Get Well Soon Notes

Get Well Soon Notes

Get well soon notes /messages are words of comfort and encouragement that are sent to a sick, injured, or a person recovering from an illness or surgery. Though doctors provide the medication and care we require for healing, words of comfort may encourage us to heal faster since every disease has got a psychological aspect. You can send this message to a partner, family member, colleague or any person that needs encouragement to overcome sickness. The message will inspire them to feel better.

When writing the note, you must use the right words. Words are powerful; they can heal or kill. If you have doubts on the words to apply for the get well soon message, samples can be of great help.

How to Write a Perfect Get Well Soon Note

Sending a quick recovery message to your loved ones is the best way to show your solidarity to these individuals during hard times. The message of comfort and inspiration can work wonders to assist the person to heal faster. Interestingly, get well soon messages are more powerful than gifts at these difficult moments. Consider the following tips as you craft a remarkable message.

Star with a warm greeting

Your message should begin with the right salutation. For most cases, the word “dear” will work. But depending on the closeness of the relationship with the individual, you can use more intimate words.

Write inspiring wishes

In moments of sickness, most people lack both physical and psychological strength to deal with the circumstance. When writing your get well wishes, please avoid any negativity no matter the severity of the condition. The sick person is relying on you to inspire and offer positive sediments to help them overcome the situation. Instill optimism and hope to this individual.

Express love and humor

Your message should pass out love and help lighten up the individual. Though the person might be in great pain, a few words of humor can bring a smile in their face and cause them to forget the pain for a moment.

Share your prayers if you hold the same faith

Another way of passing out compassion is to let the individual know that you’re standing with them in prayers in the difficult circumstance if you share the same faith. They will be encouraged to know that they aren’t alone; somebody is praying for their healing.

Use quotes if possible

Though you may lack the right words to pass out your get well soon message, you can borrow powerful words in the form of quotes from renowned personalities. Quotes are a perfect way of delivering a powerful, quick recovery message.

Let them know they matter to you

In your message, the recipient should know you hold them dear and that you’re with them in your thoughts at this very moment. Comforting words work like magic when one is going through hell.

Express empathy

Your recipient must understand you know how they feel. Your words must show that you are empathetic of their situation. Be free to express your solidarity with the individual. You must consider their emotions as you write the message, but don’t overthink.

Provide support

When one is sick, they are unable to handle even the basic household chores; in this circumstance, it’s the right time to offer your support and assist them in one way or another. For example, you can offer to clean their house, wash clothes or prepare meals for the individual. Words alone may not be sufficient to express your love and support for the person; actions will strengthen your get well soon message.

Sign off politely

As you terminate your message, use warm words to wrap up the message. Common phrases you can use include, “wishing you quick recovery”, “I’m with you, dear”, “thinking of you”, “wishing you healing”, etc.

Sample Get Well Notes / Messages

Get well soon note to a friend

Dear friend, I was shocked to hear you are sick. Know that you are in my prayers. Quick recovery and speedy healing. Feel better soonest!

Get well soon note to a girlfriend / boyfriend

My love, it pains me to miss your ever smiling face. Know that I love you above anything else. Get well soon darling.

Get well soon note to nephew / niece

I send this message to let you know you’re in my prayers. I know you are strong to overcome this illness. My sweet nephew, I wish your quick recovery and perfect health.

Get well soon note to a neighbor

I miss your laughter and humor, my lovely neighbor. May this sickness vanish, regain strength and get back to your regular life soonest.

Get well soon message to daughter / son

My son, you know how much I love you. I pray to God to grant your speedy healing and happiness. Mummy loves you!

Get well soon note to husband

Since the first day, I met you; my love for you will never change. Even in sickness, know you have someone to stand with you. Get well soon my love!

Get well soon note to brother / sister

Since our childhood days, you’ve always been a brave girl who never gives up. I know you will back on your feet soon. Quick recovery my dear sister.

Get well soon note to boss

I admire your leadership and motivation that keeps us going even amid challenges. We are thankful to have you as our boss. We pray for a quicker recovery.

Get well soon note to colleague / coworker

I miss your presence and companionship in the offices. This sickness makes the office boring. I know you’re strong; you will overcome. I believe I will see you strong and healthy soon.

Get well soon note to teacher /professor

You are a rare gem professor. We deeply miss your lectures and advice. We are disturbed to hear that you are sick. Get well soon professor.

Get well soon note to a client

Dear [clients name], I learned of your accident with much sorrow. You are a great inspiration to us. Our prayers are that you will recover in the shortest time possible. Quick recovery!