Follow-Up Letter (with Format & Sample)

A follow-up letter is a polite way to know the status of your job application, interview, or a meeting. The letter is essential in the initial stages of any business relationship. The letter will show appreciation for the earlier encounter and seek a way forward. For example, if you have met a business representative in a trade show and discussed a business deal.

The letter could act as an acceptance letter to sign a deal with the business representative. Consequently, if you had sent a job application to a company and you’ve not received any response, the letter will act as a reminder to the employer.

When writing the letter, it’s essential to consider the words to use and the format. Samples and templates will be helpful to assist you in knowing how to write a perfect follow-up letter.

  • A thank- you note. If you are writing a follow-up letter after a job interview, it’s essential to note you were not the only interviewee. Start your letter by appreciating the interviewer for taking the time to interview you.
  • Re-introduce yourself to the recipient. Since the person must have met many individuals on that day, a brief introduction of who you are and how you met is crucial details that will enable the recipient to remember you.At this moment, you can quote specific words or details you shared.
  • State any crucial information you might have forgotten earlier. Whether you had met for an interview or a business meeting, you may have forgotten important details that can make you the best candidate for the position. If so, highlight any strength you consider necessary for your application.
  • Reiterate your strengths. Though you had initially discussed lots of information, it’s crucial to recap on why you’re the best. Take a few sentences to recap on your strengths. Limit this section to the main strengths and not a copy of your resume.
  • Express passion for the opportunity. Whether you refer to a job or a business opportunity, let the recipient know what the opportunity means to you. Avoid expressing desperation in the case of a job opportunity. Speak about how the opening will sharpen your skills and use your experience to better the company.

Follow-up Letter Format


{Name & Address}



{Name & Address}

Subject: {…………………………………………}

Dear {recipient’s name},

In the first paragraph thank the hiring manager for the interview and reiterate your interest in working for the company. Let them know how thrilled you were to attend the interview.

When writing the second paragraph, recap the skills and relevant experience that makes you the best candidate for the position. Rank your skills in order of priority according to the job requirement.

Any details you missed in the first application that will be a plus to your application should feature in the third paragraph.

The final paragraph should end with optimism. Thank the recipient once more and express hope for been considered for the position.


{Your signature}

{Your name}

{Contact detail}

Sample follow-up letter / email

To: {Name}

From: {Name}

Subject: Follow-up letter for Adelite analyzer reagents

Dear Jessie,

I write this follow-up letter to our letter dated 17th January 2029 that I wrote to inform you of an imminent expiry of our Adelite analyzer reagents.

I have received no communication from your end after I send the letter and the reagents are using will expire on the 20th February 2029.

Kindly make the necessary arrangements so that we can have a new batch of reagents before 18th February 2029. We rely on the Adelite analyzer for all our biochemical test and expiry of the reagents will be a big blow to our clients and the company.

I’ll appreciate a speedy response to this email.

Thank you.


Peter Adams

Procurement manager

Swiftway laboratories

Follow-up Letter (Word Template)

Follow-up Letter (Word Template)

Types of follow-up letter

Follow-up letter letter after no response

If you email or send a letter to a client and they didn’t respond, it’s essential to send a follow-up letter to remind them what you required. The recipient might have forgotten to answer due to a busy schedule. In the letter include;
  • A brief recap of why you wrote the letter/email
  • Date and time of the email/letter
  • Appreciation they’ll respond

Business follow-up letter

A business follow–up letter is written as correspondence following a business meeting, trade fair or any other business encounter. The letter could be an acceptance of a business deal or a commitment for further negotiations. Consider including this information in the letter;
  • The specific encounter
  • The business deal at hand
  • Any other relevant details about the business

Follow-up letter after interview

A follow-up letter after an interview could as well serve as an interview thank-you letter. After going for an interview, wait for a week or two for a response. If you don’t get a response during this period, write a letter to the interviewer to know the status of your candidature. Remember to include the following in the letter;
  • Your names
  • Any relevant details you missed during the interview
  • A recap of your strengths and experience
  • What the opportunity means to your career goals

Follow-up email after job application

When you’ve sent a job application to an employer, and you fail to get a response in time, a follow-up email can work wonders to remind the employer of your application. The email should include;
  • Your names and contacts
  • Why you are the best suited for the position
  • When you sent the letter/email
  • A thank you note as you await consideration