Gift Certificate: Sample Wording & Content

For birthdays, holidays, or just to say “thank you”, a gift certificate is a time honored, and well-received gift. Gift certificates are ways which we can show our appreciation for one another for the things they’ve done for us, or perhaps to give them the opportunity to pick out something for themselves. Both businesses and customers benefit tremdously from gift certificates. The business gains new customers and added profit, while the customer enjoys shopping for something only they know they want.

How to Plan Perfect Wording for a Gift Certificate

When it comes to formulating the correct wording for composing a gift certificate, know that it’s a relatively simple task. All you need do is include the essentials and you’re good to go! The essential elements of a gift certificate are:
  • Amount or purpose for the gift certificate
  • The expiration date
  • Full name of recipient
  • For retail: Number each gift certificate to eliminate fraud
The above items are essential. However, you may add other items if you wish, such as:
  • Business logo and name
  • Business contact information
  • Personal message
  • Additional, general information regarding any store promotion, sale items, directions to their establishment, and so on.

That’s it! You see, there’s not much that goes into a gift certificate, so what are you waiting for? Take a look at our available gift certificate templates, and start yours today!

Photography Gift Certificate Wording

Cal Smith’s Photography

Grants you and a guest, one full set of candids each.

To: Dorothy Myers

From: Steven McNulty and Family

Thank you so much for tending to our garden, home and pets while we were away. We hope that this gift package will help you to create many pleasant memories.

Redeem by 12/30/2020

Hotel Gift Certificate Wording

A Special Gift for You Courtesy of Grant’s Hotel and Spa

Entitles you and one guest to enjoy one weekend stay at our downtown location

To: Myron Berger

From: Mom and Dad

Dear Myron, we hope both you and Beth will enjoy this weekend getaway. We are so grateful to have you as our son. Much Love, Mom and Dad

Please redeem by 12/10/2020

Restaurant Gift Certificate Wording

A Special Gift Just for You

This certificate entitles both you and one guest to one of our banquet style, all you can eat buffets

To: Claudia Bing

From: Georgia Collinswood

Dear Claudia, thanks so much for the fabulous birthday gift! Frank and I just love the new backyard grill, so please enjoy a lovely meal on us!

Expires 12/10/2020

Dinner Gift Certificate Wording

Enjoy a Fabulous Dinner for Two at the Jameson Lounge

Presented To: Martin and Gayle Summers

Presented From: Colton Industries

In honor of your selfless dedication the the Komar Project, please accept this small token of our appreciation, and enjoy a delectable dinner for two at the world famous, Jameson Lounge in Las Vegas.

Certificate expires in 12/5/2020

Hair Salon Gift Certificate Wording

Enjoy a New Hair Style on Us!

To: Marilyn Gimble

From: Your sister

Dear Marilyn, you’ve helped us out so much this past year, please go and pamper yourself on me. Get the cut you’ve always dreamed of. Love, Cheri

Certificate expires 12/4/2020

Massage Gift Certificate Wording

The Wild Seed Massage and Wholistic Health Invites you to partake in the grand opening of our new establishment in Los Angeles. Please accept this gift certificate for one free massage for you and one guest.

To: Darla Wombat

From: The Wild Seed Massage and Wholistic Health Center

Gift expires: November 10th 2020

Spa Gift Certificate Wording

Chandlers Spa and Massage

has a special gift just for you

To: Gerald Myers

From: Porter Franz

For one full day of uninterrupted pampering for you and one guest

Birthday Gift Certificate Wording

Celebrate Your Special Day on Us!

This gift certificate is good for one pair of snow skis, valued at $500.00 at the Sport Shack.

To: Jeffrey M. Goddard

From: Your Pal Justin

Hey buddy, thanks for being there for me during exams, I wouldn’t have pulled though without you!

Certificate expires 12/10/2020

Travel Gift Certificate Wording

A Special Treat, Just for You from Collingwood Travel

Amount: $500.00

To: Tamara Johnson

From: Lyle Cunningham

Expires on October 7th 2020

Christmas Gift Certificate Wording

Happy Holidays from all of us at J and C’s Custom Framing!

This Christmas Gift Certificate of $50.00 can be put toward any item in our frame shop, both online and brick and mortar establishment.

Presented To: Valerie Baker

Compliments Of: Gerald Tombs

This gift certificate expires on October 13th, 2020

Thanksgiving Gift Certificate Wording

Celebrate Your Year of Abundance with One Free Vegan Thanksgiving dinner worth $30.00!

Given to: Lily Thompson

Presented by: Mom and Dad

Hello dear, we feel we owe this to you after last Thanksgivings fiasco, we had no idea what vegans ate, so realize you were terribly slighted. We hope this more than makes up for it.

This gift certificate for one vegan thanksgiving dinner worth $30.00 expires on December 1st, 2020

Mother’s Day Gift Certificate Wording

A Special Gift, Just for You!

Amount: $50.00

To: Mrs. Sandra Peterson

From: Your loving daughter, Cassandra

Dearest mom, please spend this any way you wish, I love you so much!

Please redeem by October 15th 2020

Father’s Day Gift Certificate Wording

Happy Fathers Day!!!

Drakes Sporting Goods Store

Amount: $50.00

To: Garret Thompson

From: Pete Thompson

Hey dad! I hope you enjoy the gift certificate, looking forward to see what you bought!

Expiration date: October 5th 2020

Holiday Gift Certificate Wording

Happy Holidays from Brinksman Retailers!

In honor of our new location in Riverside, we’re gifting our top loyal customers with a complementary $20.00 Holiday Gift Certificate to spend as you will!

Amount: $20.00

To: Holly Drake

From: Brinksman Retailers

Please use certificate by September 5th 2020

Wedding Gift Certificate Wording

Just for You on the Special Day

Amount: $50.00 to go towards any purchase of your choosing

To: Beverly Compton

From: Your friend, Janell Baker

Hey Bev! I’m sorry I can’t make the wedding, so please enjoy this wedding gift certificate and get just what you want!

Certificate expires on December 4th 2020

Business Gift Certificate Wording

The Perfect Getaway Travel Tours

Amount: $500.00 good towards any travel package.

To. Brianna Jenkins

From: Jameson Corporation

Please accept this as a reward for exceeding your client quota for this year. By doing so, you’ve increased our profit margin considerably, and we are truly grateful. Enjoy!

Travel Package expires on November 24th 2020

Tattoo Gift Certificate Wording

X-Facto TattoosOffers both you and a guest one tattoo each, worth $150.00

To: Greg Stinson

From: Your Buddy, Al

Please redeem by 12/20/2020

Wine Gift Certificate Wording

Clybourne Wines invite you to select one of our merlots, valued at $70.00 per bottleTo: Winston Bailey

From: Dad

Winston, thanks for the invite to the club last Wednesday, it was an eye opening experience!

Coupon good through 12/3/2019 to 12/3/2020

Funny Gift Certificate Wording

Hey, I heard you wanted a gift of diamonds this Christmas–So I got you a deck or cards!

Please enjoy your stay at Diamond Back Casinos!

This gift certificate is good for one weekend stay for both you and your friend at our high end casino!

Presented To: Stephanie Gardenia

Compliments Of: Martenson and Company

In gratitude to helping us win this account, we hope you’ll truly enjoy your stay at Diamond Back!

Expires December 25th 2020

Yoga Gift Certificate Wording

Carleton’s Yoga Studio Offers You One Month of Free Yoga Sessions Valued at $150

To: Constance Billings

From: Mom

Expires December 13th 2020

Gym Gift Certificate Wording

Town Home Gym and Sport Facilities

To: Gerald Milkey

Compliments of: Dan Sherman

Gift Certificate Expires December 25th, 2020

Good for a One Year Gym Membership at town Home Gym and Sport Facilities in Downtown LA. Membership includes full use of gym facilities, swimming, sauna, and court use.

Gift Certificate Wording

Kara’s Gift Shop

Amount: $50.00

Presented To: Lynda S. Morgan

Compliments Of: Charles Deets

Expiration: December 12th, 2020

This gift certificate valued in the amount of $50.00 is good towards any item in our online shop.

Thank You Gift Certificate Wording

Barry’s Motorsports Parts and AccessoriesAmount: $150

To: George Stein

From: Jules Cameron

Thank you for all you’ve done for us at the track. We’ll miss you, and may your move to New York be a pleasant one!

Please use by November 11th, 2020

Thank You Card Gift Certificate Wording

A Very Special Gift for You: Thank You for All You’ve Done!

Please accept this $100.00 gift certificate good for any item at Chauncey’s Gift and Thrift Store

To: Sandra Johnson

From: Your Best Friend, Terri

Expiration Date: 12/6/2019

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