Ready-Made Gift Certificate Templates

Are you looking to attract existing and potential customers? If so, a gift certificate is the best way to go as it is unique. It is also printable depending on your client’s preference, meaning there is a broad range of free gift certificate templates for a specific service or item. You can choose any that fits your need, download it, add the necessary information, and you are ready to use your new gift certificate design. Here are a detailed article and free gift certificate templates to help you in creating a professional gift certificate.

Business Gift Certificate Templates

If you wish to leave a positive image to your clients, there’s no better way than giving them a business gift certificate template. When designing this template, make sure it is unique to your business by picking a distinct font and using personalized images. You can also include any other relevant item you wish on the gift certificate, but make sure all the included details are related to your business.

Christmas Gift Certificate Templates

If you are searching for a distinct gift for your loved ones for the Christmas season, the Christmas gift certificate is an incredible pick. You can design a beautiful one without having to be especially good at design. One of the main reasons you should consider this as your go-to gift this coming Christmas is that it is personal, shows appreciation, and saves you money.

Spa Gift Certificate Templates

You can also decide to design a spa gift certificate for gifting your loyal customers. You can include relevant business details on the template, and the spa gift certificate will be ready. These gift certificates can either be used for personal or business use.

Beauty Salon Gift Certificate Templates

Another excellent way of making your clients more loyal to your company is by offering them beauty salon gift certificates. On this certificate template, make sure to include gorgeous looking pictures of your hair salon to improve its image and reputation among your current clients. There are four steps you should follow when creating this gift certificate and these are;

  • Choose your preferred hair salon gift certificate template
  • Adjust the text and color with the various appealing fonts available
  • Download or share your new beauty salon gift certificate

Fitness Gift Certificate Templates

This gift certificate is a way of attracting existing and potential customers to your gym or the fitness activity you are offering. Using it, you will be able to expand your customer base and make tremendous profits in the process. You should start by sharing your fitness gift certificate to family and friends, which you can incorporate different colors, shapes, sizes, and designs depending on your preference.

Massage Gift Certificate Templates

If you are thinking to gift someone a special gift, one of the best options is a massage gift certificate. This certificate is not unique but can be customized and add a heartfelt message in it. Some of the occasions when gifting a massage gift certificate is ideal include birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings.

Barbershop Gift Certificate Templates

When designing the barbershop gift certificate template, make sure it incorporates a masculine sophistication and has the appropriate fonts. You should also include cool tones on its background and then add a logo of your barbershop. It is also vital to ensure everything is in the right font and appropriately placed.

Anniversary Gift Certificate Templates

If you are searching for a unique romantic gesture to your loved one, look no further than an anniversary gift certificate. This certificate is the perfect gift for a wedding or first date anniversary. You can include any applicable information on the template, such as the years of marriage or a picture of you two with text down below.

Airline Ticket Gift Certificate Templates

You can download a gift certificate, which involves travel for a friend or family and is usually offered by most airlines. They are the ideal gift when celebrating a special occasion and can be used for hotels and inflight expenses to flight tickets. After downloading an airline ticket gift certificate, the recipient receives the template in MS Word format. Consequently, they will be able to personalize these gift certificates to use for anything they wish, including airfare.

Auto Detailing Gift Certificate Templates

If you run an auto-detailing business, an excellent way of winning over your customers is by giving the auto-detailing gift certificates. This certificate is a superb gift for the car enthusiast. You can choose to include different wordings depending on whether it is an anniversary, birthday, wedding, or more. It should also have space where the purchase date, type of service, gift certificate, and certificate expiry are stated.

Birthday Gift Certificate Templates

In need of a last-minute birthday gift? If so, you are in luck as the birthday gift certificate is ideal, as it is still a unique choice. You can personalize this gift certificate even further and include fun messages or different colors depending on your desire.

Car Wash Gift Certificate Templates

This is also another excellent gift for your run a car wash business, and want to entice potential customers. When designing this, the car wash gift certificate template, make sure to include high-quality images and how much it is worth in the design. You should also indicate the duration between which this certificate is valid.

Coffee Gift Certificate Templates

Do you run a hotel, coffee shop, or a motel? If you do, consider designing a coffee gift certificate that can be used by your clients to gift their loved ones a delicious cup of coffee. The value of this certificate should be indicated as well as the time-frame between which it is valid.

Dinner and Movie Gift Certificate Templates

This is a certificate that is used by businesses to reward their customers. When designing this template, you can include different logos, change fonts, edit texts, add pictures, and switch colors to suit your liking. You can also add a cinematic theme, and this will go a long way in making your clients appreciating your business a lot more.

Dog Gift Certificate Templates

This template is available either in Word format and usually includes details such as its value, the recipient and the person awarding the present. You can also add a personalized message on this certificate before handing it over to the pet owner as a present to the dog.

Travel Agency Gift Certificate Templates

When searching for a memorable gift for your family or friends, there are few better options than a travel agency gift certificate. They are affordable and convenient and the perfect gift for an individual who lacks time to search for the perfect gift in the shopping malls. Giving someone this certificate acts as a show of affection and love, hence why it is always seen as an excellent choice.

Hotel Gift Certificate Template

A hotel gift certificate is an excellent gift for your loved one or family, and friends. Here are different types of hotel gift certificate templates available that are easily downloadable and editable. These certificates can also be sent via email and are easily customizable.

Lunch Gift Certificate Templates

If you run a restaurant or hotel, an excellent way of gifting your loyal customers is by giving them a lunch gift certificate. Contain on this template are the validity period, certificate number, name of the recipient, and amount to be covered. This is an excellent gift for your foodie friend or family member to enjoy themselves at their favorite restaurant.

Movie Gift Certificate Templates

Do you run a movie theater? If you do, consider designing a gift certificate and include the relevant details on it before downloading and printing it. With this gift certificate, you will be able to make movie nights more exciting, thereby attract more clients.

Newborn Photography Gift Certificate Templates

If a client, family member, or a friend is due to get a baby, a sweet gift would be an infant photography gift certificate. It should include details such as the recipient’s name, name of the sender and unique design, baby-related images, and how long it will be valid.

Spray Tan Gift Certificate Templates

This is also an excellent gift for your customers, especially those who plan to take a vacation involving plenty of sunbathing. It should include the amount paid for, the certificate number, the validity period, and the sender’s name.

Swimming Gift Certificate Templates

Swimming gift certificate is usually awarded as an encouragement to shun the fear of water. It is especially an excellent gift for a kid who is passionate about swimming. You can personalize it deepening on your preference, but it needs to include a date, name of the recipient, and how long it will be valid.

Tattoo Gift Certificate Templates

If you own a tattoo parlor, the tattoo gift certificate is a great way to entice current and potential clients. With tattoos becoming trendy, attractive, and a fashion statement, there is no better way of boosting your company’s revenues. The details included on this certificate include the validity date, certificate number, and the percentage discount offered.

Teeth Whitening Gift Certificate Templates

This gift certificate is another fantastic present for your friends and family, and getting one is relatively straightforward. All you need to do is print the teeth whitening gift certificate, add the recipient’s name, and give them their present. They should then make an appointment on a suitable date, depending on their availability.

Wine Gift Certificate Templates

If you know of a family or friend who loves wine, this is without a doubt the perfect present. Getting a wine gift certificate is relatively easy from a certified vendor. You should make sure to include essential details such as how long it is valid, the recipient’s name, and how much it is worth.

Yoga Gift Certificate Templates

For the yoga enthusiast, there is no better gift than a yoga gift certificate. This gift certificate books its receiver to a yoga session for a particular value. On it, it will have a certificate number, validity duration, and name of the sender.


There are different types of gift certificate templates you can choose to gift your loved ones, depending on their preference. Reading through this article has provided you with in-depth knowledge of the various gift certificates and free templates for different occasions.

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