How to Write a Branding Proposal

A company’s brand is its unique identity. It is the one that showcases the exact uniqueness of your company over and above that of its peers. Given the significant nature of branding, it is an undertaking you want to treat with a fair degree of seriousness. It is strongly recommended that the owners and directors of the business discuss the kind of brand beforehand prior to engaging in its design.

Unfortunately, quite a few businesses handle this issue recklessly. It is because of this that their businesses rarely take off let alone grow to sustainable levels. The aim of this article is to offer the guidance needed to draft the most suitable proposal possible.

How to write a branding proposal

Step 1: identify the specific niches of your company

Each company has its own unique niche and strategy. It is important that you identify the ones for your own firm. It is this uniqueness that will provide the armory necessary to formulate a suitable branding path. Of particular concern is the fact that they have to set your firms apart from those of its competitors.

Step 2: formulate a specific solution to the job

Move on now to formulate a specific solution for the job. This solution is the one that brands your own company. In doing so, it distinguishes yours from the other competitors. It is important that you incorporate the inputs of as many business leaders as can be while going about this one.

Step 3: work hand in hand with the business owners

In the course of generating the right contents for the proposal, you should work hand in hand with the business owners. Remember, when all is said and done, it is they who will have the final say on the report or outcome. Do consult them extensively in the course of working to ward off any ambiguities.

Step 4: carry out thorough research and analysis

It goes without saying that you have to carry out thorough research before and during the branding process. The quality of the final outcome is largely hinged on the depth and success of the analysis. The research ought to be about the marketing efforts of the company, brand performance, and customer responses.

Step 5: develop a customized branding strategy

On the strength of the research outcomes, you will have already gathered above, generate a customized branding strategy. The information you include in this segment has to be as exclusive and relevant to the brand you are intent on promoting as much as possible. Any negligence on your part here may attract dire repercussions.

Step 6: implement the branding strategy

Finish off by stipulating how the strategy you have formulated is to be implemented. Be concise and thorough in such a way as to allow your client to confront no ambiguity in the course of doing so. Yet again, you will rely extensively on the cooperation between your client and you.

What to include in a branding proposal

A typical proposal ought to contain the following points:
  • Problem statement – it is a summary of the issues that the client is presently confronting. Be sure to frame it in such a way as to let him know so well that you understand his plight.
  • Proposed solution – a proposal of the solution or way forward with regards to the problem you will have identified above. Needless to say, it has to be as nearly relevant to the problem as possible.
  • Potential benefits of the solution mix – highlight some of the benefits that the solution you have proposed is likely to bring about. This is to act as an enticement to the client or buyer.
  • Costs aspects – all projects and proposals come at a cost. You have to delineate the exact costs so as to keep your client in the know. The failure to do this may similarly attract dire repercussions.
  • Call to action – a call to the client to now move ahead and implement the proposals you have already raised.


We have indeed belabored all the points we have for you at the moment. We now trust that you can move and implement them fully. Still unsure how to proceed? Why not speak to us? We are ready and willing to shed more light and give you further support.