Friendly Letter Examples and Templates

In today’s technological world, receiving a handwritten, old-fashioned letter from a family member, relative, or friend can be beyond memorable. The following article reviews everything you need to know to draft a Friendly Letter and put a smile on the faces of your loved ones.

What Is a Friendly Letter?

A friendly letter is an informal message sent to people you have a close relationship with, including relatives, peers, friends, acquaintances, neighbors, and coworkers. It can be used to convey everything from a serious message to a note of thanks or congratulations. Essentially, it is a way for people who share a relationship to stay in touch with each other’s lives.

Friendly letters play a crucial part in maintaining the social fabric in many circles. From gossip to just saying hello, you don’t really need a reason to send this letter. That said, you will need to ensure that it follows the conventional format.

Parts of a Friendly Letter

The typical friendly letter begins with an update on your life and an inquiry on that of the reader. You may then mention your reason for writing, discuss it at length (if you wish to), and close with warm wishes and request the reader to reply. All these objectives can be achieved through the following five main parts of a Friendly Letter:

The Heading

The heading in a friendly letter contains the sender and recipient addresses and the date the letter is written. The addresses are placed at the top of the page on the left or right hand corners.

The Salutation

This is an informal greeting that precedes the letter of the body. It should be appropriate to the nature of your relationship with the reader, for example:

  • Dear Mary – Suitable for both old and new friends.
  • Sweet Mary – Suitable for people with who you share an intimate relationship.

The Body

The first paragraph sets the tone for the entire letter and helps the sender and reader get reacquainted. In it, you can ask the reader how they have been and inquire about their family, job, etc. The second paragraph, on the other hand, explains your reason for writing.

The Closing

The closing includes a short phrase wishing the reader well, and a signature signed under your name. You can also use the closing to recapture your reason for writing e.g. ‘I hope you will make it to my wedding.’

How to Write a Friendly Letter

Follow the following steps when drafting a friendly letter:

  • Step 1: Write down the date, your name and address, and those of the recipient.
  • Step 2: Supply a suitable salutation that captures your relationship with the recipient.
  • Step 3: Use the first paragraph to ask how your reader is doing and to catch them up on your life.
  • Step 4: Explain your main reason for writing in the second paragraph.
  • Step 5: invite the reader to reply or meet with you and suggest some plans.
  • Step 6: Supply a suitable closing.
  • Step 7: Sign your name and signature.

How to Close a Friendly Letter

You will want to end your letter on a friendly note that captures the nature of your relationship with the reader. While it is generally up to you how you close your letter, the following are some popular examples:

  • Warm regards
  • Best wishes
  • Be well
  • Your friend, daughter, son, neighbor etc.
  • With love
  • Cheerio
  • Yours

Friendly Letter Format


{Recipient’s Name}

{Recipient’s Address}

{City, State, Zip Code}

Dear {Recipient’s Name},

Greetings: Hello! It’s been {duration} since I heard from you. Are you well? How is your {job/education/business etc.}?

Reason for Writing: I am writing to {explain why you are writing}.

Final Wishes: Please get back to me as soon as you can! I hope to see you {suggest a meeting e.g. over lunch next week}.

Wishes: Be well, {recipient’s name}.


{Your Name}

Sample Friendly Letter

22 April 2031

Tim Duntley

400 Griffin Park

New York City, NY 81100

Dear Tim,

I hope this letter finds you in good health. I received your letter two weeks ago, but I had finals and I couldn’t get back to you sooner. How are you? Mom and dad say hi.

My final exams were a tad challenging but I am confident I will pass. I can’t wait to finally join college and become an undergrad student like you.

Are you still coming home this summer? I was hoping we could work on that bike we started on last holiday. Please get back to me soon so I can prepare your old bedroom for you.

See you soon.


Bruce Duntley

Friendly Letter Examples and Templates

Friendly letter examples are sample informal messages written in the format and language of different friendly letters. They cover a wide range of scenarios under which you may send a friendly letter and can be used as a guide when drafting your message.


A friendly letter is an informal document, and there are no must-follow rules for drafting them. As long as you have something to share with a loved one, you can pen it down and send your message. Remember to include the sender and recipient addresses and use an appropriate salutation. You should also consider the reader’s schedule when determining the length of your letter.

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