Grant Extension Request Letter

A Grant Extension Request Letter is written by the principal investigator or the program director for a grant recipient, requesting additional time and/or funds to complete a project as outlined in the original grant.

A nonprofit organization of any kind may find they are unable to complete a project as outlined in a grant for several reasons. The organization may need additional time, additional funds, or both to complete the project. When this occurs, the nonprofit should write a grant extension request letter to the grant donor.

Requesting a Grant Extension

Grant extensions can be requested when additional time or funds are required to complete a project. For example, if an original project shows a high success rate and the community need is higher than originally anticipated, an extension request may help obtain additional time and funds to meet the unexpected need.

Occasionally, a nonprofit needs additional time to complete the requirements of a grant. In this case, a grant extension can be requested. Always write a grant extension request well before the grant’s ending date, so that the request can be processed in time. Any extension request should clearly outline the reason the extension is required.

How to Write a Grant Extension Request Letter

Grant extensions are frequently requested. However, they should not be requested for anything other than the original grant’s purpose. Remember that maintaining good relationships with grant donors is critical to your organization’s ability to be useful. Be polite, professional, and only ask for funds and/or time needed to complete or supplement the project as outlined in the original grant.

When writing a grant extension request, use a basic format that can be consistently used throughout your organization by the program director or principal investigator for each grant. This format should first provide a space to reference the grant name and number, the project title, and any other relevant information.

The body of the grant extension request letter should first identify the request. For example, if time is required to complete the project, ask for the time needed in the first paragraph of the letter. In the second paragraph, clearly explain why the extension is required. This may include essential conferences scheduled outside the original grant period, for instance. Finally, the format should have a polite request for a confirmation from the donor regarding the extension request.

Grant Extension Request Letter Format

Here is the basic format for a grant extension request letter.

{your name}

{your title or position}

{your organization’s name}

{your organization’s address}


{donor contact name}

{donor contact title or position}

{donor name}

{donor address}

RE: {Grant Name, Number, Project Title, etc.}

Dear {donor contact}:

I am writing to request an extension of {Grant Name or Number} through {date of requested extension}. The current end date of this grant is {current end date}.

{Use this space to identify the main reason an extension is required. Be detailed but confine this explanation to one or two paragraphs describing how your organization will use the additional time and/or funds. Include a request for additional funds if necessary, and attach a detailed budget to your letter.}

Thank you for your consideration of our request. I look forward to speaking with you.

Best regards,

{your signature}

{your name}

Sample Grant Extension Request Letter

Here is a sample letter based on the above format.

Jackson Mead

Program Director

Helping Humanity

2005 North 58 Place

Elysium, NJ 89557

October 28, 2022

Ms. Elizabeth Berryfield

Grant Administrator

Action New Jersey

2819 East Ellory

Forest Ridge, NJ 89582

RE: Grant Number 28570, Community Action New Jersey

Dear Ms. Berryfield:

I am writing to request an extension of Grant Number 28570, Community Action New Jersey, through December 31, 2023. The current end date of this grant is December 31, 2022.

We require this extension in order to provide support to communities around Elysium. We were unable to complete the project during the contracted award period because the original program was so successful, we are receiving requests for support and training from surrounding communities. We have accomplished much, but the requests for support continue to arrive daily.

We estimate the total budget of the support to be $5,000. A detailed budget is attached, as well as the justification for these funds. During the extension period, we will use these funds to offer support and training to our surrounding communities so that they can implement the program we have implemented with great success.

Thank you for your consideration of our request. I look forward to speaking with you.

Best regards,

Jackson Mead

Grant Extension Request Letter (Word Template)

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Key Points

  • The principal investigator or program director should write the grant extension request letter
  • The letter should be based on a basic format used in all grant extension requests
  • Describe the request clearly
  • Include a detailed budget and justification for additional funds
  • Explain how additional time and funds will be used
  • Ask for a confirmation from the grant donor

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