Friendship Letter: How to Write a Perfect One

A friendship letter is written between two people who hold a mutual relationship of friendship. This relationship is not based on values, but it is simply based on how people feel about each other. The content in the letter is therefore based on the two people who have a relationship catching up or passing out important information about the friendship. This is a form of communication that maintains the values of the relationship as well as strengthening it.

Since this is not a formal way of communication, it should therefore contain those touching moments that are treasured in the relationship as well as the special moments that bring the fun between two people. One can also include the stories that one remembers what as well they anticipate. When writing for the first time, you may experience the fear of failing to write right; this is something that one can handle well with samples of friendship letter available.

How to Write a Letter to Friend

You already have the content of what you want to write to your friend about. The format is therefore an easy step to follow that is of course after you have also picked the best stationery to use for your valued friend.

  1. Date your letter – this is important for your friend to know when you addressed the letter to them. Write it on the top left-hand corner.
  2. Start with greetings- this is a standard format to many letters only that the salutation part differs with who you are addressing the letter to. This one is always a friendly format of greetings.
  3. Begin with pleasantries- you are writing to your best friend and so you have to start with those catching up moments that of course will cheer up your friend.
  4. Write the body of your letter- the body will depend on what your intention of writing was about. If you were writing to give an update about something, greetings or even passing some information. This may be long or short depending on you, the body is not of specific size, you are writing to your friend so just write as much as you want to.
  5. Write your closing lines- you will end your letter with something sweet. You may tell them you miss them if you haven’t seen them in a long time or you can just tell them that you miss them already if you were with them not so long ago. Tell them you will see them soon, you love them and then write your signature.

Tips on Writing a Friendship Letter

  1. You are writing down from the heart and so it will not be hard to make the words in the letter flow. They will be flowing from the heart and with the excited of wanting to tell your friend about all that you want to tell them.
  2. Address your friend with all the courtesy and politeness. This is easily done by asking them how they are faring on and that you are thinking about them and wish them all the best
  3. Since you are friends and there is nothing to be afraid of saying, do not beat around the bush in the letter because this can be boring. Go straight to the point of writing. This will make the letter exciting and simple.
  4. Do not be afraid of getting emotional. You could be addressing an issue on where you need some help or someone to understand. It is a friendship letter; release all your emotions because that’s what friends are for.
  5. Write in a way that your friend will not struggle to understand what you are saying. Do this by writing in good grammar and putting all the punctuation marks in place.

Friendship Letter Format

Here is a sample of friendship letter format:





I am just trying to count how many years we have been friends. Wow it’s a long time. Thank you because you have always been by my side through thick and thin. This has proved that you are a trust worthy person (mention the times that proved this). I truly appreciate.

Our bond has grown more than that of family and the fact that we can share all our secrets makes us stronger. I treasure and cherish our friendship and looking forward too many more.

Your caring friend


Sample Friendship Letter/ Email

Cynthia James456, Habib Street


Hello Katy,

I have been thinking about you and even friend to count the number of years we have been friend and I just couldn’t. Through it all you have stood by me at all seasons and you did not get tired. I am happy that I also do my best to stand by you. I appreciate this because it only makes us stronger in this relationship.

We have grown from friends to being more than sisters. This is one thing that I truly appreciate, and I just want to thank you and pass my love to you. I miss you and looking forward to a meeting with you soon so that we can talk more. I love you Katy.

Your loving friend


Types of Friendship Letters

Friendship has levels. You start as new friends to best friends. Knowing the level of your friendship will help you determine the kind of letter you will write to your friend. There are various categories of friendship letters as listed below:
  • Friendship letter to best friend: The level of best friend is where you are now used to this person and understand them so well. Here you will write freely and even include all the emotions if you need.
  • Friendship letter to a new friend: You are just starting your friendship and you have not really got to know this person so well. In this letter, be direct to the point and make it exciting to make your friendship grow.
  • Informal letter to friend about your trip: You are writing to your friend. You will use the friendship letter format. Make sure that you go straight to the point which is discussing about the plan of the activity you are planning.
  • Letter to best friend that you miss: Here you will still use the friendship letter format. Mention that you miss your friend and be specific on what you are missing so that it can help you and your friend plan on when to catch up.