Goodbye / Farewell Note

A goodbye/ farewell note is a message you send to individuals when you are parting. Humans are social beings, and we do establish strong relationships with those around us. When the time to depart comes, it essential to inform other people you’re leaving, you can do this via a farewell note.

Since it’s an emotional occasion, you must use the right words to express your feelings of how you’ll miss the individual and how your relationship was. You can send these notes to family, teachers, coworkers, your seniors, colleagues, among others.

To get the right words and format for the note, you use samples.

Tips for Writing a Perfect Farewell Note

Send the note in advance

When the time comes to leave people you’ve shared moments with, you need adequate time to say goodbye. Prepare your parting message and send in in good time. Don’t send the note on the last day. Allow your dear one’s time to say goodbye.

If possible personalize the message

If you’re saying goodbye to several individuals, avoid sending a corporate message if possible. Since you’ve had personal relationships with individuals craft a message specifically for each. Let them have a personal touch to the message. Indicate their names and share specific memories you had with the individual. If you were working in a large organization, you should only send the goodbye note to those you were relating directly.

Express gratitude

In your farewell note, express gratitude for help or assistance you received for the individual. For example, your boss trained you on how to execute your duties, or you’re writing the note to your lecturer/teacher, thank them for what you learned under them.

Keep it short and precise

Though you may be having lots to say based your relationship, please keep the note short and to the point. Include relevant details in a couple of paragraphs.

Provide contact details

Remember your relationship would end the day leave; thus provide contact information that will help the individuals reach you after you’ve left. If you had not connected with your colleagues on LinkedIn, please do so.

Rely on a sample note

To make writing the farewell note easy, rely on sample goodbye notes or emails. Make sure you customize the sample to fit the specific occasion.

Farewell Notes for School

Everyone spends significant time in their lives at school and college. In the process we develop close ties with classmates, teachers/lecturers, and other staffs. when the time comes for you to leave; a farewell message will come in handy to express your feelings as you leave. Let’s consider different types of samples for this occasion.

Farewell Note to school/ college

Dear [Name of school] students, teachers, and other staff

It’s with much sadness that I have to say that I will be leaving [school name] after serving for over two decades in different capacities. Starting next month I will report to [Name of new school] as the [designation].

The new role will include extra responsibilities and challenges. Though I appreciate the promotion, I must admit leaving this community that has been like home to me is a difficult decision.

I treasure the moments, goals, and challenges we have shared as a community. I also value the immense support I have received for fellow teachers, the school administration, students, and parents. I will miss the wonderful times during sports, music and other activities.

[Name of school [has a rich culture that enables students to do their best, I’m proud to have been part of this success. The quality of our education and other programs is second to none in the region. I won’t forget the passion, hard work, and dedication of both the teachers and students in educational excellence.

Thank you all for the lives we’ve shared. You were a fantastic community. I wish you continue with the zeal and passion for achievement.


[You’re Name]

Farewell note for teachers

To my fellow teachers,I must say I still find it hard to say I will be retiring at the end of this month. [Name of school], has been home for years. You have been a family to me. I will cherish the moments we’ve shared in making the life of our students better.

I have enjoyed working with you. Thank you for the encouragement, mentorship, and love. Though it’s time to rest, I will always remember you.

Once more, I appreciate the cooperation, commitment, and dedication.

Yours sincerely,

Teacher Mary

Farewell note for classmates

Dear classmates,

It’s with deep sadness that I want to convey this message that I will no longer be part of you. Following my parents impending relocation to Chicago, we will move as a family to this new state.

After taking the end of term exams, our family will move to Chicago. It’s with disbelief that I will have to leave this school and classmates who have been dear to me.

My wish was to study with you till we finish our classes, but that will not materialize. I will forever remember the memories we’ve shared; how we used to play, laugh, fight, and assist each other in our studies.

Allow me to confess I am a bit nervous about the new environment, but with time I will beat this. It’s with tears and a heavy heart that I say goodbye. I will truly miss, if any of you travel to Chicago, please never miss saying hello.

Goodbye classmates.

With love,

Your classmate


Farewell note for students

To my amazing students,

I must admit I have spent the year with a bunch of incredible students this year. Your passion, discipline, zeal, respect, and commitment to studies were beyond measure. I believe you’ve gained sufficient knowledge that’ll make you leaders in every organization you work for.

You now have the power to implement change in your society and work environment. You must recognize that you are the best version of you and none is better than you. If you continue in the same zeal, passion, and discipline you had here, nothing will be difficult.

Every time you face challenges, remember our affirmations and lessons on overcoming handles in life. I will be lying if I tell you won’t face any difficulties in life. You were an inspiration to me. I will always be available to you for advice and counseling.

Thank you for allowing me to be part of your transformation. I await incredible testimonies of how you’re changing lives in society. I wish you prosperity, good health, and a great future.


Teacher Martha

Formal Farewell Notes

Formal farewell notes are goodbye message shared in the work place. They include farewell notes you sent to your boss, business partners, colleagues, among others. The language used in these notes should be official. I have selected a few samples to help you get an idea of what formal farewell notes are.

Farewell note to boss

Dear [name of your boss],

Allow me to say I am saddened that my boss is leaving; and I will no longer see you around. Since I joined this company, I have learned a lot from you. I must say I was anxious when I first joined the company, but you guided and trained me on the right path —the path of success,

I admire your leadership style, though most bosses issue commands, you led the path. Your relationship with your juniors was one of respect and friendship. I don’t think we’ll get a boss like you.

It’s difficult to say goodbye, but we are comforted to know your legacy will remain. I promise to walk in your direction. I admired your brains and how you faced challenges.

You’re the most wonderful boss I have ever encountered. As we wish you farewell, know you will remain in our hearts. It’s our wish you could stay longer but congrats on your new roles in a far-away country.

Best wishes in your new assignment, family, and other endeavors.

Goodbye and stay blessed!


Farewell note to an employee

Dear [name of employee]Congrats on your promotion. I am excited to see you achieving remarkable milestones in your career. It’s just the other day you joined us as a junior clerk.

But one thing that I discovered from the first day was that you were destined for great things. I loved your respect, teachable spirit, and zeal for excellence. I am confident you’ll deliver in your new assignment.

You deserved the promoting due to your incredible service, dedication, and discipline. Though I was your manager, you were an inspiration to me.

I wish you exceptional success in your personal life and career. I am happy for your success.

Best wishes as you continue to shine. Kindly keep in touch.

Your manager


Farewell note to colleagues / coworkers / team

Dear Colleagues,Please let me break the news that I am leaving my position as a marketing assistant at Asters Pharmaceuticals and joining Ace Pharmaceuticals as a marketing manager starting next month.

Though I am excited about the new role, I must admit that I will miss you all. I appreciate your love, support, encouragement, and guidance for all the time we’ve been colleagues.

You were a fantastic bunch of coworkers — best wishes in your careers and family.

Let’s keep in touch.

Yours truly


Farewell note to a manager

Dear manager,I received the news of your retirement with sadness and joy at the same time. Time flies so fast. I am still shocked to know you’re retiring; you always seem young and energetic.

Upon joining this company, you were the first person I met. Though you were my senior, you worked with me as a friend and brother. Your support, encouragement, and guidance have made me who I am today.

I must say you are the best manager ever, and I believe my colleagues share the same sediments. You afforded us the best working environment and support. You have achieved a lot in the few years you’ve been a manager. This shows the kind of person you are.

As your juniors, we’ll take up the mantle and build on your legacy. Farewell and thank you.

Yours in respect,


Farewell note to business partner

Dear sir/madamFollowing the death of my parents, I will be leaving for Australia to take over the management of family businesses at home.

You have been an inspirational business partner. Though you’re my junior in years, I have learned a lot from you.

Besides been a business partner, you’ve been a friend and my mentor. I believe what I have learned from you will be valuable to our family business.

Thank you for your support, mentorship, and encouragement.

We will always keep in touch.

Your business partner,


Farewell note for seniors

My seniors,When I was joining this company, I had doubts if I will make it as a junior staff, but thanks to your wisdom, support and guidance I was able to overcome this challenges in a short duration.

I have learned a lot from you. Instead of reprimanding me for my mistakes, you’ve always been willing to extend a helping hand to me. I admire your work ethic, dedication, and leadership.

You have been a source of motivation, inspiration, and support all through my career. And thanks to your efforts, I have been assigned a new role in a different company. May you always support junior staffs to deliver the best and discover their strengths.

Thank you & best wishes in your career.

Yours sincerely,


Informal Farewell Notes

Informal farewell notes are messages we sent to our family and friends. The tone is friendly and casual. If your friend or relative is leaving or you are leaving them for another town, city, state, or country, it’s essential to convey your message of goodbye to them. Consider the samples below to get inspiration on how to write informal farewell notes.

Farewell note to a friend

Dear Pal,

I can’t imagine you’re leaving our company this month. Though I am happy for you as you assume a new role at Epic Consultants, I must say that I am saddened to know I will not see you frequently.

It seems like it was just yesterday when you joined us at Maracay Motors as a colleague and you’re resulted in becoming my greatest friend.

I will always treasure the moment we’ve had together for the past seven years. I have learned a lot from you. Your support, encouragement, and love were overwhelming. You’ve been to me like an elder sister that I never had.

Goodbye, dear friend. I wish you great accomplishments in your career and family.

With much love,


Farewell note to father / mother

Dear mum and dad,I’m quite emotional as I write this letter. Though I am happy for the chance to relocate to Germany for my master’s degree, I must confess I am a bit tense about my new location. I have always learned to be with you since my childhood. I will miss your love, support, and advice.

I thank you for taking me through schooling and for all you’ve done in my life. Besides the virtues you’ve instilled in me will remain a pillar of strength when I face challenges out there.

I promise I will lift the family’s banner high, and I will not let you down. As your firstborn son, I will lay the right moral and educational foundation for my siblings.

Dad and mum, I love you, and I will miss you so much. I can’t wait to finish my master’s studies. Goodbye.

Your loving son,


Farewell note to brother / sister

Dear bro,The news of your leaving for Australia came as a shock to me. I can’t imagine my only brother will be miles away from me. But though the news saddens me, I congratulate you for achieving the post of the country manager for Markey sites in Australia.

Though you’re my brother, you remain my greatest confidant. I remember the fights, the scolding, and the sweet times we’ve had as children besides our relationship as adults. For real, I will miss your presence.

Despite the distance, the loving relationship will remain and flourish. I promise to take good care of mum and dad as per our promise. Best wishes in your new role in that foreign nation.

Your loving sister,


Farewell note to a neighbor

Dear neighbor,The time to move to England for my PhD has come. In a few weeks we’ll be leaving this beloved neighborhood I have called home for decades. Though we are excited to move to England, we must confess we’re sad to leave this place.

Our kids will miss playing with Jenny in the corridors. We will miss the friendship and the fantastic dinners at both homes. You have been wonderful neighbors. We have shared many inspirational moments, both laughter and tears.

Though we may never return to this place, you will remain in our hearts and prayers. I thank you and your fantastic family for everything; the gopd and bad moments and please forgive us for the sorrow of seeing us leave and probably we’ll never meet again.

My you get wonderful neighbors and may your family prosper in every way. We love you. Goodbye.

With extreme love


Farewell note to roommate

Dear roomie,As we terminate our studies on campus, I reflect on the friends I have made over the years, but you remain the most outstanding of all. We’ve shared many things. I have learned a lot from you.

Though no human is perfect, you’ve helped me a lot to discover my strengths and weakness and to embark on a journey to personal development. Besides I can’t forget the outings and the cooking lessons. You’re truly a champion in football.

Though rooms are assigned randomly, I’m sure we never met by mistake, it was a divine connection. We will be leaving campus in a few weeks but get it from me that even when I marry, you’ll still be my friend.

I wish you the best in your career and future family life.

We’ll remain friends forever.

From your ever smiling roommate,