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General Invoice Template – 9+ For (Word, Excel, PDF)

Invoices are the important documents in any industry because businesses want to earn income as early as possible. It represents the financial transaction between two parties and has legal significance. It needs to have a standard general invoice template which will capture all the required information in a proper way. A proper invoice requires proper planning and has to be executed as per the standard guidelines only.


When different departments use different types of template which leads to misinterpretation, misunderstanding etc. and consequently delay the process of financial transactions. Hence having a standard, understandable and easy to use general invoice template will go a long way in saving precious time and money during the credit and debit process.

General Invoice Format

General Invoice Template

It has a format in which the location of the information is specified and can be filled easily. It is readily importable in word, excel and google documents. It has fonts and style which are appropriate for business purposes.

Blank General Invoice

Blank Format General Invoice Template


Business Invoice Template

General Invoice Template for Entrepreneurial Needs

General Invoice Template in PDF

General Invoice Template in PDF

Simple invoice template is simple in design. Its unique feature is that it has minimalist design and can be adopted for wide variety of invoices such as sales tax invoice, legal invoice, rental invoice and VAT invoice etc.

Printable General Invoice Template

Printable General Invoice Template

Contractor Invoice Template

General Contractor Invoice Template

This template is made in Microsoft word. It has columns like item description, unit cost, and total quantity. It helps in easy filling of the information and reduces the time taken to prepare the required documents. Its table has good colors which match with the business purposes.

Invoice Template for Word

General Invoice Template (DOC)

This template is made in Microsoft Excel and this is ideal for businesses which has lot of tasks divided into sub-tasks and breakup cost are required to be mentioned in the invoice. It can also handle complex excel formulas and hence a very good template to have.

Invoice Template for Excel

General Invoice Template Spreadsheet

This is a basic template in which the tasks can be listed in tabular form. It also has facility to add the money amounts for the individual task and total it at the end of the invoice. It is available in A4 and U.S letter formats.

Basic Invoice Template

Simple Basic General Invoice Template

Why should you use invoice template?

Every supplier of goods and services depends on the invoice to get money from the consumer. If the template of the invoice is not standard, it may miss details like tax, company registration number etc. This will lead to unnecessary to and fro communication between the parties to correct the issues.

For timely completion of financial activities, it is mandatory to have a standard general invoice template which when circulated to relevant stakeholders, that can be understood easily and increase adherence to the task deadlines. It acts as an instant solution which anyone can use to avoid potential backlogs due to errors. The invoices can be prepared in excel, word, and PPT format depending on the convenience.

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