Friendly Reminder – 28 FREE Examples and Templates

Friendly Reminder – 28 FREE Examples and Templates

Nothing is interesting, like knowing how to create a friendly reminder email because it assists you in saving time. It is also excellent for reminding people about important events, job applications, missed payments, and upcoming meetings. Nowadays, a friendly reminder is the only appropriate way for you to run your business. However, numerous people are not sure of how they should write a friendly reminder.

Suppose you do not want to get across your message inappropriately; you have to understand the basics of writing a friendly reminder. Sometimes finding the perfect balance for your friendly reminder can be pretty tricky. However, two primary methods can help you write a friendly reminder, and both are professional and effective. This article will guide you on how to write a friendly reminder.

What Is a Friendly Reminder?

A friendly reminder email or letter is sent as a reminder when you have something important coming up or notice that the deadline has been missed.

When Should One Send a Reminder Email?

Most people wonder about the appropriate time to send the reminder email since they do not know whether to wait for a week, a day, or even longer. However, the answer to this question depends on the agreement with another party. In case the issue you are addressing is due, you must a polite reminder email. The reminder can be of different situations, such as late shipment, unmet deadlines, and late payments.

In addition, if you agreed on the date and the date is not met, extra waiting will not help you. Remember, waiting can delay you getting a response since the details are likely to get lost with time. Therefore, ensure that you send your reminder email early enough.

Friendly Reminder Templates & Examples

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How to write a polite reminder email

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Reminder Email to Boss

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Sample First Meeting Reminder


    Everyday Situations That Require a Friendly Reminder Email

    You must be wondering what the most common situations that need a reminder email are. However, it would be better for you to understand common situations that require a reminder email. This include:

    • Jon interview. Suppose the interview is scheduled some weeks out. It is better to confirm the date to ensure that the day is appropriate for each person involved. Similarly, if someone calls you after a job interview, you need to wait and hire a manager until the agreed timeline to send the reminder email.
    • Job application. According to Muse, you need to wait for at least 5 to 10 business days to make a follow-up. Furthermore, if you are promised a job, make sure you examine them for more information before proceeding to your HR team. Statistics indicate that 44% of employees come from their employers within a few weeks of applying, while 37% respond within a week.
    • Deadline. A day after the due day, you need to remind people and remind them that you are waiting for their action.
    • Upcoming event. When you have 3 to 14 days before the main event, you must send numerous reminders about the event to ensure that everyone is aware.
    • Upcoming deadline. In case of the upcoming deadline, it is appropriate that you send people-friendly reminders emails to offer people sufficient time for your complex project.
    • Upcoming meeting. You can send a reminder email 1 to 2 days ahead of the duration. This allows people to prepare early.

    How to Write a Friendly Email Reminder?

    When writing a friendly reminder, it means you need someone to do something, which means you must be clear and to the point. Friendly email reminder needs to be on point, snappy as well as short. Additionally, it would help if you also were assertive. This makes you avoid rudeness. Being impolite is the quickest way for your reminder email to get dismissed.

    When it comes to the tone, you must be formal, especially when sending kind reminder emails if you are handling something serious, like the unpaid invoice. And you may require to refer to the email again in the coming future. Ensure that you use a polite tone. Below are several steps that will lead you on how to write a friendly email reminder:

    Subject line

    In this section, it is recommended that you remain clear on the issue you are addressing.

    Email greeting

    You must understand that the email greeting part needs you to be professional and polite. This is the perfect approach for you to start your friendly email reminder. Therefore, ensure that you are more knowledgeable on how to commence a professional mail.


    Make sure that you are certain about the situation. This means you should include references, dates as well as details.


    This section needs you to be kinder. This usually assists you if you are handling a small business and the individual you are communicating with is either a valued customer or even a client. Remember, there might be a valued reason why your invoice or email was ignored. Thus, being professional and polite offers you a great opportunity to achieve an outcome that is 100% satisfactory.


    Ensure that you are straightforward with your recipient. This enables them to understand what you want them to handle. You need to avoid becoming angry and making threats. If you do this, you are likely to achieve your goal. Besides, if you are addressing late payers, ensure that you are specific with the payment date. Likewise, in some scenarios, you might indicate consequences if the recipient does not respond. As mentioned earlier, if you are clear about what you need, you are likely to avoid misunderstanding.

    Email sign-off

    You must end your email politely and formally to avoid your mail from sounding inappropriate at the end.

    Friendly Reminder Email Template

    Most people usually find it difficult to write the first reminders. Fortunately, the friendly reminder template makes this easy for you because you only need to ensure that you feel in black and send an excellent worded message. Besides, you can make sure that you customize the template to meet your demands.

    It is simple to use this template; you need to copy then paste the text. Ensure that you fill the blanks with the copy. Would you please make a point of reading the final version before you send it? This will give you humble time to make sure the grammar is excellent and the content has a flow.

    Friendly Reminder Email Example

    Below is what the template you would have filled should look like. Remember to include particular requests, like dates, timelines, and requests to avoid unnecessary confusion on what you want the person to achieve and the specific duration and date.

    Hi Linda

    I hope the week is coming along perfectly.

    The drama club is preparing for drama festivals on August 18TH, 2021, at 10 am. We will be ready and excited to hear your ideas as we head for the competition with other institutions. If we combine our heads, we will come up with amazing scripts for the competition.

    Therefore, to make sure that everything runs as planned am requesting that everyone interested in the competition submit their scripts on Monday, August 16th at 4.30 pm. In case you feel like inquiring about anything, kindly feel free to do so.

    I am thankful for your time, and I look forward to your responses.



    Note: When you are done sending the email, you only need to wait for the response. If there is none, make a follow-up mail. This is usually tricky because you can find that people have numerous things going on. Wait for some days because of making a follow-up. If it is urgent and you require a follow-up sooner, make sure you use a patient tone and are friendly.

    Common Email Reminder Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

    There are numerous common mistakes that people make when writing their email reminders without being aware. Below are those mistakes and how you can avoid them.

    • Encourage communication. In most cases, there are valid reasons why you might not receive responses from the recipient. Ideally, it is suitable that offer them multiple prompts and opportunities to make them reply. Suppose they do not want to reply via email. They can do it through the phone.
    • Provide a solution. Ensure you are clear with your recipient. Ensure that you tell them what you need and by what date.
    • Never apologize. It might be easy for you to apologize, but this will not assist you in your email reminder. If it is necessary, you can soften the blow, but it is not a must. Avoid just reminder emails.
    • Avoid embarrassment. As much as you know they received your email, avoid shame as well as naming. This means you should keep the gentle reminder email focused, friendly, and polite.
    • Make your point clear. You need to ensure that you are friendly and firm. When you are clear with why you are writing a reminder email, your pint will be considered quickly. The reminder should be structured, specific, and detailed.


    Is a friendly reminder friendly?

    Yes, a friendly reminder is friendly because it is written professionally and politely to avoid sending a wrong message.

    What does a gentle reminder mean?

    This phrase is used to make a polite reminder to someone, more when delivering an important message.

    Is kindly reminder correct?

    It is correct, but to some people, it might be considered old-fashioned.

    How do I reply to a payment reminder email?

    When replying to a friendly reminder email, there are a few things you need to consider, such as:

    • The account number
    • Payment reminder date
    • Contact information
    • The late amount
    • Reasons for late payment
    • Suppose you can pay
    • When you are likely to pay
    • How much you can afford
    • Request for help
    • An apology if necessary


    If you were not aware of how you can write a friendly reminder, you are now familiar sine this comprehensive post gives you some guidelines that you should follow. You can even opt to use tutorials, more so when writing your friendly email. However, remember to remain professional and friendly when writing your reminder email.