Funding Request Letter (Format & Sample)

Acquiring a fund donor is a significant part of any project. Therefore, it is paramount that you know how to write an effective funding request letter or application. You need to compose a message that inspires the recipient and proves that you deserve their money. You also need to convince them that you plan to put the funds to good use.

Are you looking to reach potential donors? Here is how to draft a savvy request letter for funding.

Before drafting your letter, you need to research potential donors. Come up with a list of people you could contact with your request. You can do this by visiting potential websites and reading their mission statements. If their ideas match yours, put down the name.

You can also search for grant programs available in your area for your specific cause. Note these down. Next, call the phone number provided on the website and request the name and address of the person who reviews funding requests.

As a rule of thumb, always start your correspondence with the most promising donor.

Tips for Writing a Funding Request Letter

Now that you have a potential donor, you can draft your funding request letter. Here are some tips to help you craft a convincing message:

  • Address the letter appropriately – From your research, you know who you are writing to. Make sure to mention them by their official title and name. Avoid using ‘to whom it may concern’ as this may come off as impersonal.
  • Capture the donor’s attention – Start your letter with a line related to the donor’s mission statement. You want to convince the potential donor that they have something to gain from helping you. For example, you can ask, ‘Would you be interested in helping reduce suicide rates in Atlanta?’
  • Relate your work to the donor’s cause – Help the donor understand what you do and how it relates to them. Following our example above, you can say, “I run a mental health support program for at-risk teens in Georgia.”
  • Make your request – Now that you have the donor’s attention, mention what you need. How much money would you like the donor to provide you with?
  • Give details – This includes:

    The name of the program
    The dates the funding will cover
    The scope of your project, i.e., how many people it will affect.
    A detailed budget on how you plan to utilize the funding
  • Mention previous funding sources – If other organizations have agreed to fund your project in the past, briefly mention them. This should give the potential donor confidence that you are worthy of receiving funds.
  • Summarize your letter by restating your reasons for writing
  • Thank the potential donor for their time and consideration.

Funding Request Letter Format


{Recipient’s Name}

{Recipient’s Address}

{City, State, Zip Code}

Dear {Mr./Mrs. Ms. Last Name},

I am humbly requesting a grant of {amount} on behalf of the {organization name}. We are a {explain purpose of organization}. We serve {describe target market}. {Organization name} has been in operation since {date}. In our {amount of time} of operation, we have {mention some successes}.

Our new project is aimed towards {reason for requesting funding}. With your help, we will be able to {define goals}.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Yours Sincerely,

{Your Name}


{Job Title}

Sample Funding Request Letter

31 July, 2040

Eng. Chelsea Powers

Senior Engineer

Bosch International

234 Main Avenue

24567 NY

Dear Eng. Powers,

The Mercy Designs Initiative respectfully requests a grant of $75,000 for our Main Maternity Hospital Pilot Project. We appreciate your help with our previous project. We were able to design and produce a total of 348 maternity beds for the Mother Jane Maternity Hospital.

We plan to move to the next hospital on our project list. Our board of directors is enthusiastic about this program and eager to launch it.

Through this project, we plan to supply the Main Maternity Hospital with 450 maternity beds. Please feel free to contact me at (555) 555-5555 or if you have further questions.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Cynthia Anders

Executive Director

Funding Request Letter (Word Template)

Funding Request Letter (Word Template)


How you compose your funding request letter or application could make or break your chances of getting a grant. Generally, you need to be professional, courteous, and convincing. Make sure your letter includes essential details such as your company’s identity and your reasons for requesting funds. Remember, be clear and to the point.