34+ Free Printable Letterhead Templates

34+ Free Printable Letterhead Templates

Ever correspondence that ensues from an organization has to be official and to the point. The use of the company letterhead is one sure way of attaining this end. This is basically a branded sheet of stationery that comprises the company logo, address, and other unique identifiers.

If planning to make a letterhead for your company, there are issues you must just take good care of, no matter what. In our discussions that follow, we shall lay bare some of the factors to consider to be able to do a great job. Then, we shall also examine a couple of questions that are often asked with regard to it.

Exclusive Letterhead Templates

Company Letterhead Template

Professional Letterhead Template

Business Letterhead Template

Standard Letterhead Template

    Free Blue Formal Mountain Logo Official Letterhead

    Free Blue Photo Architecture Official Letterhead

    2 White with Yellow Text Bold Typographic Official Letterhead

    Black and Red Geometric Modern Personal Letterhead Template

      Business Letterhead Templates

      A Standard business letterhead, as its name implies, is one that exists as a default and is the best fit for all types of businesses, ventures, and entities. It bears the standard trappings of the letterhead, like the watermark, logo, name, and address of the company and the official company name. Here is a collection of free business letterhead templates; each temple is available in MS Word.

        Personal Letterhead Templates

        A personal letterhead is used for different kinds of tasks like advertising, branding, accounting, internal communication, and writing a personal formal letter. Here is a collection of free personal letterhead templates in MS Word to help you with your letterhead.

          Free Letterhead Templates (Word)

          A letterhead format is not a letterhead in and of itself. Instead, it is a template against which a letterhead may be drafted. Thus, it acts mainly as a template on which a business entity may imprint its finer details to craft its letterhead. It is mainly employed for intra-office applications and correspondences. Here are a few free letterhead templates in MS Word Format.

            Importance of Company Letterheads

            There are many reasons why the use of a company letterhead is by all means advocated for in a firm. Here below, we highlight and explain five of the most significant reasons why a company letterhead is important to a firm:

            Send out Correspondences. It is on a piece of stationery that bears the company letterhead that all the correspondences of the company are drafted and issued out. No other piece of stationery may be used to send out such critical pieces of communication because they will, for all practical purposes, be rendered null and void.

            Combat Fraud and Impersonation. Any communication that is sent out from a company on any other piece of stationery save for that which contains the letterhead is often rendered null and void. Thus, this letterhead, to some extent, combats fraud and impersonation, both of which are rife in the corporate world.

            Uniquely Identify your Business. As we have explained already, the letterhead chiefly identifies your business from the others. Just by looking at your letterhead, it is possible for the prospective client to get to know about your company, its identity, and the ethos it stands for.

            Boosts Brand Credibility. The use of the letterhead is one sure way of making your company well known and easily identifiable by the others who might want to transact business with it. Its use is hence a sure way of boosting the credibility of your brand. Moreover, many logos and other unique identifiers are also registered by the various state organs.

            Induces Professionalism in your Communications. The use of the letterhead is a sure way of inducing professionalism in your communications. It is highly likely that the person who reads your letters will take the same seriously if the communique is drafted on a piece of stationery that bears the official letterhead of the company than on plain letters.

            Factors to Make a Perfect Letterhead

            Searching for letterhead for your company? There are a number of factors you have to put into consideration to be able to arrive at the most suitable one. Below are some of those factors explained to their logical ends:
            • Printers. You will have to print out the characters, colors, and graphics on plain paper. Thus, before you set out, you have to consider the kinds of printers that may come handy for your use. The one you pick for the job has to be able to print the characters you will eventually use.
            • Paper Stock. A great letterhead has to be imprinted on similarly high-quality paper that endures the test of time. Then again, it has to be able to remain steadfast for quite a duration of time.
            • Font Type and Size. Pick the right font and the corresponding sizes. The choice of the best font depends mainly on the kind of message you want to push across.
            • Colors and Design. Complementing the fonts are the colors and overall design. We have already explained above that the colors are one of the main points to consider. Thus, you have to insist on those colors that tend to agree well with and further the ethos of your organization.
            • Uniqueness. Before setting out to design the letterhead, you have to see to it that every bit and piece thereof is unique and unlike those of any other company in the same niche or area of operations. That is to prevent ruffling feathers with the various authorities unnecessarily and to make yours stand taller.

            What to Include in a Company Letterhead

            Even though company letterheads vary significantly from company to company, there are some issues that any letterhead has to contain no matter what. Below are the five pieces of information that atypical letterhead has to have:
            • Company Logo. A company logo is a symbol of the identity of the company. The logo creates the first impression of your company when beheld by an outsider. A good logo has to showcase the brand, value, and loyalty of your company to a prospective client.
            • Contact Details. Each company has a way in which the members of the general public may contact it. The letterhead also has to demonstrate these details. They include the website, telephone contacts, e-mail address, postal address, and the fax number, to name but a few!
            • Physical Address. Other than getting contacted via third party addresses, a company has also to be accessed physically. This demands that the letterhead also showcases the physical address of the company. With this regard, the letter has to demonstrate the street address, the apartment, and the zip code.
            • Official Business Name. The official business name is yet another significant issue that the letterhead has to capture and demonstrate. This is basically how the company is registered in the official books of the government. It helps to give your company a formal character that distinguishes it from the others too!
            • Colors and other Unique Designs. Each company has its own set of unique colors that set it apart from the others. The numbers, graphics, and pictorials of the letterhead also have to bear these colors. In this way, a prospective client will straight away uniquely identify the company even without knowing much about it.

            Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

            What is the purpose of a letterhead?

            The purpose of a letterhead is to primarily identify a company by stating its name, its address, contact details, and other unique identifiers in one logo. By virtue of this, it gives the company some official character and recognition that goes ahead to set it apart from the others.

            Is a letterhead a legal document?

            YES, it is! This document is protected by various acts and is also admissible in a court of law. Those aside, it officially represents a company in ways that an attorney would represent a client in a court of law.

            What is a signed letterhead?

            A signed letterhead is an official document that bears the signatures of the various state authorities and officials. A signed letterhead is deemed a more formal document than the ordinary or personal letterhead. The signature also comes in handy when registering the letter officially. A signed letterhead can also be used as a legal document or legal agreement.

            Final Thoughts

            Having a letterhead for your company is a sure way of gaining the best of your correspondences with your clients. It eliminates any forms of confusion that are likely to arise in the course of transacting the businesses. It is definitely in your best interest to find one for your company soonest possible!