20 Free House Cleaning Checklist Templates (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)

20 Free House Cleaning Checklist Templates (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)

A thorough house cleaning needs you to have a cleaning checklist. Ensure that you do not get overwhelmed by the work awaiting you. You might be very eager to finish your entire job quickly, but later you will realize that you have not done much.

This means you need a house cleaning checklist to schedule your chores. With this, you will finish the duties according to your cleaning schedule.

What Is a House Cleaning Checklist?

A house cleaning checklist consists of a cleaning daily, weekly, or monthly schedule to allow you to tackle your chores one by one in a perfect way.

Essential Elements of a Cleaning Checklist

When engaging in a house cleaning, you probably will not know where to start your duties. Below are the essential elements of the cleaning checklist:

For lobbies and corridors

This part of the house usually tends to be ignored, but it is the most used part of the house as people use them daily. Most individuals usually pay attention to the corridors that lead to their rooms, but corridors and lobbies remain vital as other parts of the house.

For the bathroom

No room is unique in your house like your bathroom since this is a place you find comfort and dispose of your issues. It is a place where you clean yourself, and it also needs to be kept clean. Everyone loves their bathroom, more so when they are adequately cleaned.

For your bedroom

Quality time is usually spent in the bedroom, but that does not entail the times you spend lazing around your room. Therefore, it is crucial always to make sure that you clean as well as maintain your house.

For your kitchen

Oil and grime substances are likely to accumulate in the kitchen. It is likely to accumulate all over after oily cooking. Ensure that you clean your house 24/7 to avoid unsanitary conditions.

For your living room

Your living room should be your first agenda because it is the most visible place. The first impression can either be impressive or irritating. A clean living room will always be exceptional and appreciated by the client.

Daily, Weekly, and Monthly House Cleaning Checklists

No, one admires living in a disorganized, but everyone admires living in a clean environment and excellently organized home. To love the place, you reside, you need to consider thorough cleaning. On the other hand, cleaning your whole household can be pretty tiresome. However, if you create a cleaning template schedule to carrying out your chores, you will not find it hard cleaning your house. During the first time, you are likely to find it hard, but it might become very easy as you continue and make it a habit.

Similarly, you might wish to schedule cleaning regularly. When you do this, chores will not accumulate and become frustrating. It can be so irritating to find utensils for several days piled up on your kitchen sink. You can come up with a monthly, weekly, and daily house cleaning checklist. And you would have made your work easier.


House Cleaning Checklist #02

House Cleaning Checklist #03

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House Cleaning Checklist #05

House Cleaning Checklist #06

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Bar Cleaning Checklist



Cleaning Checklist

Cleaning Schedule

Daily Cleaning Checklist

Daily Housekeeping schedule

House Cleaning Checklist

Spring Cleaning Checklist

Weekly cleansing schedule

    Keep or Dispose

    You can start cleaning your house by playing some entertainment tunes, and this will make your work easier than you expect. As it plays, commence collecting clutter. During this time, you can decide on what to keep or even dispose of. Bear in mind that the less thing you have, the less you require to organize, dust, and clean. You can dispose of things that your children have outgrown or those you do not need. After organizing yourself, you can donate your items to a children’s home. If you have materials that you can recycle, find a proper agency.

    Working with the floor

    Whenever you are mopping, you need to make sure that you commence with the farthest corner. After that, move towards your entrance as you rinse your mop after a while. This will ensure that your mop does not carry a lot of dirt. You must apply all these in every room apart from the kitchen. Suppose you need to retain the shininess of your wooden furniture; you need to wax it often. In addition, ensure that you prepare yourself whenever you engage in mopping. You must have all your cleaning supplies to clean your house continuously.

    When Dusting

    It is appropriate that when you engage in dusting chores, you use microfiber cloths. This minimizes allergens and boosts the quality of air in your entire household. To eliminate pesky cobwebs, you need a dampened cloth, which you should attach at the end of your broom as well as the mop. Moreover, ensure you do not forget to clean the dust that accumulates on the top of your doors, picture frames, fans, and light fixtures. If you have items with glass, make sure that you use a glass cleaner on microfiber or cotton cloth to prevent streaking. And when vacuuming, ensure that your bag is full and choose the attachment and correct settings. However, this depends on the surface you are likely to function on. Ensure that you handle all upholstered furniture and all your floors.

    What to Expect from a House Cleaner?

    Anyone looking forward to having a house cleaner needs to visit an appropriate house cleaning agency in the area. The house cleaning agency should be able to provide top-quality services and have positive customer reviews. A house clean should leave your house sparklingly clean. Moreover, this depends on the charges the agency is likely to offer you.

    How Much a Cleaning Service Cost?

    Averagely, house cleaning services can cost you approximately $100-$200 for thorough cleaning. A one-time cleaning service can cost you roughly $400. However, it might be higher or lower depending on the person cleaning your house:

    • Hiring a housekeeper can cost you $75 – $250 on average. They can do chores such as laundry, cooking as well as shopping
    • Maid costs $125 – $240, but they concentrate on household chores only
    • Full-time housekeeper and maid charges around $1200 – $2500 each week


    A house cleaning checklist is vital when you want to carry out your house chores. Furthermore, it helps you to do your cleaning in order without missing anything necessary. Therefore, ensure that you consider the detailed post above to ensure that you achieve your cleaning efficiently. Put your house in order by initiating a house cleaning checklist.