Free Physical Form for Work

Free Physical Form for Work

It’s physical, not physical work. That is the trouble with the English language sometimes. There are not enough individual words to describe the activity you are required to do. The phrase physical form for work is not saying you need to have a great physique to handle physical work.

Instead, it tells you that you need to see a doctor and have him or her thoroughly check you out. This way, the company knows you are healthy enough to perform the tasks required of you.

In order to go to the right location, continue to read our article and find out what a physical form for work is all about and how to fill it out.

What is a Physical Form for Work?

While it is not a requirement to obtain a job, the employer is allowed to require you to take a physical after they have extended a conditional job offer to you. The physical tests they want you to do must be the same as all other job applicants had taken when they were conditionally hired.

These forms record your physical and mental health. These forms come in various formats, but the questions that need to be answered are all physical and mental health-related.

Once it is filled out, you are given either a green light to work at the company or you may lose that opportunity. It will depend on the laws of the state and the company procedures.

How to Fill Out a Physical Form for Work

Unless it actually states on the form that you are the one to fill in the answers, the doctor handling the physical is the one who is supposed to fill these forms out. With that said, there are parts you do have to add some information.

#1. Your general information- this is usually name, address, age, and so on

#2. Past medical history- the doctor is not going to be aware of those treatments, and illnesses so you will need to add that information to the form

#3. Injuries or hereditary issues- in other words, if you broke an arm, etc., your family’s health record as best as you know it.

There should be headings followed by blank lines to fill in that data on the form. The doctor handling the exam will fill in his or her results when they get them.

Requirements for pre-employment physical exams

The requirements for this physical exam are more for the employer than the employee. They are designed to protect you so that you are not discriminated against if you have a disability.

  • A physical cannot be required prior to hiring
  • The same tests must be given to all applicants conditionally hired
  • Tests can involve testing physical capabilities, mental health, drug, and alcohol, psychological
  • A physical fitness test is allowed if health and physical fitness is a job requirement
  • Medical records must be confidential and kept separate from other records
  • Reasonable accommodations must be given by the employer to those employees suffering from a disability

There are questions that the company representative is not allowed or should avoid to ask you and some of those questions are as follows:

  • How many days were you sick last year?
  • Have you ever been injured on the job?
  • Have you ever filed for worker’s compensation?
  • Have you received mental health treatment?
  • What prescription medications are you taking?
  • Do you have a disability that would interfere with your job performance?
  • Do you have a heart condition, asthma, or trouble breathing?

Is physical form for work a legal requirement?

The short answer is no it is not. Employers are not allowed to require you to take a physical if they have not offered you a job. This is called a conditional hire and once they extend that offer, they can require you to take a physical including different tests like drug and alcohol, etc.

Keep in mind that if you fail those tests or unable to perform the job up to the standards the physical fitness and health require, then the company is not required to hire you.

Also, even if you have a disability, the employer is not required to hire you if it has several other qualified candidates. But if you are hired, the company cannot pay you less simply because you have a disability or to cover the cost for reasonable accommodation.

Physical Form for Work (Templates)

Final Thoughts

There is nothing wrong with taking a physical to get a good-paying job. If you have nothing to hide it is just a formality. The company is protecting itself and its workforce making sure you are fit enough to perform your duties under work conditions.

Just make sure the doctor has all the information they need in order to assess your physical and mental well-being.