiveness: Remember to ask the individual to forgive you for the error.

Sample Apology to Boss or Company

Apology Letter to Boss or work Template

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Tips for Writing an Apology Letter

  • The apology letter should be brief and to the point
  • Avoid laying blame on another person or the individual. Only highlight your role in the mistake
  • Your letter should concentrate on your plan to solve the problem and avoid a recurrence
  • Embrace a polite and reconciliatory tone in the letter
  • End the letter positively.