How to apologize for Late Reply – For Email & Text

Often a time we find that we fail to have or give a prompt response to emails & T. In fact, there are times you keep procrastinating, or you even forget to reply.

While it may not look or even feel great, it is important to own up to sleeping on replying to someone’s message. It is good for your image as you come out as looking professional, responsible and/or empathetic and can potentially save your job or improving your career.

Make it clear that you are, in fact, apologetic for responding late.

Put yourself in the sender’s shoes, no one likes to be ignored, assumed or underestimated for that matter. Exercise some empathy, be considerate enough to not only apologize but also give a valid and honest reason.

How to Write an Apology Letter

There is no use in belaboring your reasons for replying late. Go straight to the point and make the recipient feel that you care. Also shift the focus back to the person who wrote to you, or else you risk coming out as being arrogant.

Sample Apology Letter for Text

Hello Mr/Miss,

I want to thank you so much for that thoughtful text last week! Also, my sincerest apologies for not replying earlier; it’s been a tough month since the new boss arrived, but I’m excited.

By the way, how’s your job going? I promise not to dillydally again, hope to meet soon we catch up.

Yours sincerely,

[Your Name]

Sample Apology Letter for Email

Your Name

Address and Contact


Name of Recipient

Job Title

Company Name

Address and Contact


I want to take this opportunity to offer my sincere apologies for the delayed response; It was not intentional as I had been on a sick leave otherwise I would have replied earlier. I very much appreciate the chance you gave me for the interview and I am pleased to see your genuine interest in hiring me.

I hope it’s not too late as am still looking forward to having you as my boss.



[Your Name]

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