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Goodbye Letter to Colleagues: Format & Sample Letters

When it comes time to move on from your current place of employment, it’s considered good taste to send your colleagues a farewell email. No matter if you are resigning, retiring or transferring to a new location, sending a farewell email establishes closure and also offers a way to keep connected after you leave.

As this is rather an emotional time, we’ve compiled a nice selection of goodbye/farewell letter samples for you to use during this difficult time.

What to Include in a Goodbye/Farewell Letter

  • Do it right. It’s standard practice for a Goodbye Letter to be brief. While it is not a required business document, chances are it will go into your employee file, so it’s a good idea to make it as pleasant and respectful as possible.
  • Remember to include the company name, and your last day of work. Thank your company and co-workers for their constant support and encouragement during your stay.
  • Finally, remember to include contact information. This is especially important for those who are not retiring, but simply moving on. These individuals are part of your career network, so there may be a few you need to keep in touch with. Include your email, phone and also your LinkedIn account. Many of the people you’re leaving today may still continue to be a source of business connections, leads and for mutual networking opportunities.
  • It’s a good idea to send out individual, personalized Goodbye emails to those staff members you were closest to. You’ll also want to write a special, individualized Farewell email to your managerial staff as well. Remember to follow your company’s protocol when it comes to leaving. This usually entails that you notify both your boss and human resources department before you send out your Farewell emails to co-workers.

Goodbye/Farewell Letter Format

A Goodbye Letter is not a formal business document. In fact, it is recommended that in this digital age, you pass on writing a formal letter, and simply send emails out to your mangers and co-workers. Therefore, there’s no real formal format to follow. The only thing that you need to remember, is to include your subject. If you leave your subject area blank, it’s likely that your email will not be read at all. Below, we have a sample farewell email to help give you direction:

Subject: Farewell Message

It is with a heavy heart that I write this to you. I’ve enjoyed my tenure at [Company Name] for these past many years. My last active day as an employee will be [Date].

As it’s my time to be ‘put to pasture’, so to speak, I’ll meet my retirement with many bittersweet thoughts and memories. I am grateful for the many years of encouragement and support offered by co-workers, managerial staff and the company.

My contact information is:






Thank you all so very much, and please accept my best wishes for your personal and professional success. Oh, and Andy, please remember to water the plants when I’m gone.

Best Regards

[Employee Name]

Goodbye/Farewell Letter to Colleagues on Their Last Day of Work

In this example, the Farewell email is addressing a group of colleagues. This is a general email, rather than being addressed to any one person. The subject line contains the reason for the email, the body of the email contains a note of thanks, as well as provides contact information.

Subject: Last Day of Work

I would like to take this opportunity to say farewell to each and every one of you. I am in the process of leaving my position at Goldman’s. This coming Friday is my last day in attendance. I have tremendously enjoyed working for this company and appreciate your friendship during these many years.

Thank you for your support and encouragement, without which I’d never have been able to reach the goals I’ve set for myself. While I look forward to this new position, and the challenges it entails, I will truly miss those of you here.

I wish both you and the company every future success. Please feel free to contact me any time. I’ll also like to add you to my professional, online profile at LinkedIn.





Best Regards,

[Employee Name]

Goodbye Letter to Colleagues on Retirement

Announcing your retirement is never easy, not for you or those who have come to depend on you. This letter is simple, brief and to the point. Gratitude is extended to co-workers, managerial staff and the company, along with wishes of continued success for all involved.

Subject: My Retirement

The time have finally arrived, when I must bid Adieu to all of my most beloved colleagues and friends. After spending these many years together, it will be difficult to part from you, and this company that I’ve come to know so well. I’ve found our association to be productive as well as encouraging. I hope to take all that I’ve learned here and apply it to my retirement years.

I wish you and yours continued success on the roads you continue to travel. My best to the managerial staff and the company as well. Thank you.

This is not a ‘Goodbye’, but simple a pause in the road.

Please stay in touch:

Email: XXX@None.com

Phone: 555-555-2345


Good luck to each and every one of you,


Best Regards,

[Employee Name]

Goodbye Letter to Colleagues After Transfer

Sometimes we need to move on to better our own careers. This is never an easy move, as we usually form attachments with those around us. As you’ll be continuing in your career, but at a different location or department, it’s crucial to keep on good terms with your co-workers, as they are part of your career network.

Subject: Transferring Soon

It is with some heartfelt sadness that I leave this location in order to transfer to the California branch. However, the opportunity has been a goal I’ve been pushing for, for many a year. As it’s finally arrived, I’m finding that this is a bittersweet moment in time. While I embrace the forthcoming challenges, I am somewhat saddened at leaving a branch which I’ve come to know so well.

I want to thank you for the encouragement and support you’ve offered me throughout the years and hope to keep in contact with all of you. Below is my contact information, should you ever need anything:





Thank you for everything.

Best Regards,

[Employee Name]

Goodbye Letter to Colleagues and Boss After Resignation

Whether it’s due to a move, difficult working conditions or going back to school, there often comes a time to resign from a job you love. This is an emotional time, so make sure the letter is respectful, full of gratitude and best wishes for all those involved. Also, offer to help with the transition.

Subject: My Upcoming Resignation

As I informed you during our conference last week, my last day at Connelly and Sons will be this upcoming Friday, October 7. I’d like to take this opportunity to take a few moments to express my thoughts on being part of this department for these many years.

I have found my employment at Connelly to be enriching and encouraging. While here, I’ve learned much, and will continue to build on the knowledge I’ve gained. This decision was not made lightly and took much time and consideration on my part. However, in order to reach my goals, this is the best move.

I would like to extend a personal note of gratitude to Jerry and Seline for their guidance during this difficult decision. I extend my most heartfelt good wishes to all of you, and the company for their future endeavors.

Personal Contact Information:





Please feel free to contact me if you need assistance with the upcoming transition or in training my replacement

Best Regards,

[Employee Name]

Goodbye Letter to Colleague Who is Leaving

This Farewell Letter concerns an individual who is saying goodbye to someone who is leaving. These are usually much more personal in nature, as the individual is sad to see their friend and co-worker go. So, expressions can be much more heartfelt and expressive.

Subject: Sorry you are leaving

The entire department and I here at Stanford Electronics would like to take this time to wish you a hearty farewell as you embark on a new career. We’ve grown used to your considerate nature and steady work ethic, so we’ll miss you much.

We have organized a lovely going away party for you at the Candlelight on Bridge street, Friday the 28th, at 7pm. All of us will be in attendance to wish you well. Please take care, my dear friend, and remember to keep in touch.

My contact information is:





Best Regards,

[Employee Name]

Saying farewell is never easy, particularly with those who you’ve grown accustomed to seeing t days a week. It is for this reason, that you should carefully construct and proofread a Farewell letter. Keep in mind that while this is an informal letter, these people are still valuable business contacts for your future. So, keep the letter brief, full of heartfelt wishes, gratitude and respect. Make sure that you also follow your company’s protocol when it comes to leaving, by going to your manager and human resources first, before you announce it to your co-workers.