Halloween Gift Certificate Templates

Gift certificates are a nice surprise for any person to receive. They can convey unique emotions and holidays by providing a unique gift for the recipient. Halloween gift certificates are no exception. These gift certificates can be given to friends at a Halloween party or given out to trick-or-treaters in lieu of unhealthy sweet treats.

Whether you are giving out gift certificates for personal reasons or because you own a business and want to celebrate the Fall festivities, gift certificates are a great way to offer a unique celebration alternative.

Halloween Gift Certificate Templates

17 Halloween Gift Certificate Stars Printable Gift Voucher #1039

16 Halloween Gift Certificate Scary Night Printable and Editable #1038

15 Halloween Gift Certificate Moon Printable Gift Voucher #1037

14 Halloween Gift Certificate Scarecrow Customize in Word #1036

13 Halloween Gift Certificate Bats Fillable Gift Voucher #1035

12 Halloween Gift Certificate Tree Blank Gift Voucher #1034

11 Halloween Gift Certificate RIP Editable Gift Voucher #1033

10 Halloween Gift Certificate Night Printable Gift Voucher #1032

9 Halloween Gift Certificate Owl Printable and Editable #1031

8 Halloween Gift Certificate Fox Printable Gift Voucher #1030

6 Halloween Gift Certificate Cat Fillable Gift Voucher #1028

5 Halloween Gift Certificate Skelton Blank Gift Voucher #1027

4 Halloween Gift Certificate Red Editable Gift Voucher #1026

3 Halloween Gift Certificate Snowsword Printable Gift Voucher #1025

2 Halloween Gift Certificate Pumpkin Printable and Editable #1024

1 Halloween Gift Certificate Ghost Printable Gift Voucher #1023

Halloween Gift Certificates Yellow Customize in Word #1029

    Why Choose Halloween Gift Certificates?

    Here are a few reasons that you should consider creating gift certificates instead of candy this Halloween:

    • Save Money: Candy can be expensive and either ends up given to strangers or doesn’t disappear to trick-or-treaters and ends up sitting in your home for days and allowing for an unhealthy snack. Creating gift certificates and giving them out allows you to be more personal with gifts and escape the sugar rush of the holiday.
    • Get Personal: Gift Certificates are a great, personal gift that can be given out to friends for Halloween. You can give them a gift that truly means something to them. There will be no repeated Halloween gifts to people in your circle.
    • Unique: Gift certificates can be used to provide anything for your friends or customers. As such, you do not have to be limited by a physical object. It allows you to give out something that is unique to a single person. You do not have to give the same thing over and over.

    Key Points:

    The key to a successful gift certificate is that it must be attractive and cover a few basic points:

    • Choose a design that complements your business or purpose. You should find a template that inspires you.
    • The amount or item given by the gift certificate should be clearly noted on the certificate. It should be the focal point of the gift certificate.
    • Include verbiage that indicates that the certificate cannot be redeemed for cash. Adding an expiration date drives business, as well.
    • Make sure that the contact information for the business. After all, customers can’t shop at your business if they can’t find you!
    • Printable gift certificates should include some kind of code so that you know they aren’t counterfeit. This should be printed somewhere on your gift certificate.

    Are Halloween Gift Certificates Editable?

    All scary Halloween gift certificates here are available in Microsoft word and are fully customizable and printable. These files can be edited by altering the sizes, cropping, adding pictures, changing the text and fonts, and colors. These can be easily altered to create a unique look for your business.