How to Apologize When You Don’t Feel Sorry

A letter to say sorry is written to express regret for a mistake that a person did. A sorry but no sorry letter is a letter that a person writes to express regret for a mistake they don’t feel sorry about. It is saying sorry for a fault that you did not commit. Most people will not write this letter because it somehow doesn’t sound sincere, however, sorry but no sorry is at some point written to maintain a good relationship with the recipient.

There are some ways that you can apologize even when you are not sorry, here is how.

How to Apologize If You Don’t Feel Sorry

There are situations that will lead you to writing an apology letter even when you are not feeling sorry. Some of the obvious situations is at the work place where you have to say sorry for some reasons you do not understand but need to keep a good working environment or to your friend who you want to keep a relationship with. Here are some guidelines to do it.

Think about your actions

The action that led to missed opportunities or an argument is what will lead you to writing this letter. Though you may not be on the wrong, putting yourself in the recipient’s shoes will guide you on the right way to say sorry. You can do it without owning up the mistake. You can say something like “I know the argument yesterday caused a lot of misunderstanding. I wish to clear things up”

Do not force insincerely apologetic words

The recipient will find more faults on you if you own up a mistake you really didn’t commit or if you use insincere words to say sorry. For example avoid saying something like “I am sincerely sorry for” instead you can say something like “ I could have done things differently”

Don’t apologize when you are feeling too angry

It is only good to write your apology letter when you are thinking straight, and you are able to evaluate what happened. You will be able to write constructively when your mind is clear from anger.

Give a reason why you need to apologize

You will have to state the reason that is causing you to write this letter. You may not be guilty for the mistake that happened. You can say something like “I am feeling sorry because the argument that we had yesterday may ruin our good relationship” in this case, you do not own up the mistake but rather, you are feeling sorry because you value the relationship.

Apology Letter Without Taking the Blame

Dear [Mr./Mrs. Name],

I hope this finds you well. Based on the argument that happened yesterday, I want to say I am sorry for any misconceptions or any actions that may have led to it. I know for the teamwork to continue, there is need for us to work without any hard feelings between us.

I work hard to make sure that I remain respectful and courteous at work for better results. I am sorry for anything that may have made you feel offended. I hope we clear things up and keep moving towards achieving our goals.

I thank you.



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