How to Write an Apology Letter to Customer

In the business world mistakes when dealing with customers are inevitable. In such cases, it’s important to apologize and make things right with your customers. You can either apologize verbally or in writing. Writing a letter or an email is more formal and helps to solidify the business relationship between you and your customer.

In the letter, describe the wrong and apologize. Besides, it’s essential to take the necessary action to correct the mistake.

Apologizing is an uphill task to many but remember it’s one of the best ways to show your customers you value them. You can check out for templates and samples if you doubt what to include in the letter.

How to Apologize to a Customer

Empathize with the customer

As you set out to apologize to your customer, you need to understand what went wrong. You can’t apologize for what you do not know. Make sure you have facts of the matter right. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes. How did they feel when the error occurred? Some common phrases you can use to empathize include;

  • I understand how frustrating it is to….
  • If I were in the same situation, I would be irritated
  • I know that this service is a critical component of your operations


The words “i am sorry” can come in handy to calm the situation. Apologize for the mistake. Avoid mass apology in this instance. It’s essential to personalize the apology to make it strong. You can use these phrases to convey your apology.

  • I’m sorry for the interruption in power supply at this crucial moment.
  • I apologize for the billing error in this month’s water bill.
  • I’m sorry for the unkind words from one of our customer service staff.

Briefly explain the mistake

You customer might also want to know what led the mistake. The explanation will work to calm the customer and assure them you offer the best services. Avoid the temptation of giving a long list of excuses or lying to the customer. Sample phrase you can use in this section include;

  • We didn’t anticipate a shortage of staff at that moment
  • We had an interruption in power/internet services that stalled our operations.
  • The day was quite busy, and our crews were overwhelmed with the visitors.

Provide a solution

In business an apology isn’t enough; a solution to the original problem must back it. Highlight the measures you’ve put in place to avoid a repeat of the mistake. Also, record all the customer complaints and do a monthly analysis to detect any trend that needs to be corrected.

Compensate the client

If the mistake warrants refunding the customer, please do so. If you can offer a replacement or a substitute, it essential to address the customer need.

Letter close

You need to end the letter by reiterating your commitment to excellent customer service. Let the client know that the case was just an isolated incident and not the norm. Once more apologize to the customer as you close the letter.

Apology Letter to a Customer (Format)

Dear (customer’s name),

Please accept our sincere apologies for (the issue).

At [company name] we’re very passionate about customer service. Unfortunately, we failed to meet your expectations on [date]. We conducted thorough scrutiny on the matter and realized the problem was as a result of (what led to the error).

As a result of this mistake, you’ll not pay for our services for [one week, one month, and three months].

We value your continued support for our company, and we believe you deserve the best. Once more we’re apologetic for (the issue).

If you need more information on the issue, contact us via (email/phone no).

Yours in service,

[Customer service representative]

Apology Letter to Customer for a Wrong Product

Dear Antony,

We are thankful for letting us know that we shipped an incorrect product to you, order no: 12/19. After scrutinizing the order, we found identified the mistake. You will receive the correct shipment in the next three days.

Find a return label attached to this letter. Please return the original shipment to us. You’ll not pay for this service. We’ll appreciate if we can get it in the next week.

Once more thank you for your feedback and sorry for the shipping error. We value your support for our business.


Martin Otis,

Supplies manager

Great Lakes Electronics

Apology Letter to Customer for Misunderstanding

June 16, 2019

Mark White

Chair Tender Committee

The Royal Melbourne Hospital

300 Grattan St,

Parkville VIC 3050

Felly Margret

159 Grey St,

East Melbourne VIC 3002

Dear Margret,

I’m sorry for the misunderstanding that arose after the award of tenders for this financial year. The disagreement was a result of the awards of the general supplies tender to Amok Foods.

Please note that we have worked with this company for the last seven years; thus, the management didn’t find any reason to terminate their services. The award of tenders wasn’t biased.

I apologize for the misunderstanding. In the future, you’ll receive proper documentation on the tender award process.

Thank your desire to work with us.

With regards,

Mark White

Apology to a Customer for Bad Food

Dear Essie,

Please accept my sympathies for your recent illness and the fact that you suspect Midway restaurant to be the origin of the food poisoning. The news is a surprise to us since we always strive to serve the best food to our clients.

We took the news with utmost seriousness, and we’ve launched thorough investigations to establish the fact of the matter. The findings will be made public, and we’ll implement the recommendations.

In the meantime, know that we value quality services, and you can expect the best from us.

We are sorry for the incident. When you visit us again, please let me know we will treat you to a free lunch.


Kimberly Thomas


Midway Restaurant

Apology Letter to Customer for Undercharged / Billing error

July 04, 2019

Pat Dorothy

2511 Eagle Street

Anchorage, AK 99503

Dear Dorothy,

I’m sorry for a billing error in your invoice# 11/3/19. It’s our practice to ensure that all invoices are counter checked for any faults before dispatch.

Unfortunately, I realized an error in your invoice, after we had already dispatched the order. We shipped ten size A7 tires instead of 15.

Please note that I will cancel the original invoice and issue you with the correct one.

Following this incident, we have increased our staff to make sure of through inspection at the dispatch section.

If you need more information on the matter, you can reach me on +917 344 2233.


Becky Tims

Apology Letter to Customer for Late Response

Dear Kim,

I’m sorry for your belated response to your email dated March 4, 2019. I was away from the country for a leadership conference in Europe for two weeks.

I thank you for showing interest in working with us. Please find our current price list attached to this letter as per your request.

After going through the price list, you can call or email your order to us via +911 356 8008 or We’ll be glad to serve you.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Peter Right

Apology Letter to Customer for Cheque Bounce

August 6, 2019

May Phillips

342 Marvin Ave

New York, NY 90456

Sub: Apology for cheque bounce

Dear Mr. Phillips,

We are sorry for bouncing your cheque no 0123- 4455673-990, worth $ 409. Your account had insufficient funds; thus, we could not process the cheque. We advise you to keep track of your deposits and withdraw every month to avoid a repeat of this incident.

With Regards,

Aden Kay,

Apology Letter to Client for not Attending the Meeting

Respected sir/madam,

Please accept my sincere apologies for missing the Two-way conference this year despite continuous update on the preparations. I can find any reasonable excuse for missing the conference though I had an emergency on that day.

Sorry for the incident and know that as a company we are committed to building a stronger business relationship between the two of us. I request for a copy of the audio proceedings of this meeting.

Thank you for your understanding.


Angela Bezos

Team Leader

Ages resort