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How to Apologize for Missing an Interview (Step by Step)

Life is unpredictable. You may like to plan all your big days with utmost precision and you may feel like holding control over this free-flowing life with your immaculate preparations. However, just when you think that you have covered everything to live your plan on your big day, life tends to surprise you out of nowhere. A flat tyre, a sudden downpour, an unprecedented traffic jam, falling sick, and a thousand other cruel ways may spring out of the blue to ruin your perfect plan. And when your big day turns out to be a much awaited interview, running late seems to be the cruelest joke life can pull off on you.

Sitting in the back of a cab, surrounded by a pool of cars that refuse to budge while the clock is ticking faster than ever, you wonder about the purpose of waking early in the morning and leaving for the interview with a buffer of another hour. What if you have been preparing day and night for this interview? Or what if it is that dream company you have been trying to switch over to for ages? Is the battle lost or is there still a way to turn things around?

Well there is good news. You are still in the game. However, you stand a high risk of losing it if you fail to act smartly and quickly. Every moment stands precious once you have realized you are going to miss the appointed time. A few steps can help you save your day.

Step 1 – Notify over call:

The first and foremost thing is to notify your interviewer about your challenge. It’s important that the notification should be well in advance, ideally the moment you realize you won’t be able to reach in time. There is no point in ogling at your watch while wishing for the time to miraculously stop because it won’t. Just call your interviewer at the first hint of being late to save him from the unwanted waiting.

Step 2 – Say sorry:

Next, you should apologize with utmost sincerity. Your voice should reflect how sorry you feel for missing the appointment and how uncharacteristic it is of you to get late. You should briefly tell the reason of being late, however, you shouldn’t brood over it. Let him know if you expect yourself to reach the interview location shortly. However, in case of being irredeemably late, you should never object to a reschedule of the interview.

Step 3 – State the importance of job:

You must also emphasize on the importance of that job and that particular role for you. Use the homework that you would have done for that particular interview to elucidate the reason of your switch and how you have been looking forward to that interview. It would help you create an impression of a serious candidate. However, you must pick your moment. Extending the call without invoking the interest of the interviewer is not advisable.

Step 4 – Show gratitude:

Finally, if all your efforts pay off and your interviewer agrees to reschedule your interview, you must thank him whole heartedly. You should show the gratitude towards his kindness and reassure him that you understand the value of his time. Never be a repeat offender or you would leave your interviewer with no choice but to cancel your interview the second time. If need be, you should drop an email, apologizing to him for being late and ask him about the confirmation over the reschedule over the mail.

Never, ever treat the offence of being late casually. A casual approach appears to be undermining the value of other’ time and can prove to be fatal for your next chance. Sincerity and discipline are non-negotiable in the corporate world.