Holiday Gift Certificate Templates

The holiday season is a time for gift giving and joy! While many people enjoy the shopping aspect of this holiday season, for others, it can be a redundant task that often ends in lots of returns rather than happiness for the gift giver. Instead of spending hours or even days looking for the perfect present, only to get frustrated, a gift certificate for the holidays actually makes the perfect present. These gift certificates are easy to edit and makes it easy for any person or business to guarantee a unique gift for their customers.

Whether you are thinking about giving the perfect service or just want to give the gift of money off their next purchase, anyone who receives a gift certificate this holiday season is sure to be happy with your choice.

Holiday Gift Certificate Templates

Holiday Gift Certificate Template (Wild Zoo, Editable Template in Word)

Holiday Gift Certificate Template (Summertime, vacation gift voucher template)

Holiday Gift Certificate Template (Sea Sight, Blank Template)

Holiday Gift Certificate Template (Palm, Customizable Template)

Holiday Gift Certificate Template (Movie Tickets,Printable and Editable)

Holiday Gift Certificate Template (Movie, Editable Template in Word)

Holiday Gift Certificate-Template (Border, Printable Gift Card Template)

Holiday Gift Certificate Template (Festival, travel gift certificate)

Halloween Gift Certificate Template (Halloween, travel voucher format in word)

Luxurious Gift Certificate Template (Luxurious, vacation gift voucher template)

Holiday Gift Certificate Template (Beach, vacation gift voucher template)

    Why Choose Holiday Gift Certificates?

    Holiday gift certificates are a great gift choice for a number of reasons.
    • Save Money: Gift certificates are printable and allow you to save your money on gifts. Instead of offering money, these can be used for services that will equally benefit the recipient just as much as it is benefiting your wallet!
    • Get Personal: Because gift certificates can be customized, it is easy to make these personalized to the person that will be receiving them. You can make them holiday themed or you can make them unique to the recipient. There are so many options for the look that customization is key! Not only can you change the look, you can offer them a gift through the recipient that is unique to them. For instance, maybe you offer to take mom out to dinner, or you offer to do the dishes for your wife guilt free for a week. With these certificates, you can make them unique and beneficial to the person you are gifting.
    • Show Your Appreciation: There is always someone that, throughout the year has done more for you than they had to. For these people, gift certificates are the perfect way to say “thank you” and show them how much they mean to you! It can even reference the things they have done for you that you want to acknowledge.

    Elements of a Good Holiday Gift Certificate

    A good holiday gift certificate should be pleasing to not just the eye, but, also, the person who is giving these away. There are a few key things that all gift certificates must have, especially if you are a business:

    • A design that complements you: All gift certificates should feature a design that complements you and your business correctly. If you have a more colorful business, you may opt for a more colorful design. If you’re trying to show a sleek and modern brand, you may choose a minimalistic design. The amount of customization is endless, but you should make sure a customer thinks of you when they are holding it.
    • A clearly printed amount or services: The amount that the gift certifcate is able to be utilized for or the service that you can redeem it for should be clearly printed on the certificate. If this is not clearly printed, then your customers or recipient will not be able to fully utilize the certificate.
    • Clear wording: You certificate should have clear wording that covers any stipulations. As a business, you should also make sure that you include a clear clause that states that you are not able to redeem it for cash.
    • Contact information: Your contact information for your business should be clearly printed. Afterall, a customer should be able to find you to use the gift card!

    Are Holiday Gift Certificates Editable?

    All certificates are editable in Microsoft Word with some of the templates including a PDF format. You can edit and customize the files by altering the size, cropping and adding pictures, changing the fonts and texts, the colors and more. Anything that your imagination can come up with, you can do.

    How to Edit Holiday Gift Certificates?

    All of the certificates are available in Microsoft Word format and can be easily edited with a word processor. Some are available in PDF format and can be edited utilizing Adobe products. You can customize them just as you would any other document.