How to Request an Employment Verification Letter

Before certain privileges or exemptions are granted, the employment status of those concerned has to be verified. This requires the drafting of an employment verification letter. This letter basically seeks to find out whether the person in question works here he claims to be, the amount of pay he takes home, and other pertinent pieces of information.

There is no specific methodology to follow to request this letter. It all depends on the company concerned and the nature of the information that is required. Generally, though, this is a request that is largely handled by the human resource department. Under some circumstances though, the issue may be handled by a line manager. Below are the steps to follow to actualize it:

Draft it in writing

As with every other official communique, this one too ought to be requested in the form of writing. That is because many institutions equate written letters with being official. The language you use as are the tone and the format of writing all have to be polite and cordial.

State explicitly the reason for the request

These ‘employment verification letters’ are drafted for varied reasons and purposes. It is necessary for you to state the precise reason for which you desire the letter. That is to give the recipient a clear conscience while dealing with you. It also eliminates all anxieties and ambiguities that potentially arise.

Address it appropriately

You have to address the letter appropriately. Remember, the persons who handle these letters differ from one organization to another one. Do not just assume that it is the human resource manager for instance who will automatically handle these requests. Dare to find out who might do that in the organization of interest.

Operate within the set timelines

Every request has to be naturally submitted within a set timeline. The reason behind this is that some pieces of information are easily perishable. They tend to lose relevance within a very short stint of time. Dragging your feet in sourcing the information may be a recipe for chaos and yield misleading outcomes.

Make use of templates

It is important that you make use of templates. The reason underlying this is to be sure to work within safe limits and minister to the precise needs of the people concerned. A template, by all means, comes in handy when attempting to draft this letter for the very first time.

Sample Employment Verification Request Letter

Clementine Henderson,

Academy Movement Corporation,

1901 Long Prairie Rd. #200-132

Frisco, TX 75034.

February 7th, 2022

Mr. Albert Mueller,

Frisco ISD Construction Services,

11300 Research Road,

Frisco, TX 75034.

Phone: 972-292-5800

RE: Request for an Employment Verification Letter

Mr. Joginder Singh, claims to be an employee of your organization. He is currently seeking our assistance for a mortgage payment. As a prerequisite to granting him the support he requires, we have to vouch for his own employment status.

To realize this, we ask you to furnish us with all the vital pieces of information. Chief among these are the year of employment, capacity, pay scale, remuneration package, and the duration of the entire contract.

We would appreciate it if you avail these pieces of information within a fortnight. For any urgent matters, reach me on 972-292-5652.

Many thanks in advance,

Clementine Henderson

Employment Verification Request Letter (Word Template)

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  • MS Word

Tips for Writing an Employment Verification Request Letter

  • Keep it Short. It is always necessary that you maintain the letter as short as it can be. To do this, stick to only the pieces of information that may be needful for your course. Leave out those ones that seem not to resonate well with your unique purposes.
  • Follow the Business Format. Given that this is a letter that is largely drafted by one business to another one, it is necessary that you follow the business format. Along with the format flows the tone, language, structure, and paragraphing. All these have to work towards a common end or advantage.
  • Incorporate all Vital Details. It is absolutely necessary that you incorporate all the vital details. These are issues to do with the salary, pay scale, employment status, employer, and terms of references. They should seek to answer to the fullest the demands of the person seeking verification in the first place.
  • Leave your Contact Information. As usual, do leave your contact information for the sake of easy follow-up and perusal. You may as well attach your business card or other unique identifiers in lieu of leaving your own address or contact details. They serve more or less the same purposes.
  • Edit and proof-read before sending. Needless to say, you have to edit and proofread before sending the letter. The object of these two steps is to weed out any grammatical or semantic errors. You will also get one last opportunity to pander to the wishes and the expectations of the recipient of your letter.


Alright, there you have them! Go ahead now to request your employment verification letter with an absolute peace of mind. We believe that the pieces of information we have provided have indeed furnished you with the details you badly need to soldier on well. What more should we add?