How to Write an Apology Letter

Apology letter is written to express regret for a fault or mistake that a person has done. The purpose of apology letter is to mend a broken relationship or keep the relationship from breaking. There are various types of apology letters, but they all follow the same format of writing.

Here are some guidelines to write an apology letter.

What to include

The purpose

State what the letter is about. Let the recipient know right from the beginning that the letter is about apology. For formal letters you can do this by starting with a subject line that states the purpose, when you are apologizing to a friend, putting a subject line is not necessary; you can just start with a line that says you are sorry. By doing this, the recipient will be in the right mode of reading through the letter.

Mention your mistake

After you have stated the purpose of the letter, which is to apologize, the next thing will be to mention the mistake that you are apologizing for. Mentioning the mistake will make the recipient know that you are aware of what you did, and you have realized it wasn’t right. Make sure that you don’t leave anything out when mentioning the mistake that you did.

Acknowledge that it was wrong

Mentioning the mistake alone is not enough when apologizing, acknowledging that you have realized the damage that the mistake caused is the key to this. Make sure you let the recipient know that you know the hurt that was caused by the mistake and you are sorry about it.

Accept responsibility

Don’t just acknowledge that you understand that the mistake caused damage. It is important to take responsibility about it. Say that you are sorry for causing the damage or the fault that happened. Owning the mistake is the main part of the letter, which also helps the recipient understand that you really are sorry about it.

Offer a solution

You feel sorry for what happened, and you regret why it happened. Because of this feeling, you now have figured out what needs to be done to make sure that this mistake never happens again. it is therefore important to mention the actions that you will put in place to make sure that the fault will not happen again.

State a desire to keep a good relationship in future

The main reason of apologizing is to keep a relationship. You need to state this desire after you have mentioned all the above. Let the recipient know that you want to keep the relationship that was there before the mistake happened.

Express gratitude

Thank the recipient for taking time to read through the letter. you can also mention that you hope to hear from them soon about.

Letter Formatting

The format of the letter will depend on the relationship you have with the recipient. There is the formal and the informal format, which is all based on the relationship you have with the recipient. Here is what to consider when thinking about the format of the letter.

Decide on how you will start the letter

Whether it is a formal or an informal letter, it is important to keep the start of the letter brief. Do not make it too flowery because the purpose is the same, expressing regret.

Account for formal Apology

When writing a formal apology, there are major things that can never be left out like the date, your name and that of the organization and your signature among other important aspects. The tone of the letter must also be formal.

Keep a graceful end

Ending the letter will also depend on the format of the letter. For informal letter you can get creative with the way you end it to make the recipient cheerful. You can try phrases like “I sincerely thank you for hearing me out”. This phrase can also apply for formal letter.

In cases where you want to keep it so formal, you can end with a phrase like “sincerely”.

Tips for Writing a Good Apology Letter

  • Use the right language. Writing an apology letter involves emotions and it can sometimes lead a person to using the wrong language. It is very important to make sure that you observe the words that you use when writing.
  • Be sincere. Make sure that you really want to apologize, do not give an apology just for the sake of doing it. This may make things even worse. Be sincere and genuine that you are sorry and about the mistake that you did.
  • Promise what you can deliver. Apology letter always has that part of stating “I promise this will never happen again”. It is easy to state this, but it may be hard to keep the promise. To make sure that your relationship with the recipient lasts and to avoid further mistakes, it is good to promise only that which you can deliver. if you are not sure about it just leave this part.
  • Take your time. It is very important to take your time before sending the apology letter. You can write it and wait for a day or two before sending. During this time, keep reading through the letter to see where you can adjust. Reading through the letter will also make you decide if it makes sense or it doesn’t.